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Pre-Pre Approval Question AM 4.5 DDD Commission build

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FISD Team,

After work today I FINALLY get to go pick up my full commission build. AM 4.5 by Dave’s Darkside Depot. Other than figuring out how to put it on and start taking pictures, are there any other preparation steps usually needed? 

I Think I have all my soft goods, the black undersuit, White Imperial Boots, TrooperBay neck seal. The belt was included in the commission. 

I have great hope to be wearing this tomorrow for Halloween- so any other “stuff” I need to buy, please let me know. Your advice will be greatly appreciated!!!

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Great news, with commissions sometimes you have to adjust some strapping so it really depends on how it fits you.

Do you have gloves?


Looking forward to seeing you suited up.

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GREAT news, Brad!  You will more than likely need help getting your armor on (most of us do).  You may know about this already, but prior to submitting for Basic approval you should read over the Pre-Approval area here.  Once you have the required photos, submit them here along with your info. and we can help with any details.  Looking forward to seeing them!!

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