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My e11 build (Fieldmarshall kit)


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I've done the t-tracks. It wasn't easy and I stressed a lot. I used hot water and pliers to curve them. It works pretty good.

I followed mainly two tutorials :


Fieldmarshall e11


I've glued the t-tracks with cynolate glue. I shoud have used hot glue because cyanolate vapors made white stains on the paint between the t-tracks. I had to retouch paint.


Fieldmarshall e11


The result looks good. For a first time, I'm not disappointed. Not perfect but accurate. Will do better with the next blaster !:D


Fieldmarshall e11


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There are still some issues to be resolved especially with paint details, but I'm pretty happy to present you my blaster.

Still don't know if I'll do weathering.

It was a fabulous journey and I want to thank you all for your support and advices.


Fieldmarshall e11


Fieldmarshall e11Fieldmarshall e11


Fieldmarshall e11


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Congratulations on completing this outstanding blaster. :th_AnimatedBravoSmiley:

During the last years I followed a lot of resin builds. Although this is a totally different kit from aluminum, it was still one of the most interesting builds to watch. Your recent photos are jaw-dropping awesome and emphasize the quality of both, the kit and the builder. No worries about the T-tracks, they do look perfect - just like the rest of this beauty.


16 hours ago, Moussvroum said:

(...)   Still don't know if I'll do weathering.   (...)

I would say 'go for it' because it can really bring things to life. But if overdone, it can also mess up a nice build (just to consider this).


On 8/30/2019 at 10:27 PM, Moussvroum said:

(...)   Will do better with the next blaster !:D

In case that is not just a joke, I would be more than happy to see that being shared here in another build thread, David.


Now onto a very important thing for some of us: Would you mind telling us the weight of the final blaster?

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Wow! This is stunning! What a great build and I learned a lot from your postings. Sorry I haven't regularly checked in. The final product is amazing. Great job. Chris's effort to bring the community a super metal e-11 is not talk of tales anymore, it is actually here. Great to see more of these beasts ready for duty! Thanks so much for sharing the build!

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Great build! I myself just purchased a E-11 from Chris and am looking forward to finishing it. I got some great tips from this thread. Again, Great Job!

Kwc271, have loads of fun!


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