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[100!!!] TK-89400 (revlimiter) Troop Log (social media consent)


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I give permission for FISD to repost my photos on social media.

TK-89400, Dewback Ridge Garrison



(1) 11/13/21 - Eternia Power Toys & Collectibles Grand Opening

(2) 12/4/21 - Carrie Tingley Foundation Festival of Trees Reindeer Romp

(3) 12/21/21 - Make-A-Wish Holly Jolly Holiday Party

  - Three (3) TK troops for 2021. All as ANH-Stunt.



(4) 1/29/22 - Pediatric COVID Vaccination Clinic

(5) 3/9/22 - South Valley Library Reads Across America

(6) 3/30/22 - Erna Ferguson Library Reads Across America

(7) 4/16/22 - Ellen Reavis Race for Autism

(8) 4/23/22 - Walk to End MS ABQ 2022

(9) 4/30/22 - Guardians of the Children Family Fun Day

(10) 5/4/22 - May the 4th UNM Troop

(11) 5/6/22 - Tony Hillerman MS Spring Carnival

(12) 5/6/22 - Wine and Wishes Benefit

(13) 5/14/22 - UNM Children's Hospital Troop

(14) 5/15/22 - Albuquerque Ambulance 50th Anniversary Celebration

(15) 6/5/22 - Run to Break the Silence

(16) 7/2/22 - Albuquerque Street Meet - Dunes

(17) 7/9/22 - UNM Children's Hospital Troop

(18) 7/16/22 - Buckets and Bowling

(19) 7/30/22 - School Supply Giveaway

(20) 8/13/22 - Elijah's Toy Drive 2022

(21) 8/20/22 - Camaro Club of NM Make a Wish Carshow

(22) 9/10/22 - Albuquerque Isotopes Star Wars Night

(23) 9/17/22 - Balloon Glow

(24) 9/23/22 - Tailgate Party

(25) 9/25/22 - Railyard Intergalactic Day

(26) 10/1/22 - Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta Day 1

(27) 10/2/22 - Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta Day 2

(28) 10/6/22 - Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta Day 6 Mass Assention (HWT)

(29) 10/6/22 - Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta Day 6 Glow (HWT)

(30) 10/7/22 - Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta Day 7 Glow (HWT)

(31) 10/14/22 - Charity Gala

(32) 10/15/22 - Walk to End Alzheimer (HWT)

(33) 10/26/22 - Make a Wish Trunk R Treat (HWT)

(34) 10/28/22 - Haunted Death Star Halloween

(35) 10/29/22 - Boo at the Zoo

(36) 11/11/22 - Deluxe Design Re-opening

(37) 11/18/22 - Star Wars Art Con Friday Night (HWT)
(38) 11/19/22 - Peter Mayhew Foundation UNM Children's Hospital Donation (HWT)

(39) 11/26/22 - Carrie Tingley Foundation Festival of Trees Reindeer Romp 2022

(40) 11/26/22 - Koyawena-Lilly Wedding

(41) 12/3/22 - Socorro Christmas Light Parade (Toys for Tots Drive)

(42) 12/11/22 - Subaru of NM 1st Annual Holiday Car Show and Toy Drive

(43) 12/11/22 - Toy Collection for Haven House (2 of 4)

(44) 12/15/22 - Make A Wish Holly Jolly Holiday Party (2022)

(45) 12/28/22 - Lobo Anime Troop for ACC (troop 1)

  - 42 total TK Troops for 2022. 35 as ANH-Stunt, 7 as HWT.



(46 - 1) 1/8/23 - Lobo Anime Troop for Abq Comic Con (troop 2 of 2)

(47 - 2) 1/14/23 - ABQ Comic Con day 1 - booth setup

(48 - 3) 1/14/23 - Comic Con Press Conference

(49 - 4) 1/15/23 - ABQ Comic Con day 2 - booth duty

(50 - 5) 1/21/23 - Dillon's 6th Birthday Party

(51 - 6) 3/4/23 - Destination Imagination State Tournament

(52 - 7) 3/10/23 - Star Wars ANH Navajo language screening

(53 - 8) 3/30/23 - Literacy Night

(54 - 9) 4/1/23 - Haven House Second Annual Eggstravaganza

(55 - 10) 4/7/23 - Tony Hillerman MS Spring Carnival

(56 - 11) 4/15/23 - Ellen Reavis Race for Autism

(57 - 12) 4/15/23 - Star Wars Fest 9

(58 - 13) 4/22/23 - Family Fun Day (HWT)

