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  1. Helmet done! It came out really good, better than the armor lol. It doesn’t match perfectly but eh it’s okay. Definitely used the experience I got from weathering the armor to help on the helmet, I was able to make the scraping off effect on the chin easier by just scraping it off rather than white drybrush cause it’s hard plastic instead of foam. When painting the mud I simply shoved paper towel in the lense to mask them: https://imgur.com/a/HvZQlpR this pic won’t load for some reason, weird. If I ever do make an actual TK kit for approval in the future I might go muddy, it was pretty fun to muddy him up with decent results, especially on the helmet.
  2. I added a little bit of white on the torso areas, but didn’t like it much and covered it back up with the color of the 3rd coat. Then I roughly and quickly did the whole armor in that color. The difference isn’t much but I think I’m happy with it now, just gotta do that all to the helmet
  3. blast shield affixed, I think I’m going to go over the mud with more white since I might’ve added too much mud lol. I might use some grey too, looks a little bit too brown
  4. I added white paint to the edges of the armor to give the effect that the mud was scraped off. I also dry brushed white around here and there for a little bit of a worn look close up
  5. Tape removed, super happy with how clean the edge is closer look at side detail
  6. Yeah lmao just realized I posted the same paint cup image twice lol, here’s what the armor looks like after that 4th coat good enough for me lol And the brow on the blast shield has been masked and painted
  7. Blast shield seams filled, white paint added, it’s a little off white compared to the helmet but it’ll probably look fine with mud lol 4th coat added to armor, to lighten it up a little I think it’s close enough now lol
  8. Third coat done, gonna do one more lighter one. For the previous coat I used paper towels to dab the paint on, then I used a brush to get in in the crevices. For this coat I just used this sponge and didn't try as hard to get it in the cracks
  9. Plastidipped the blast shield, gotta fill the seams a bit better And my mom found a sheet I can use for the cape, she’s gonna cut, dye and sew it for me. Thanks mom!
  10. Blast shield seams filled, and details added, gotta plastidip and paint now Second coat done, gonna use this color for third coat
  11. Reference https://imgur.com/a/kZk0FL6 for some reason this image won’t embed
  12. Coat two so for I think it could be a little lighter with a tint of a bit more green to match reference, but looks very much like mud lol
  13. Nice man! Speaking of, I’ve been modding the armor into a Mimban stormtrooper For the mud effects I simply dabbed and slapped the grey paint on with a paper towel. I’ll be going over it again with a darker color. These guys were seriously muddy in the movie lol. For the forehead piece what I did was cover the helmet dome in foil, then add slits so I could flatten it to create the template. I used two layers of thin foam for the brow cause the first layer I wrapped around the bottom of the forehead. Making it look uneven. Still gotta add the little details on the side of the forehead and clean it up. Gotta figure something out for the cloak as well.
  14. Padding and frown mesh added I also added in a chinstrap I fabricated with Velcro, foam and nylon straps to help with stability. I had to bulk up some of the pads with extra Eva foam to help it conform over the shap of my head. Took some trial and error but it sits decently now, especially with the chinstrap. However the chinstrap is a little fiddly to put on since u gotta reach into the helmet while you’re wearing it lol. The strapping and pad’s comfyness is pretty decent tho. Now all I gotta do is wait for the new neck trim from trooperbay and I’m done!
  15. Thanks, but I think I’m pretty happy with the current position of the ears. I don’t wanna touch those blasted things ever again lol
  16. Took off the ears again to file and sand the edges just so it looks a little cleaner, then repainted the screws since the paint was rubbing off. Visor installed as well. I attached it to the screws sticking out from the ears and side of the helmet Nearly there! Just need frown mesh, either reattach the neck trim or get a new one since it’s a little ripped, then add padding.
  17. Yeah I think it definitely helps the look haha. Thanks man
  18. Did some of the trimming suggested by @CableGuy the gap on this next one here was a little too big so I heat shaped the side of the helmet a little to minimize the gap Trimmed the neck hole a little too. Gonna need a new neck trim, I ripped it when pulling it off lol Cleaned up the paint details a lot more, and added decal blue tube stripes got off of ebay
  19. I’ve decided to mod my BS stormtrooper helmet for more wearability so my glasses will fit inside I’ve taken most interior and electronic parts so far. I’m considering making this RO accurate but seems like a lot of work
  20. Cleaned up a bit, and added gray. It’s all coming together gotta touch up some black, then add stripes
  21. Painted the black and white on the screws. Gonna need to do some cleanup, there’s little black flecks all over the helmet lol. Might need to do another coat on the vocoder. I’m planning on taking a toothpick and cleaning up some of the edges later.
  22. Finished the ears. Oh lord I hope I never have to do that again. For trimming, what I do is score, then make cuts with shears up to the score line so it makes sections of plastic, and snap those sections off. and then there’s the pain of trying to get the shape perfect to the helmet. made the marks drilled the holes and here’s it after installation so that whole ear process was not fun, 0/10 would recommend. also cut down the mic tip screws https://i.imgur.com/UwD2dHe.jpg
  23. Happy day after Halloween everyone. I replaced the window tint on the helmet cause I had ripped off the previous tint before the silicone spray. And I added a nylon strap under the shoulders to keep them in position better. Before the shoulders liked to fall towards the back. here’s me and my sis on Halloween. Used a rebel pilot helmet as a candy bucket haha. And just stuffed an unmodified hasbro blaster in the holster.
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