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  1. TK 16900 requesting access. https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=33243
  2. And I’m IN!!! Newly minted TK-16900 reporting. Thanks for all the help and encouragement
  3. Ok! turned the belt right side up. Bit more trouble donning it this time. first time must have been beginners luck. Any corrections before I apply for my TK?
  4. Pictures posted. Finally figured it out.
  5. Thank you! Dang! You’re right. Belt WAS upside down. wow. And thanks. I’ll try the one by one. I’d hoped the link to the album WOULD open all the pics in the album.
  6. album link https://www.flickr.com/photos/188110285@N06/shares/eP59R9
  7. Brad Letner soCal Garrison AM 4.5 Daves Darkside Depot commission TrooperBay neck seal. Imperial Boots boots (just toy prop blaster - not yet ready for EIB) pics enroute.... Photos below. Belt is upside down! Oy!
  8. Yep. Gloves included with armor attached. thanks! I’m hoping a few adjustments is all. Very excited.
  9. FISD Team, After work today I FINALLY get to go pick up my full commission build. AM 4.5 by Dave’s Darkside Depot. Other than figuring out how to put it on and start taking pictures, are there any other preparation steps usually needed? I Think I have all my soft goods, the black undersuit, White Imperial Boots, TrooperBay neck seal. The belt was included in the commission. I have great hope to be wearing this tomorrow for Halloween- so any other “stuff” I need to buy, please let me know. Your advice will be greatly appreciated!!!
  10. I’m gonna be #1,001. I can feel it.
  11. Thank for that. I’d read that recommendation about size somewhere in these threads - so I went 2-3 euro sizes Large. So they fit pretty good. A little large perhaps. BUT I can barely squeeze into them. Once they’re on, all is good. But getting them on?? Wow. Almost impossible
  12. Yep. Pretty close now! IB Boots arrived today.
  13. My commission build will take about 2 months. So pace yourselves people. I’m trying to make this TK1K EIB group!
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