(59 - 14) 4/26/23 - Painted Sky Elementary Read-a-bration

(60 - 15) 4/29/23 - Special Olympics Unified Events

(61 - 16) 5/2/23 - Bernalillo County Fire Department May the 4th promo

(62 - 17) 5/4/23 - May 4th Troop 1 - Magnet Schools of America Certification Celebration

(63 - 18) 5/4/23 - May 4th Troop 2 - UNM May the Fourth '23

(64 - 19) 5/4/23 - May 4th Troop 3 - NME Movie Night: Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back

(65 - 20) 5/27/23 - Bubbles Birthday Bash

(66 - 21) 5/27/23 - Lobo Anime Troop for Duke City Comic Con #2

(67 - 22) 6/3/23 - Summer Reading Kick Off South Valley Library

(68 - 23) 6/4/23 - Run to Break the Silence

(69 - 24) 6/17/23 - Duke City Comic Con (booth duty)

(70 - 25) 7/29/23 - Rudi Foundation 5k Charity Run

(71 - 26) 8/11/23 - Eldorado High School Senior Sunrise (HWT)

(72 - 27) 8/16/23 - Elijah's Toy Drive

(73 - 28) 8/18/23 - Star Wars Rendezvous Fan Film Premier

(74 - 29) 9/10/23 - NM State Fair

(75 - 30) 9/15/23 - Western Heights Science Night

(76 - 31) 9/16/23 - NM State Fair

(77 - 32) 9/16/23 - 2023 Rio Grande Down Syndrome Network Buddy Walk

(78 - 33) 9/24/23 - NM Railyard Shows Intergalactic Day

(79 - 34) 9/30/23 - AFSP Out of the Darkness Suicide Prevention Walk

(80 - 35) 10/7/23 - Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta - Day 1 Sunrise

(81 - 36) 10/8/23 - Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta - Day 2 Sunrise

(82 - 37) 10/11/23 - Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta - Day 5 Sunrise

(83 - 38) 10/14/23 - Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta - Day 8 Sunrise

(84 - 39) 10/26/23 - Make a Wish Spooktacular Trunk-R-Treat

(85 - 40) 10/27/23 - Rice/Laforce Wedding (HWT)

(86 - 41) 10/28/23 - Boo at the Zoo 2023

(87 - 42) 11/18/23 - 2nd Annual Toy Drive for Haven House (1 of 8)

(88 - 43) 11/25/23 - 2nd Annual Toy Drive for Haven House (3 of 8)

(89 - 44) 12/2/23 - Carrie Tingley Foundation Cookies With Santa

(90 - 45) 12/9/23 - Cottonwood Classical Make a Wish Winter Stroll

(91 - 46) 12/10/23 - Holiday Car Show for Big Brothers Big Sisters

(92 - 47) 12/10/23 - 2nd Annual Toy Drive for Haven House (8 of 8)

(93 - 48) 12/14/23 - Make-A-Wish Holly Jolly Holiday Party

(94 - 49) 12/15/23 - Haven House Gift Handout with Santa

(95 - 50) 12/16/23 - UNM Children's Hospital Visit

  - 50 (!!!) total TK Troops for 2023. 47 as ANH-Stunt, 3 as HWT.



(96 - 1) 1/6/24 - Yo! Toys troop for ACC

(97 - 2) 2/8/24 - Clone Wars Week @ Pres Hospital

(98 - 3) 2/9/24 - National Pizza Day 2024 (HWT)

(99 - 4) 2/24/24 - UNM Children's Hospital Visit

(100 - 5) 3/2/24 - Destination Imagination State Tournament

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11/13/21 - My FIRST troop!!!


This was for a comic shop opening. Gorgeous weather. About 2.5 hours worth of trooping. Huge thanks to Dewback Ridge Garrison for welcoming me so kindly. It was a great time.



(The shiny TK)








I sewed some conductive thread into my glove fingers and it let me take selfies! Lots of fun. Lots of jokes about the Stormtrooper not being able to take a straight photo. I highly recommend it.

