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  1. TBH, my intial belief is that I am going to use the same tone as the Shocktrooper I have, they look real similar. Having said that, it is still easier to wait until CRL is approved, and ask that model Trooper, what he or she used, and either use the same, or get a similar pantone overseas. I have at least 10-12 approvals doing it like that which is why I stated I was going to wait for CRL. I have also worked on a costume whilst CRL was being devoloped to only find, later on, that certain changes had been made last minute Kylo TROS was another disaster - so just being cautios at this point.
  2. toothpaste will definitely work. I personally would hold off the specific paint colors (the red), until CRL is published, at least that is what I am doing. Just in case. The los looks great, my 850 kit is awaiting at home when I get back from vacation
  3. Not sure I understand, the hole goes from front to back, so I just need to cut to size, and put it in. I will actually leave a little visible so it looks like where the flame is coming from.
  4. Looks good, I just used superglue and unless I drop it, it holds on fine mate. I will also add an aluminum rod
  5. Hi Romain! TBH, the silver and satin black are only for those pieces, as I painted the silver, put the on, and painted the black. The rest will most likely be satin black, with brown woode handle gripa (like the T21 for example). The idea of this coloring comes from Marko's concept art for the 3D rendition, which looks great, and mixes some dark gray with black and some silver parts. As mentioned, I only painted these 2 pieces, awaiting CRL clearance first before I paint anything at all. The black is a simple Montana Hardcore satin black.
  6. Hello there! Great work on those tubes Just printed: 220 dry sand - finish off with a 360 dry sand. First layer of Motip putty and 360 dry sand. If another layer is needed, I will then either use 360 again and then spray, or straight off a 500. I will normally finish with an 800 very slightly wet sand. This process has worked for me since I discovered Motip Spray Putty, I just learnt how to work with it. Maybe somebody else has a better process How is your costume coming along? I will check your updates.
  7. Great to know Sly! I have a lot ahead, so not in a rush in my case, this gives me time to put together the backpack and I still have to get my armor from the US + Darkside Closet softparts made and shipped.
  8. Hey bud! Fully understand what you are pointing out, but I will stick to Marko's as I believe this will suffice for level 1. That image, whilst fully valid, makes absolutely no sense other than a mistake by the actor - you would never hold a flamethrower over the exhaust, plus those tubes, are where the ignition travels down to spark the gas, so I would expect them to be rigid as they are a continuation of the front exit tubes. In any case, once painted, unless you are holding it specifically at that point and not on the hand grip that is purposely built in, no one will notice whether it's flexible or rigid- thanks for the level of detail though, I hadn't noticed! The ones coming from the backpack are a pretty larger in diameter My proces hardly ever changes: 1. I sand down each piece. 2. I see how piece 1 connects to piece 2. 3. Motip spray putty and sand as many times as needed until smooth. 4. Glue it all together. 5. Prime in one piece. Please keep sharing any advice and observations you come across as it's a pretty challenging build at times!
  9. RE the CRL: I believe Nicker was talking to Sly various weeks back as he had finished and I think it was in the writing, so fingers crossed! And yes, 3D printing is marvelous but a tremendous amount of work does go into every piece
  10. I know it doesn't seem like it, but it has taken weeks to print, sand, fill, sand and prep this weapon for paint. I really like the results though! I am not going to paint it until the CRL is live. Next step: finish the tanks.
  11. I love Guille's pauldron, fabulous work at an excellent price - highly recommended I have 1 file left from the gun, to have finished the print, so 36h more..... back pack is well on the way as well.
  12. No mate, currently printing, sanding and working on the gun and backpack files from Marko, which will take a long time to post process and work on taking into account the size. 850 stated around 12 weeks for the armor as did Darkside Closet, so I still have about 2 months until it's shipped.
  13. This sounds like a CRL is nearly finished or definitely well advanced. wink wink
  14. I just received my gloves from Ender Finders, didn't even check the CRL, which shows the classic rubber ones - I know LIII are these , but I was surprised about the rubber gloves. I also started to sand and putty the back pack pieces, slowly though!
