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New Old Guy's build thread - ESB Trooper


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Oh my gosh, that's exactly what I needed to hear!!!!  Awesome, thanks!  I have a torn tendon in my finger which is making it difficult, but I am working on it every day.  I SO want to troop!!

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Chest question - the neck cut out on mine is not a perfect U shape.  I am guessing this should be as perfect a U shape as possible, correct?  So, I should completely cut off the edges that I've pointed to in my photos, and have the chest plate lie flat so that I can re-shape the neck hole to a more uniform U shape?  https://imgur.com/a/sYx69

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Well, here's the thing - I'm a moron when it comes to building anything with my hands.  I'll do what's easier, and go with snaps/straps. I've written (very sloppily with a photo editing pen) a couple of my questions. Basically, do the snaps go on the return edge along the bottom of the chest? Because if they do, I'll have to leave some of that wrinkled plastic when I trim it - snaps would not fit on the return edge if I cut those wrinkly edges all the way off.  http://imgur.com/a/E3vMs

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So, the difference between ANH and ESB troopers?  Talking with a local trooper, he said it was definitely painting the helmet, rather than using decals (and different colored frown on the helmet), and the hand guards.  Any other differences?  I have ESB going, but I would rather be ANH.

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Follow what the CRL states:


ESB Helmet
*For 501st "basic" approval:
Traps (trapezoids on dome of helmet) and tears (area beneath the corners of eye lenses) are grey.
Rear traps and tears have vertical black lines.
Lenses are a flat smoke or green sufficiently dark enough to obscure the costumer's eyes.
The “ear” bars have three or four bumps and are painted grey, with a black outline. Painting the bumps with rank stripes (highlighted) in black is optional.
Frown is painted black and does not leave the teeth area. Eight or six total teeth on the frown are cut out.
Tube stripes are medium blue, should be 13 per side, but can be 9 and 16 per side with the curve bends extending backwards.
Vocoder (vertically ribbed chin detail) is painted black.
Aerators/Hovi mix tips (cylinders on either side of the vocoder) are black or painted black.
Tears, traps, and tube stripes should be decals but can be hand painted, or decals that replicate hand painted.
Mesh may be used behind the frown to obscure the face of the wearer.
Note: The helmet is accurate in detail and proportion to official references.
Many commercially available helmets or those considered disproportionate in size or shape are ineligible. 


*For level two certification (if applicable):
Ears shall have three screws used per side, one above and below the ear bar and one at the base of the helmet.
Traps/tears and tube stripes shall be decals (with the correct ESB details), no hand-painting or decals that replicate hand painted.
Traps/tears may be either ANH grey or a slightly bluer shade of ANH grey.
Ear bars shall have four bumps only, not three.
Correct 'Hovi mic' aerator tips.


*For level three certification (if applicable):
Ear bars shall have only two to three bumps painted in black (rank stripes).
Neck trim shall be of an s-type profile rather than a u-type profile.

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Switching to ANH.  I originally bought the ESB blaster.  I know the ANH is different, I think it just has a scope, where the ESB does not... maybe that's why the troopers in ANH actually hit something!  Anyway, should I look to trade it, or can it have the scope added on?

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ESB blaster has none of the following:

  • No ammo counter shall be present.
  • No power cylinders on the magazine housing.
  • For level 2
  • Sterling based blasters have the correct M-38 or M-19 style scope. (The M-19 scope is preferred.)

When ever in doubt check the CRL's





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Kidney plate question - the middle strip on my kidney plate goes straight up and down.  I see photos of others where that strip fans out, and the wide part goes on the bottom.  Mine is difficult to ascertain top and bottom.  I've labeled profile shots of mine, and I am thinking #2 is the correct way, since the bottom seems to curve out where the butt line starts.  Thoughts?  https://imgur.com/a/lI7wC

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In case anyone is in the market, the huge rolling Husky totes are on sale this weekend at Home Depot.  $10 off, down to $55.  SKU #896569  if you want to check on line if your local store has one.  I bought mine today - exciting stuff!

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