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  • revlimiter changed the title to [2] TK-89400 (revlimiter) Troop Log

12/4/21 - TK89400 2nd troop - Carrie Tingley Foundation Festival of Trees.


Carrie Tingley Foundation does a lot of good here in New Mexico. They care for children and teens at the hospital and do a lot of charity events like this breakfast. It was held at a large hotel ballroom for donators and patients.  ~30 minute event to mingle with the folks during breakfast and pose for pix.



This was my daughter's first troop. And... my god she looked incredible in her Jawa. She looked so real and trooped like a champ!



There were a handful of characters at the event. An Elsa and Anna started the troop with us and then these four princesses appeared, complete with their own Frost sisters. And there was drama! Double booking E&A caused quite the princess fight. No Imperials tried to break things up. We were no match for their powers.


There were a ton of issues on this troop. Our "secure" changing area was anything but, and started to get filled with chairs and other people immediately after we changed. Fortunately my street clothes didn't walk off, but it was an unnecessary stress.  A parking lot change would have been preferable.


After they let us troops in to mingle with guests, doors were apparently closed behind us and our handlers were barred from entering since they "weren't in character." This was unknown to us until after the event. My daughter and I sorta handled each other. She could see low and keep me from tripping on kids and chairs and I could see more than 5 feet in front of me and could guide us to the next photo op.  Others paired off in a similar manner and hopefully spread some smiles. 


And while we met folks and walked around the ballroom, someone was reading a Christmas story on stage. Over the loud speaker. At top volume. It made for total chaos. The 30ish minutes we were there felt like many hours.


BUT! It was a troop. I got to do one with my daughter! And we both had fun!!! So still a win.



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  • revlimiter changed the title to [3] TK-89400 (revlimiter) Troop Log

One of the local Subaru dealers has a holiday party every year in conjunction with Make-A-Wish. They have tons of toys donated throughout the year and give them to needy kids and their families. Fantastic event. SO many smiling little faces!


One very small boy stole the show. He gave lots of hugs to Elsa and Anna and proudly presented Elsa with a leaf. He then decided that he was afraid of me in particular and spent a good while loooooooking at my armor and then sorta running and hiding behind someone. One of our Jedi took time with him to show him her lightsaber and some force moves, which I reacted to of course. Then he went in for his Santa visit and got some gifts, one of which was a (little red) saber of his own. He took great delight in whacking me and chopping my E-11 in half with the new saber. It was heart warming. I didn't get hugs but I did get killed about 87 times. No pix of this exist, but it will live on in my heart. Best troop yet


Anyways here's some pix.



I will Princess Pic every chance I'm given.



Santa suggested I'd likely be getting coal this year, but he thanked me for my service.



And then I did selfies, which is endlessly enjoyable to me. Our garrison CO.










Note to self: sew conductive thread into thumb as well so that my finger won't be in each selfie shot.

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  • revlimiter changed the title to [4] TK-89400 (revlimiter) Troop Log

First troop of 2022 - a pediatric COVID vaccination clinic at the local children's hospital. They required fully vax'd and boostered troops.... and not many showed up.  A TK and a Jawa (me and my daughter), a Scout, a Clone and a Mandalorian merc rounded out the event.   But we tried to do the Emperor's good work for the HUNDREDS of kids that showed up.    We chatted with kids during their 15 minute wait after getting shot and most were entertained. 


I didn't get many pix and it was rather exhausting TBH, but any troop I get to do with my daughter is a good one. :cantinabandf:



Her 2nd troop. First with the sound glove, which kids were terrified by. "OMG IT TALKS!!!"



Accidentally locked out. :laugh1:

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  • revlimiter changed the title to [5] TK-89400 (revlimiter) Troop Log

3/9/22 - South Valley Library Reads Across America


The troop description said something like "read stories to kids in costume for the Reads Across America event." I'd never read a story in my bucket, so it sounded like a good time. A challenge. And I loooove reading to kids. My daughter is now a bit too old for it and my wife no longer works in a school library, so I've been missing reading to the littles.  I made sure my bucket was fully charged and signed up.


I was the only 501st member in attendance. Fortunately three Jedi from Rebel Legion joined in.