  15. Hey Romain, of course! Marko is probably the best 3D designer I know, I am a patreon of his as well. I am printing the pins now, but it will be a simple ciano (super glue) job, and then a little putty to cover the joints. I will update as soon as I have all the backplate pieces printed, it is busy producing pieces for my T21B heavy blaster at the moment.
  16. OK, so I said this would be a slow build until I start receiving stuff. Soft parts are ordered from Darkside Closet, approx 12 weeks waiting time, which will be more than enough to get all the 3D parts printed and finished. Started with the backpack, bit of filling to do as my printers hate the curved angle of these pieces, but it will be fine. Will be back once I have something to really show.
  17. So this is Guillermo's pauldron (from Artneo) - the white version is just for illustration purposes for the stitching, whilst the red color is what he will use for me. Reviewing the Sideshow figure references, I am pretty convinced this is the version we need. Once I am 100% sure, I will order.
  18. Fully understand Sir, I am the model for the Unkar Plutt CRL, so I have been through the whole process. My point was rather that I am happy to chip in and help whoever is going to prepare this CRL - I know Romain and Chris are well advanced, and although I can put this together in about 3 weeks, I still have the waiting period to receive everything. I really appreciate any help in any form for this build, it's going to be a really interesting one and I love to be back at the FISD
  19. Hello there, Yiyo from the Spanish Garrison here. Been actively reading and researching, and thanks to some of you folk, found the right place to open my build thread. Been a while since I opened one on the FISD, so it's great to be back. Following a couple of other builds, some seem to be new, some are older but haven't been updated in a while, so just wondering who will be modelling and presenting the new CRL, I would be happy to help whoever needs anything. Down to business: ABS armor & Resin Helmet Rogue 1 kit: Ordered 22/05/2021 from 850 Armor Works. Boots: IB. Gloves: Ordered Endor Finders 24/05/2021. Undersuit or 2 pieces: Ordered DarkSide Closet 24/05/2021. Backpack and flamethrower: Files received 22/05/20121 from Marko Makaj. Strapping and similar: all sourced locally. Paint: Montana White & most likely the same red I used for the Shocktrooper - still want to talk to other builders about this and get some advice. Rogue One style Pauldron: Ordered 24/05/2021 from Artneo. As soon as things start arriving, I will start sharing - both my printers are currently busy spitting out pieces for my T21 Heavy Blaster for the shocktrooper, so as soon as they free up, I have to print the chest and backpiece for my ICAT build, and then I will start with this build. Thanks for chipping in along the way, all advice, as always is very welcome, this will be costume 17 I think
  20. Hello there, How is this build coming along bud? You looking at modelling for the CRL? I am just starting this costume, and wanted to follow others that are doing the same. Thanks!
  21. I am pretty quick and detailed in builds, and have actually created, and modelled on a CRL, so no problem to help any of the various builds that are already in progress as needed. I have purchased the armor and helmet, and backpack and thrower, just waiting to start receiving stuff and will open a WIP. I will contact Romain from the FG and I think there is another active build, to see where they are at. Thanks for letting us know, would be great it have it in FISD if SOps are overwhelmed.
  22. Definitely, we have and are still seeing this as things are discovered. I am finishing the ICAT trooper at the moment, and have seen at least 3 different types of holster, from the series, Hot Toys, and other references. I bet that when the visual dictionary comes out in July, we will see yet another hahahahha I love Marko's work, follow him on patreon, but missed he had made these files. Looking forward to your build, need to get my shocktrooper first
  23. Hi bud, just read the whole thread and took the plunge and purchased the 850AW kit + resin helmet. Jimmy's stuff is a little too small for me normally. Great build, I hope to learn a lot from your experience and will be following, just got the files from Marko after some confusion
  24. Thank you Sir, this is what I was after! I just took the plunge and purchased the 850ArmorWorks R1TK kit + helmet
  25. Hi troopers, Do we know if anyone is working on this CRL as we write? Thx
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