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  1. I thought I had access, but apparently not. Requesting access to the Merchandise section, as it keeps telling me I must be an approved member. My link: https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=29470
  2. I bought the VoiceBooster model 1505 from TK Systems on Amazon. It does have some feedback issues, but if I keep it at about a 4 out of 10 on the volume level, it's fine. Projects my voice pretty well, but it's a bit bulky since I made my armor pretty tight fitting. Otherwise, so far, so good with it.
  3. I think I am on the one you are referring to, yes. I've not been as active lately, since it's been very busy at school, and my activity has been designated to my local garrison since I'm involved in trooping almost every week through February - including EC-ing a hospital visit. Thanks for your concern!
  4. Hello fellow Imperials! I'm a relatively newly approved member, and with December being a quiet month, I was finally able to do two troops this month. Last weekend was my first major group troop at USA Hockey Night in Plymouth, MI. Here is what made my night so special!! This is from their Facebook page...
  5. Thanks, fellas! Actually, on my first couple troops here in Michigan winter, I've needed no fans - even indoors. It's going to be a high temperature of 1 degree Fahrenheit tomorrow.... one.... single... stinking... degree... air temperature, not even including wind chill. I used RainX anti-fog wipes, and absolutely no issues yet. I did get fans for when it gets warm here in about 18 months, but no issues yet.
  6. I do not get those options when I click on my imgur photos. I'll probably not be posting many more photos, anyway. Not a fan of the photo options on this site without using the app. Thanks, though.
  7. Oh, ok - I got it. I have to go to the "images" link first, not just my direct posts. Weird. I think I have it now:
  8. https://imgur.com/a/6LCpF9H
  9. Someone told me that before, maybe it was you, about the direct link option. I don't know how to do that. Is it something I do through imgur, or from here?
  10. Ha! You are correct, sir. You must either be from Michigan, or know someone who complains about it. We've actually had a very mild winter until recently. Activity has picked up, and I am Trooping pretty much every weekend now through February.
  11. Howdy fellas and ladies. Thank you all for your help in building my TK. I was approved around Thanksgiving, but Trooping events were slim pickin' around here (Detroit area) in December. I wanted to post a photo of my very first Troop. This is an event called Chilly Fest... no, unfortunately, not a chili cook off. It's an indoor/outdoor event in the Detroit, MI (USA) area for kids. I ended up the only TK to show up, due to the weather (I drove through a bad snowstorm, and my AT-AT was in the shop). I had a great time! The kids who weren't scared of us loved it A Merc was the only other 501st representative, but we made the best of it. Thanks again! https://imgur.com/a/o8GCCPH
  12. There was a public relations person there taking a lot of pics. She said she would e-mail some to me, but nothing yet - Christmas Eve, and all. I'll share some for sure when I get them
  13. Fortunately, the media never showed up. I was informed by some of the admins of my local garrison that media interviews are ok, with buckets off, and I was sent the list of do's and don't's about what to talk about. I'm glad they didn't show up, just to not have to deal with that, but I had an absolute blast! The responses by kids, adults, everyone was so awesome, and I know that being there in that fashion helped to spur more donations (it was for the Salvation Army). One guy even said, "Best bell ringer ever," and proceeded to put a $20 bill in the bucket right at the end.
  14. I like that suggestion, and I am going to try to get a spotter. As for the media, I am going to ask the Salvation Army PR person not to invite them, but I will see what I can do about being an event coordinator for future official troops in this area.
  15. Thank you! I have since exchanged some messages with our local garrison people, and this is ok to do. I was advised the same way about an interview, and even though I know what to say and what not to say, I will inform the PR director who was going to set it up that maybe it is best not to invite the media. I'm actually embarrassed about the attention, as I only wanted to help out, and maybe spur more donations being in my armor. It was never my intention to have such a fuss made about it, so I will ask them not to invite media, just to be on the safe side. On the other hand, I will tell the PR person that in the future, I'd be happy to do what I can to coordinate an official event. The idea of having a spotter is a good one, since it is difficult to see if someone is trying to steal the donation bucket. Thanks for all of the support
  16. Ok, thanks. I was worried about this. I didn't want to make a lot of noise about it, honestly. I'm trying to contact some local garrison people about it.
  17. I am newly approved, and I have a question about doing a troop on my own. I contacted my local Salvation Army to volunteer to be a bell ringer at a local grocery store in my armor (a bell ringer simply rings a Christmas bell near a public place, under the authority of our local Salvation Army, a charitable organization, to try getting people to donate cash for the needy). Anyway, they love the idea, so much so, that I was contacted by their public relations department, and they are asking the media to cover this. I had no intention of starting this kind of thing - I simply wanted to ring a bell for a couple hours, and turn in any donations I helped to collect. I want to honorably represent the 501st, of course. Are there any specific guidelines for me to follow in this situation? Also, I recall a recent e-mail with the totals of how much money the 501st helped to raise for charity this past year, but I can not find that information. Does someone have a link to that information? Thanks! Ron, TK-82611
  18. Yeah, I was quite frustrated to miss my first troop because of it. However, I just got it back on, and will just glue it down. Thanks.
  19. Since you mentioned getting to higher levels, maybe you can answer this - should I loosen the ear cover, and glue the tubing underneath? Sent from my LG-M322 using Tapatalk
  20. Yeah, I already had it on without glue, but it came off while transporting it. I'll have to glue it, but I was hoping Loctite was ok to use, since it will apply much cleaner through the small needle nose tube applicator. Sent from my LG-M322 using Tapatalk
  21. Poo. I couldn't troop in my first event today because the tubing came off my helmet. What's the best glue for that? (The tube lining around the base of the bucket). I am hoping it's something like a super glue/Loctite thing because the needle nose applicator would greatly help, rather than the globs of E6000... I guess the questions never stop, even though I'm officially in!
  22. Thanks, Cricket! Hey, I think you are the one who did a thread about using magnets to enclose the shins - is that correct? If so, can you link me to it? One of my friend's uses that method, and loves it. I'm hating the bra hook thing.
  23. I'm going on my first troop today, and this is a last minute question. I do not yet have a fan helmet, and it's going to be 50s and rainy here in Michigan. What's a good anti-fogging strategy? I'm seeing a Rain X anti fogging spray for glass - would this work on the TK helmet lenses?
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