Yes. Yes! I heartily approve of this poster.



I found a book my speed. Easy Picture Books for the TK.



The library had a bunch of Star Wars books out for us to choose from for story hour.



I read last. I'd actually brought a few books from my daughter's early years and had practiced them the week before so I wasn't trying to actually READ in my bucket and could tell the story better. Good to be familiar with the stories when you've got a bucket on, ya know?


The Jedi went to the back, leaving me alone in the front with the kids. And though I'd been talking and clowning with the kids, some were visibly afraid and nervous. So I asked them if they thought I should take off my bucket to read. That got a huuuuuge positive reaction (a whole room of yyeaaahhhhhhhh!!!!) So, since I was the only TK in attendance and no one was there to snitch me out to Command, I pulled off the bucket. All traces of fear left the crowd and smiles filled the room seeing my red face and helmet hair.


I sat down to get on their level (YES! I did not break my butt!!) and read Mother Bruce. I did the voices. They cheered and giggled. A good time was had by all and then the bucket went back on for photos and knee hugs.


So I still haven't read a story in my bucket.


Don't snitch me out, kay?

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  • revlimiter changed the title to [6] TK-89400 (revlimiter) Troop Log

3/30/22 - Erna Ferguson Library Reads Across America

6th troop for TK-89400, 3rd troop for CDZ-5435.


I made it to two of the four scheduled Reads Across America troops for March. This time I got to bring my daughter along as it was after school.  :dancing-trooper:





Jawas understand the concept of borrowing very very well. It's just the returning at the end that's a problem.



Excellent reading material this troop. I give it 5/5.



My daughter reading to the kids!!! She did great, even in full bucket.


I also read with my bucket on. Wish I had a photo.



Not many of us trooped, but it was a good time and lots of happy kids. Also my decal-holding Thermal Detonator was a complete success! Easy to slip a few stickers out and give to the kiddies.



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4/16/22 - Ellen Reavis Race for Autism

7th troop in my TK. :D



This was an annual race for autism acceptance. Tons of folks out to walk and run. And receive high-5s from Troopers.  Sorry for the heavy editing on this pic. It basically came out of my phone black with a nice sky. It was hard to make us troopers visible, and natural colors weren't really possible.



After the racers got underway and were running their laps, things relaxed enough for pix. In the middle of the huge field was some kite flying.



Kites were flown.



I cannot tell you how much fun this was. I love being a TK. :dancing-trooper:

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  • revlimiter changed the title to [8] TK-89400 (revlimiter) Troop Log

4/23/22 - Walk to End MS ABQ 2022

8th TK troop



This troop was walk to raise money for MS research. First one they've been able to have in person in 2 years apparently.



Dewback Ridge Garrison gave a nice showing. This was my first troop with only 501st members. No rebels, no princesses, no superheroes. Just Imperials as far as the eye could see.









Complementary coffees were not turned down.



And then we went and cheered on the walkers at the start/finish. Everyone was SOOOO happy and appreciative to have us there. It felt like we truly brightened their event with our armor.


I don't have a pic of my favorite event interaction. A boy about 10-11 years old asked for a pic and we all crowded around. I said something like "Big frowns everyone!" And the instant after his mom fired the shot he spun around and asked "Which one of you said that???" to which I replied "me."



"Well yeah, the Empire fills our buckets with tech."

Then he sorta whispered "... you're real..."


And that was it for this young man. He was transfixed. In AWE. At that moment he'd seen a real stormtrooper. I know that look because I've had it myself many times, but for a change I was on the other side. I was the real TK. My little black heart grew at least 5 sizes.


I love being a TK.

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  • revlimiter changed the title to [9] TK-89400 (revlimiter) Troop Log

4/30/22 - Guardians of the Children Family Fun Day

9th TK troop. 10th should be May 4th!



This was an event put on by something like 5 local biker gangs to bring some fun to the kids. They had bingo cards to fill out by wandering to various tents. TONS of toys and bikes as prizes. It was a really great event! Like Toys for Tots in April.



Imperials on deck.



This blue dude is possibly named Bubbles? From a kid's show. The garrison agreed it was a Rebo family member.



Rebo selfie



One of the tents was a roping/rodeo thing. The Rodeo Queen was in attendance and roped up this fine specimen of a TK.



