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Progressbarloading Requesting Pre-Approval Review (Anovos)

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Hello all,

I know there's always some things to work on, but hoping this build is where it needs to be to pass basic (with an eye for higher in the future)before I need to pack up and move (within garrison).


WIthout further ado:

  1. Ryan Limbo
  2. Southern California Garrison
  3. Anovos armor
  4. Anovos Helmet
  5. Kittel belt
  6. Darman neckseal
  7. Imperialboots boot
  8. Praetorian blaster
  9. 5'8"
  10. Weight-175ish...maybe? (Honestly started working out to avoid kidney shimming)
  11. ANH Stunt
  12. Major thanks to @TheRascalKing and @kman 
  13. FYI, build thread here: 

*PS the Info post for preapproval skips #8


Overall I know there's a few dressing issues compared to the eib/centurion threads I follow that felt apparent as soon as I could take my bucket off and actually see the pictures, but I hope the kit itself fits right on me for basic:


  1. ZHGsksm.jpg
  2. cfQEAHQ.jpg
  3. YTDeOYt.jpg
  4. srHC6nf.jpg
  5. Ab Detail (see also that the rivets line up when I can see them and adjust the part height (or get some other troopers with experience to help me adjust (roommates can only do so much haha)
  6. hGh98i9.jpg
  7. BumlpBw.jpg
  8. I1wC1ej.jpg
  9. Included another thigh shot to prove the ammo belt can go up properly
  10. Internal strapping
    *Note internal strapping belt with velcro thigh straps (thanks therascalking), so the thigh height can be adjusted as needed


Thanks everyone for all the incredible advice/encouragement so far. You're all amazing.

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Hi Ryan, looking good on your armor. I think It's good enough for basic approval.


There is an little issue with your helmet, that is very common , my Helmet is an Anovos too and I was asked to do the following corrections :



1- Add some gray paint to each end side of the teeth area, and trim a little bit to have a better shape as per the CRL States for Basic.


Frown is painted gray and does not leave the teeth area. A total of 8 cut outs in the teeth area of the frown are present.


2- For Higher Levels the Hovi tips must be changed, not for basic.





Here you can see some reference photos.




Good luck with your appoval.  :jc_doublethumbup:

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Nice work, look like you have an issue with the butt plate pushing backwards, may need tighter strapping or I came up with a v tab to glue behind to stop the plate shifting backwards




May need a little heat on your left calf to help close the gap at the rear. You could also remove the extra material from the belt closure the normally stop at the end of the TD.




Knee sniper plate could come up a little you have a lot of lower ridge showing, you may also want to try bring your thighs up a little more, everything appears to be touching at your knees and they will catch, perhaps some foam behind the front of the sniper plate to bring it away form the thigh. Also rotate your left thigh so the cover strip is central.Forearms could come down a little also to give you a little more room at the elbows. 



Ideally tube stripes are a pencil width from the cheek but not a big issue for basic. 



Once again nice work and good luck with approval 

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Looking good Ryan, tidy up a few areas and you should be golden :jc_doublethumbup:

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Thanks everyone for the helpful feedback! It's a bit overdue, but I'm pleased to announce I am APPROVED! Again, this community has made the build process enjoyable, and I'm proud to start trooping with the most active and supportive Detachment around.


I'm definitely not settled or done with this armor - already putting some of the fitment changes in place, and prepping to break down the helmet for the L2/L3 applications. That said, I'll be keeping all of that work on my original build thread, so stay tuned- Looking forward to seeing you there soon.

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Congratulations Ryan, Welcome to the Legion.!  Keep on doing a great job with your armor and enjoy being a Bad Guy Doing Good .







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Great news Ryan and welcome to the ranks trooper

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