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  1. Cleaned up a bit, and added gray. It’s all coming together gotta touch up some black, then add stripes
  2. Painted the black and white on the screws. Gonna need to do some cleanup, there’s little black flecks all over the helmet lol. Might need to do another coat on the vocoder. I’m planning on taking a toothpick and cleaning up some of the edges later.
  3. Finished the ears. Oh lord I hope I never have to do that again. For trimming, what I do is score, then make cuts with shears up to the score line so it makes sections of plastic, and snap those sections off. and then there’s the pain of trying to get the shape perfect to the helmet. made the marks drilled the holes and here’s it after installation so that whole ear process was not fun, 0/10 would recommend. also cut down the mic tip screws https://i.imgur.com/UwD2dHe.jpg
  4. Happy day after Halloween everyone. I replaced the window tint on the helmet cause I had ripped off the previous tint before the silicone spray. And I added a nylon strap under the shoulders to keep them in position better. Before the shoulders liked to fall towards the back. here’s me and my sis on Halloween. Used a rebel pilot helmet as a candy bucket haha. And just stuffed an unmodified hasbro blaster in the holster.
  5. Mic tips painted, mesh added and installed. sanded the edge of the white screws installed on the bottom
  6. Did a little fine tuning trimming, then attached the cap and face. started by marking the screw hole. drilled it out, then marked through it to the second hole. then drilled it out and put the screw through both, and secured it with a nut on the inside. did the same with the other side. Took a lot of finagling to get it to sit right. I did fitment with the brow on, a tip from pandatrooper’s tutorial. Here’s it together. I’ve only done two of the screws. Still gotta do the ones on the bottom. without brow
  7. Cut out sides First started by making a hole with a knife so three questions: how do the face and back join? Rivets? Or screws?And where are they placed? what screws are used for the ears, and how are they placed? and how is the brow attached? Does it sit on top of the cap? Or does it slip on the edge of it? Is it slips on the edge of it, how do some helmets like the “move along” trooper’s have higher brows?
  8. Other teeth done also decided to go ahead and do the bottom anyways. Used score and snap method. I think I’m getting pretty good at it.
  9. To cut out the teeth, I started by making holes by spinning an exacto knife. then cut, filed, and sanded till it looked about right.so far I’ve only done 4 teeth.
  10. Cleaned up the other eye. My knife accidentally slipped and I made a tiny mark on the bottom corner, but luckily it isn’t very noticeable. The originals probably had worse mistakes anyways haha.
  11. Cleaned up the eye, and rough cut the other.
  12. To cut out the eye, I made little holes in the corners by spinning an exacto knife. then started cutting with it and a coping saw. needs a lot of cleanup. I did try the score and snap method but I suck at it, and I’m not to good with a dremel, so I think this is the best option for me. trimmed the top of the face and the back I’m too scared to try the bottom of the chin and the sides till I get some feedback lol.
  13. Washed out the inside with soapy water, then marked for rough trim. Please tell me if anything looks off. Sorry if my pencil lines are kinda faint
  14. Added putty to the main body And sanded the part that goes near the front and the part near the bolt. Before sanding After sanding During sanding I accidentally ripped off a few layers of print lines on one of them, but spot putty should fix that right up. One question: those two pieces are identical right? they don't seem any different to me, so they should be interchangeable?
  15. Sanded the whole thing with 320 then 400 grit again just to get it more smooth, and added spot putty to the seam. Then sanded the spot putty Sanded the front sight and other thingy that goes on the back idk what its called To sand in between the dip in the sights and under it I used a pen wrapped in sandpaper and a small brush also wrapped in sandpaper. Then added both to the main body.
  16. So I was wondering, do y’all think I should sand the parts, put them together then primer and paint? Or sand, primer, paint then put them together? Thanks
  17. Glued the barrel and the base together with super glue, then sanded the seam to clean up the excess glue. I'll add a bit of spot putty to the seam later.
  18. Barrel sanded Before: After sanding Just gotta pick out all the little plastic strands on the inside, then it'll be ready for filler primer along with the base. Definitely going much faster than I thought, gonna have to change the title now lol. How do you change titles?
  19. Starting working on the base Here's it before sanding: And here's it after 80 grit: After 220 grit I accidentally cracked it somehow during sanding. Easy fix, I just used some super glue later and a little sanding. 320 grit 400 grit Got that done in a day, so maybe this build won't be as slow as I thought.
  20. Handle was a little sticky, so I sanded it down and repainted it and it was good. Masked off the bolt and painted it silver Masked off the t-tracks, scope, back cap and handle, then painted them semi-gloss black. Then it was unmasked, and I glued on the power cylinders, and here's it now. I'm currently debating on whether i should weather it lightly and make some sort of lenses for the scope. I think it's looking pretty good right now though, and I like it.
  21. MWB (medium white box) day! Got it from trooper @trooper96 here on FISD. Thank you Bryan!
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