Mystery Machine selfie was mandatory



Batman and Catwoman. These two were FULL of sass. 






And lastly, a bucket selfie with Orbit, the mascot of the Albuquerque Isotopes team. Yeah, you're jealous. A selfie with Orbit is up there with a Gritty selfie. One of the finest team mascots on this little blue planet. :laugh1:

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  • revlimiter changed the title to [10] TK-89400 (revlimiter) Troop Log

5/4/22 - May the 4th UNM Troop

My 10th TK troop!!!


UNM (University here in Albuquerque) puts on a May the Fourth event every year. They apparently started this well after I graduated, so I have no warm happy memories of seeing troops on campus before May finals. However, it was a GREAT time. My largest troop yet.  They had tables with crafts, Star Wars-centric drinks, art, a photo booth, and a gaggle of troopers.



The Empire (I'm cuddling my E-11).



The Rebels



Just the White Armor



We were a force to be reckoned with. Our mission: spreading smiles. No one was safe. No one was immune.



Rebel propaganda. Really.



The photo booth was a green screen with a little printer spitting out strips of pix. Us TKs would occasionally pose with folks as we wandered. Some shared their film strips.


And then we took over the booth for a few minutes.







(I'M NOT AFRAID is me :dancing-trooper: )





I got a couple prints off an artist's booth that I'm just in love with. These will get framed and hang proudly.

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  • revlimiter changed the title to [12] TK-89400 (revlimiter) Troop Log

5/6/22 - Tony Hillerman MS Spring Carnival

TK Troop #11



This was a troop at a middle school. Outside in a bricked-off courtyard in 92*F heat. It must have been 10* hotter in that courtyard. I was roasting. Not sure how the black armor guys were still standing.



It was my first time trooping with a Vader, which was fun. But the kids could have cared less that we were there. Far less. They made their unhappy feelings known the whole time. But... well... they can't all be good troops, right?


Onto the next troop.


..... which was later that night!


5/6/22 - Wine and Wishes Benefit

TK Troop #12 - my first double troop day.



This one was an auction benefit for Make a Wish. We were there to help celebrate a recent M-a-W which sent a brave local kid to the Disney Starcruiser.



My first Chewie troop.



At our Posts.



Lined up to escort the young Jedi TK up to the stage.





(I'm not sure of rules showing kid's faces, so I chose to protect identities.)



Troopers get nomnoms too.



TB and TK platonic relationships are complex and beautiful.

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  • revlimiter changed the title to [14] TK-89400 (revlimiter) Troop Log

Troop 13 on Saturday the 14th - UNM Children's Hospital Troop



This was the first Children's Hospital troop in 2.5 years for ANY group. They called the 501st first. All future troops for all groups including us depend on our conduct and behavior. No pressure at all.



I think we did okay. We visited non-ICU rooms, brightened up nurse days, posed for pix, and handed out some tiny gifts. We stayed away from upset kids and nurses who were afraid of troopers. We were model soldiers.



Elevator selfies are required.



There's a LOT more than four lights.



And then we got up to the rooftop play area which we had to ourselves. (That's me kneeling.)



Peak troop antics!! I'm flying Jack! (I'm Jack)



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5/15/22 - ABQ Ambulance 50th Anniversary Celebration

14th troop for TK-89400, 4th troop for CDZ-5435



This was a last minute troop for me as I had to work. Not many signed up and I wanted to give some paramedics the TK smile (or frown rather). And my daughter wanted to troop, which always makes my day.



The two Jawas had waaayyy more fun than the two TKs. I admit to being a little jealous. Though the white armor was much cooler in the 95* weather than the brown robes.



Can you see that fatherly pride?



Peak jawa antics!! This may have been better than TK-Jack and TB-Rose the day before.

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  • revlimiter changed the title to [15] TK-89400 (revlimiter) Troop Log

6/5/22 - Run to Break the Silence

15th troop for TK-89400, 5th troop for CDZ-5435



What's cuter than a Cadet jawa? A cadet jawa with a bubble blaster.



This event was a charity run put on by Presbyterian Hospitals for the deaf and hard of hearing community. The focus was research and cochlear implants. My wife and daughter are both hard of hearing, so this one really hit home and was something I didn't wanna miss.


