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DLT 19 Butt


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Not sure if this is right forum for original movie used DLT.

Does anyone know if the MG34’s that were used had simple stained wood butts or were they painted black/black plastic?


Can’t find clear photos anywhere of the prop guns used by Han and Chewie.


Just getting ready to paint mine.



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Glen to the rescue again!


I googled all sorts of DLT references and never thought to look at that screen grab.

It may be the lighting, but they even look like different shades of brown.



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More searching on real MG34’s yielded pics of light to medium brown wooden stained butts and very dark reddish brown, almost black Bakelite ones. Kind of like looking through a pint of Guinness. 

I think I’ll go the Bakelite route. Seems to fit the Empire them more.


 Just have to find a good tutorial on painting it.

So begins another long term project...

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LOL. Hey Jonas!!!! Great to hear from you.

Hope things are well.

Quite  a year to start your trooping.

Along with this blaster I will soon be......drum roll please......:cantinabandf:  starting my application for Centurion!!!

This would have happened sooner as I had lots of time during Covid, but I had to complete my military move right across Canada this summer. Big trip. I've finally settled in, set up the workshop again  so I can restart my projects.


I've picked up some starter paints to get the butt painted. Still lots more sanding on the other parts to go.


This DLT-19 will also have a Blast FX system installed. Pew Pew muthers! :Laser:


I also had a friend who graciously 3D printed not one, but TWO E-11's for me!!!! I have a Blast FX system for one of those as well.


Let the good times roll.


I'll have to find a good forum page to put the builds on.


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22 minutes ago, Roundarmor said:

Greetings. I’m a newby looking to purchase a DLT - 19 but I don’t want a three D print. Anyone know of a good place to find one?

You could try Woodchuck he makes all of his weapons out of wood and PVC, not sure if he would supply a separate piece but could be work asking, FB: https://www.facebook.com/woodchuckprops

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