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Getting started on a remnants incinerator

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We have had no luck finding a specific paint code that was used in production.

If I were you I would be looking at some paint swatches and getting as close to screen colour as you can. Compare the Hot Toys to the screen and see how different they are when compared.

Production also sometime develop their own colour so it isn’t as easy to match. 
thw CRL won’t just choose a colour, this is part of the research you need to put in when wanting a new to legion costume :)

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TBH, my intial belief is that I am going to use the same tone as the Shocktrooper I have, they look real similar. Having said that, it is still easier to wait until CRL is approved, and ask that model Trooper, what he or she used, and either use the same, or get a similar pantone overseas. I have at least 10-12 approvals doing it like that which is why I stated I was going to wait for CRL. I have also worked on a costume whilst CRL was being devoloped to only find, later on, that certain changes had been made last minute :( Kylo TROS was another disaster - so just being cautios at this point.

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9 hours ago, Yiyo said:

 I personally would hold off the specific paint colors (the red), until CRL is published, at least that is what I am doing. Just in case.

Unfortunately a CRL can't be finalized until someone completes a full costume which means someone has to bite the bullet and commit to a color red. 

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