The adult run started at 7am (!!!!!!) but we were there for the 8:30 kids fun run. They had a huge course and we were to stand in the midst and give high fives and encouragement.


I brought four bubble blasters. :laugh1:



Amazingly, no one was afraid of a TK with a bubble blaster. Even the little littles who often are stand-offish didn't care about my white shiny plastic. They were happy to get sprayed with Imperial Bubbles.



This one grabbed the scout's glove and dragged him over to mom for photos. So cute!



A pretty good Mando Merc showing with three in attendance. Sadly their weapons were outmatched by the Empire's. Bubbles FTW.



There was face painting and balloon animals. The clown looked a bit shifty so I took them in for questioning. Well, I tried anyway.



And there was ice cream sammiches for all at the end of the event. A kind citizen gave me a hand with it.

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  • revlimiter changed the title to [16] TK-89400 (revlimiter) Troop Log

7/2/22 Albuquerque Street Meet - Dunes


Troopers, forgive me for I have sinned. I wore a pauldron on a troop. AND I LIKED IT.



The troop was a photography meet organized by a local Instagram group. It was about a half hour out of town in the sand dunes. I decided to weather up my Death Star fresh TK for the event. I also borrowed a pauldron from a buddy.


As much as I love being a clean and shiny TK, the temporary weathering deeply appealed to me. Look at that bucket. SO MUCH SOUL!  So much dollar store eyeshadow. Love it!!!



Folding stock deployed. And as dirty as I got my armor, it still looks clean next to a sandy.



Yeah. Pauldron. I really really like it. A Heavy Weapon backpack may need to get built...



We had a ton of fun. We shot for almost 3 hours and trooped longer.



I got a few selfies.  My real camera stayed in the car unfortunately. No down time meant no taking the armor off and shooting my own pix.



Darian (Ray) was the one who requested the 501st be there. 3 of us answered the call. It was SO much fun!







The theme of the meet was "DUNE" and models & cosplayers were encouraged to dress as Dune-like and post apocalyptic as possible. There were some fantastic outfits, lots of 4 wheelers, lots of hiking up and down sand banks, and general fun photography stuff.  I'll be going to the next event for sure, even if it isn't an official troop. Might just bring my camera though.





I mean, how much fun are these? I'm finally at my post.



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  • revlimiter changed the title to [18] TK-89400 (revlimiter) Troop Log

An internet outage has meant I couldn't update my troop log easily... or do a lot of other stuff easily. But here we go!


Troop 17 - 7/9/22 - UNM Children's Hospital


Our first troop was good!!! We brought smiles to kid's faces and behaved ourselves. That meant that other groups could visit the sick kids and we were invited back this month!!!  And I got to sign up for the 2nd post-COVID UNM children's hospital troop.


This was the only pic taken by any of us 4 troopers and served as our official troop document. Just the elevator selfie. But it was enough.



The nurses posted this to facebook a few days after. Good times. And yeah, a black pauldron. I own pauldrons now. I'm collecting stuff for HWT after all and have to try out the goods. (it's amazing how much heat that stupid pauldron traps!! omg)


TK-89400 Troop #18 - 7/16/22 - Buckets and Bowling

6th troop for CDZ-5435


This was an unofficial troop, but I was one of the few in full armor so I'm still counting it here. Why? We armored troopers got MOBBED.



Dozens and dozens of kids wanted to take pix with us. They were not shy either. Tons of questions, comments, clowning, and armor hugs. It was full on.


It was also Vader's debut day. My buddy Randy wore the black robes like a champ.



Why buckets and bowling? There's not many troop opportunities or requests here in New Mexico in the apex of summer heat. We scheduled this a couple months back when there was literally nothing on either side of the troop for a long while. An excuse to get together, wear armor, and have a good time.


annnd... few wore armor. But I love my white plastic dearly and couldn't not. And Vader needed at least 1 trooper.



The arcade was ripe for playtime.



My academy training came in handy.



I helped. Really. I definitely got that bonus.



Snowboarding with the daughter. Being in a desert garrison, neither of us were too sure what to do.



The arcade asthetic tho.



My armor just gleamed. So vaporwave.  Would "bowl" again.


