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  1. Biceps are fitting a bit tight, specifically the bottom portion especially with the strap attached . Is there a method to widen the opening on the bottom a bit without taking the cover strips off and resizing , just need a tad bit more room with a bit of a wider opening( top part is fine). Ideas welcome?
  2. I ended using ETSY as well and ordered one from www.questdesigncanada.com , read some good reviews and they seem to be built pretty solid with some parts being metal. Went with this option , will report back how it works when I receive ( end of December). Whats the difference in ROTJ vs ANH blasters? Hope I didn't ge the wrong blaster for my ANH STUNT ...
  3. Need some help with the chest piece and it seems to ride up a bit interfering with the helmet. Alone the helmet fits fine with line of sight just about perfect . Once I put on the ab and the chest piece the front of the helmet seems to "sit" on the shoulder straps raising the helmet up and thus making my line of sight below the eyes , I am unable too turn my head side to side at the slightest degree and the area around the hovi tips will bump up against the chest peice. In thirst photos you can see there is a bit of q gap between my chest area and the chest peice r
  4. So after 8 long months ( thank you Covid ) BBB day finally arrived. I had originally ordered a trimmed kit from Daves Darkside but with time constraints between work and home ( again , thank you Covid) I opted for a commission build , otherwise it would be another 8 months before I could even get around to start working on things and I cant wait that long :-) Unboxing day and got everything laid out , Dave's packing job was excellent ensuring every piece was well wrapped and taken of during transit, big thumbs up. Once everything was laid and I ensured a
  5. Correct on the ‘tweaking’ , there is a bit more work to be done and Dave is taking care of me. Understand the difficulties with commission builds , can’t be easy at all going off pictures and measurements, so my hat is off to him . Wish I had the time to do this myself but since COVID hit I have had zero time to take on a project like this . We’ll get this [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Well good news , I was able to get ahold of DDD and after reviewing some of pictures there are some 'tweaks' that need to be made to the arms and legs. I cant speak highly enough of DDD and the customer service he provides with his products , it's a rare thing to find someone like Dave that takes pride in his work and stands by his product. Big shout out to Daves Darkside and the work he does. Will post a few more pics when things get trimmed up.
  7. Daves Darkside Depot is now selling the AM 4.5 versions , you can find him on Facebook. PM me if you would like his phone # , just got a commission build from him. Extremely durable and shiny ABS , recommend. Take a look around there are several nice builds with his armor.
  8. For this post I will be referring to the thigh pieces . These seem to me to be a bit long and 'big' . To wear these I put on a belt , put on both thighs which have a snap at the top with along piece of flexible fabric that winds around the belt to hold things in place. The legs have room in them when wearing them , in these pictures I have them hiked up as far as I can go (comfortably). I am not sure if these need to be more 'form fitting' or if you are supposed to have excess room. I can lift my leg but only barely until it hits and becomes uncomfortable and digs behind my knee c
  9. Had some time today to take pictures of the examples I mentioned above. This particular posting sf or the forearms and biceps. a) are the biceps supposed to have so much open area at the top when your arms are at rest? When I do this it tends to push the bells out since the bicep is under the bell housing. Does this look correct or does it need to be brought in more? b) Are the forearms looking long? When my arms are at rest it feels pretty good but when I try to raise my arms ( say holding a an e11 blaster) it catches at the elbow and is painful , I have to 'push dow
  10. BBB finally arrived , good things come to those who wait, or do they? Finally got around to getting everything unpacked and laid out , took inventory and decided to get suited up ( after watching a few helpful YouTube videos on the subject) Now I know this is my first time trying this armor on and did expect to have a few tweaks to ensure a good fit , but not quite sure I was prepared for the fit I got for a commission build. "I don't know what I don't know" so I am reaching out to the team here in the hopes to get this dialed in and help answer the myriad of questions that I
  11. Nice job Brad, donning my Dave’s dark side AM commission build in the morning and hope to post some pics as well , BBB day was Monday ... Wishing you much success
  12. Brad, I just received my commission build from Dave as well , I plan on setting everything out Wednesday morning and see how it fits.. i look forward to seeing your postings...
