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[37] TK-17032's Troop Log


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25. Star Wars Library Visit, 4 May 2023

Second May the Fourth troop, an annual event at the Greece Public Library.




After troop shenanigans:


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26. Western New York Toy Show, 27 May 2023


With @Manbehindthemask, @tdurden and @Tk86669 (wearing black for some reason).



The folks running the booth that you can just barely see in the bottom left corner came up to @Manbehindthemask, @Tk86669 and me and said "You came to our son's (point at son in his 20s) birthday party years ago!" and pulled up the picture on the son's phone. We all took a look, and once we recognized who was who (it was a 17-year-old photo) told them "Those three people are upstairs at our booth right now."  Our booth folks were happy to see these people after so many years, and finally get a copy of that photo. :D



@tdurden and I were done patrolling by the end of the afternoon ... and he still had another troop to go to.



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27. Intergalacticon, 2 June 2023

Day 1 of this premiere event (premiere as in first-time occurrence)

Before I do anything else, I want to thank the members of the Canadian Garrison and Fortresse Imperiale who came down and helped up out.  Without you we would not have had the manpower to do what we did.  And Vindicator Squad's props and backgrounds were a major draw.  Thanks again guys.

There were a lot of photos taken each day, so I'm going to try and limit myself, I promise.




The Death Star wall and 501st table were ours (Droid Builders and astromechs too), but all the other props were courtesy of the Canadian Garrison.

All those bags on the table - those were for guests who were already 501st Honorary Members, and the guest we inducted during the con.



Before things started up, Kevin Thompson came over and tried out the speeder bike.  He then told us how he performed some of the stunts while in an Ewok suit.



C. Andrew Nelson stopped by each day for photos.  I'm still a little disappointed that I couldn't find my copy of Dark Forces for him to sign ...



Somehow I ended up being the target most of weekend, but the kids enjoyed it.

(And the Ewoks really enjoyed it.)



I don't know what I did, honest!


For your use for any upcoming movies and shows:


Myself, @Manbehindthemask, and @tdurden


And I'm missing the first group photo of the day, so here's the one with just best costumes :D



This is where my poor memory for names will get me in trouble ... I'm going to have look the Canadians up ...

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28. Intergalacticon, 3 June 2023

Day 2 (less pictures this time, I promise)


No "trooping" group photo this time, but we do have group photos with:

Tracee Cocco and Gigi Edgley (I'm the TK she's hanging on to)



Timothy Zahn:



Hononary Member Inductee Ailsa Berk:



... and Honorary Member Inductee Trevor Butterfield:



I don't know who this TK is, but he's doing a lousy job keeping those Ewoks away from Vader:






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29. Intergalaticon, 4 June 2023

Day 3


Less pictures this time, because I don't have copies yet.

This was a busy day, not so much because of the public, but because we inducted the following Honory Members:

Mark Austin, Willie Coppen, Joe Gibson, Mike Hendry, Andy Herd, John Simpkin, Kendra Wall-Dahl, Paul Weston, Brian Wheeler, and

Warren Proulx:


Who, when I was talking to him at the end of the day, let something slip about stormtroopers in Ahsoka, but:



And not Stormtrooper-related, but some of you may remember that @tdurden made a fan-film where he performed a Shakespeare soliloquy.  Well, it happens that C. Andrew Nelson used that same speech as a warm-up exercise when he did live theater.  So, hopefully here is a clip of two Vaders doing Shakespeare:


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31. Nickel City Comic Con, 30 June 2023

This con is practically in my backyard, but this is the first year that I've attended in any capacity.


A  picture with a fellow TK, honest:


This is TK-71600.  He didn't wear white that weekend, just his Groot, Mighty Thor, and a couple of Lego Batmans (Batmen?), but he did stop by to have some fun with us ;)



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33. Flower City Comic Con, 17 September 2023


Morning group shot:



Afternoon group shot:



Not too many good pictures (I missed it when we suddenly had two Vaders staring at each other), but -

I made a friend :D



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34. Hamilton Comic Con, 24 September 2023

34 troops as a TK, and Troop #50 overall!


Between scheduling conflicts and COVID, it's been four years since I got to troop this con, but the wait was worth it.

Pictures are going a little out order, but you'll see why.

Made a quick trip across the border to the Canadian Warplane Heritage museum, where the con is held.



Towards the end of the day, con guest Dmitrious Bistrevsky (who played Darth Vader in Kenobi) stopped by.  He had some fun with the Blast-a-Trooper (one-handed, dual-wielding, dual-wielding and joined by the Galactic Academy members ...), got a couple of patches from the Canadian Garrison, and took pictures with us.  I don't have a copy of the "normal" group photo, but here's the one he requested:

"Okay, everyone on this side is being Force-pushed, and everyone on this side is being Force-choked!"


That's me up on my tiptoes being Force-choked :D


He followed this with "You know how Yoda trained Luke to do handstands and use the Force?"

So he proceeded to do a handstand, then handstand splits, culminating with:



Now the regular con pics:

Obligatory Blast-a-Trooper (with good grouping):



This individual complimented our mutual color scheme:



With a fellow Disney employee:



The Canadians have really nice speeder bikes:



Group photos inside the de Havilland Canada DHC-5A Buffalo transport plane:


TKs only:


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36. The Strong National Museum of Play - In Another Galaxy, 5 November 2023

Our biggest troop of the year, with members of 4 (or was it 5) other Garrisons joining us.  I commuted back and forth each day, so I missed the after hours shenanigans, but we all had a lot of fun during the troop too.

Group shot for the beginning of Day 2 (Day 1 I wore my Death Watch and Snowie):


Day 2 was also the 501st Troops for one of our Tie Pilots and our resident R2, so:

Pilots and Droids only!


Backstage photobombing:


Obligatory Blast-a-Trooper shot:




A couple of bonus pictures from Day 1:



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37. Maker Faire Rochester, 17 November 2023


An enjoyable annual troop, although I do prefer Day 2 (general public) to Day 1 (school field trip day), which this was.

Pre-troop pictures as this was @andyman97's first troop as a TK:




Group shoots, but something's a little different:







@Manbehindthemask on important guard duty:




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21 hours ago, BAZINGA said:

Were you getting grilled in that photo booth area by the young guy?



No, he was one of the more polite ones, actually.

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