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  • revlimiter changed the title to [19] TK-89400 (revlimiter) Troop Log

7/30/22 - School Supply Givewaway

My 19th TK troop



This was a huge school supply give away put on by a half dozen organizations around ABQ and held at a church. The scale of this giveaway was staggering. There must have been 3000 kids and each of them got a backpack, papers, pencils, binders, crayons, etc. It was incredible.


2.5 hours of trooping. 501st, Mercs, Rebels, Ghostbusters, and NM Avengers were all in attendance to entertain the families in the huuuuuuuuge line. Did I mention it was huge? Hours of standing in line.



Mr Pool had the right idea for a costume abbreviation. I'm a little jealous.



About here is where a kid said "aww, the Star Wars is taking a picture with Spiderman" and we both nearly fell over.



One of two togruta mercs in the world. His armor was stunning.



They had a concert and food event at the end once the school goodies were given out. The troopers were invited up to play.

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  • revlimiter changed the title to [20] TK-89400 (revlimiter) Troop Log

(20) 8/13/22 - Elijah's Toy Drive 2022

20 TK troops!



This troop was a memorial toy drive in honor of a little boy who died of cancer five years ago. We had a decent showing with 7 troops. It was Brandon's first official troop in TK armor (center pic).



Our group with the organizers.



This large fellow showed up. With Green Lantern photobomb.



Thor and Mr Pool. Both looking dapper.



With some rebels and the Galactic Academy.  I noticed Han's gun placement once I was sitting at the keyboard and about fell over laughing.


Good times!!

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  • revlimiter changed the title to [21] TK-89400 (revlimiter) Troop Log

8/20/22 - Camaro Club of NM Make a Wish Carshow

My 21st TK troop, 18th troop of the year.


This troop was a Make A Wish benefit car show put on by the local Camaro club. It was also a day with 24+ hours of rain forecast. That's pretty unusual for NM, so I did a thing to my rubber E-11.



Yes, that's an E-11 umbrella with duct tape action.  It was hilarious! Kids and adults alike loved it and I sauntered around all day with my pretty pink blaster umbrella.



I also registered my car for the carshow, thereby giving a small donation to Make A Wish.  My TK kit fits in the trunk just fine... just not with room for anything else in there. 



Umbrella. Also pauldron because it does an amazing job of keeping heat inside the armor. Or rather, not letting it out. I was toasty and dry the whole troop. Gonna be useful this winter.



Happy Make A Wish workers, featuring umbrella.



My car is in this shot, really.  Also umbrella.



We hijacked this poor citizen's vehicle. Baby Yoda made us. He's our ring leader.


and lastly...



When the sun shines, we'll shine together
Told you I'll be here forever
Said I'll always be your friend
Took an oath, I'ma stick it out 'til the end
Now that it's raining more than ever
Know that we'll still have each other
You can stand under my umbrella

You can stand under my umbrella.

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(22) 9/10/22 - Albuquerque Isotopes Star Wars Night

TK Troop 22.



This was the yearly Star Wars night at the local baseball park (you may have heard of the ABQ Isotopes from The Simpsons). This was the first years back since 2019 due to COVID. My first Isotopes troop (obvz) but also MOST of our first Isotopes troops as a group. They're really hard to sign up for and even most vets haven't been able to do it.

(I'm next to Vader)



We worked the line for the first 15 minutes of the troop and posed with not one...



... but two little Vaders! I didn't actually notice they were different until looking at the pix after the event. Different shoes. I thought the kid just took off his hat.  :laugh1:



We hung around inside the park and chatted up the crowd.



We rode the elevator to the top of the stadium (obligatory elevator selfie (I'm next to Han)).






The top level terrace was amazing (I'm the tall one).  This is clearly our indie album cover.



We visited the swanky press boxes at the top and posed for pix. This smallest ewok was too cute not to share.



The official event photographer snapped a bunch of our TK trio and shared this on their Twitter feed. (I'm on the left).



And then he asked if I'd go down a few stairs for a photo. WORTH IT! This also went on their Twitter.



The sun set on this incredible troop.  It was the most fun I've had in all my 22 troops. The crowd was just phenomenal. I swear my bucket nearly broke from the smiles. I'm still grinning about it nearly a day later.


I love being a TK.

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