  13. Congrats on pulling the trigger on an AM build and kudos on getting healthier. I ordered a commission build from Dave back in February , and then Covid hit. Needless to say good things come to those who wait ( correct, its been 8 months of waiting ) and BBB day should be this week or early next week. I'll follow up with you as soon as the armor arrives and let you know how things look. Several good builds with the AM line.
  14. Garret, just throwing out a quick shout out. I live outside Oregon City and should be receiving my commission build this week. Joined cloud city garrison right before Covid hit and have been lurking on the boards there. a well. Good to see another PNW TK on here:-) ... Looking forward too trooping soon I hope!
  15. I have the funds and am ready ‘ to pull the trigger’ LOL ... I saw the RS propmasters as well but wasn’t sure about durability for trooping . Either way going for a rubber one for the same reasons you mentioned.. Thanks again for all the advice , you all rock as always !!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Perfect ... I have a message out to praetorian , will check out the others .. thanks for tips [emoji106]...
  17. Paul, any luck getting your commission build? I ordered my commission build from Dave back in February and have yet to receive any notification if the build is done , I email him about once a month , last email stated I should have before end of October. I know he was busy gettig his shop in order and then he was hit with Covid which put him out for bit. Did you ever receive yours and how did it fit? Just curious , as I placed a chunk of change down on this thing and it's been over 7 months. I have talked to Dave over the phone a few times and seems to be a very stand up guy, jus
  18. Looking at the build threads today , but not finding a lot about blaster of softwoods but getting some ideas :-) Found the on ETSY as well , looks liker it is a better build quality https://www.etsy.com/listing/670834662/star-wars-e-11-stormtrooper-blaster?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=e+11+blaster&ref=sr_gallery-1-5&organic_search_click=1 I also have a message out to Praetorian https://www.facebook.com/BlasterMaker/?ref=page_internal
  19. Found this the looks good? https://www.etsy.com/listing/624376415/star-wars-stormtrooper-blaster-e-11-prop?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=e11+blaster&ref=sr_gallery-1-17&organic_search_click=1&frs=1
  20. Doing a search on the this website and our local forum with Cloud City Garrison , looking to complete my build with an E-11 blaster. Looking to " pull the trigger" ( pun intended- see what I did there :-) ) for something robust to keep up with the rigors of trooping ( prefer rubber but may get heavy after time). I see a bunch of ETSY type blasters but not sure of their quality or if they will suit the need for a centurion build down the road. Saw the sheppeton designing studios one , not sure on those. Any recommendations , I will continue to search this forum and othe
  21. I just talked to Dave his weekend and pulled the trigger on an AM 4.5 TK set myself. I am calling him this week to determine which build I am going with but thinking the stunt as well ( centurion) . Dave has been super helpful, his customer service is top knotch! Cant wait for BBB to arrive , lets keep in touch with regards to our builds!
  22. Thanks for the info Mark , sent a PM .. still haven’t pulled the trigger yet, was getting close and talked at length with Dave on the AM builds . would love some info on the AP kits , really appreciate the feedback and thanks for replying and helping this FNG out.. LOL
  23. Have narrowed down my choices to two options, either RS or AM for my first TK build. Both kits are available at the time of this post and both seem to suitable for building my first TK, reaching toward a centurion level outfit form the get go if applicable. My research and feedback is leaning me more toward AM for the reasons below - New run is about done , Dave will be sending out a new batch out shortly so timeline is good - I am 5'9" / 205 lbs ( dad bod) and the AM from what I understand may fit better when trimmed - Thick ABS plastic is used and is very d
  24. Dave did get back to me with some prices , if you don’t mind me asking which kit did you end going with? I am thinking the AM 4.5 TK armor kit , not entirely clear on his email on the other builds and prices though . Have not done blaster research as of yet , nailing down my armor choices and then will look at blaster and soft goods while I wait. Might be nice if we end up getting the same kit and work alongside each other , that would be fun ! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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