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What to do?


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Hey gang! First post here! I've been lurking for a bit, trying to decide what to do?
My wife is giving me some goof off money from our tax returns, and I've decided to make a E-11 blaster.
Years and years ago, I had found a tutorial on how to make one out of wood and pvc, and I made not one, but two of them, and at least to me, they were pretty decent! One of the blasters I traded with a guy for a helmet, and I kept the other one and displayed it proudly.
But... tragedy struck one night, and my house burnt down. I lost practically everything, including that blaster!
So I've been bit with the creative bug again, and wanted to make another, but danged if I can find the templates anymore.
BUT... After coming here, I've seen a few of you modify either a Rubies, or Disney Parks, or a Hasbro, and my GOD they look fantastic!!! So now I have choices....

I could get the Rubies, seriously cheap, but it'd take a heck of a lot of work to get anywhere near accurate looking...
I could get a Disney Parks, a little more pricey, and it would STILL take a bit of work...
I could get a Hasbro, and with replacement parts out there, and a little work, again, it would look really nice!
Talking with a friend of mine in Chicago, who is in the 501st, he asked me why I didn't just get a Doopydoo? I hadn't heard of this before, and looked it up.. GAH! So there is even more of a choice, the E-11 kit, cast off a real Sterling! This would be even closer to accurate.
In the end, it'll just be displayed up on a shelf, but I kinda like the fact, with either the Disney or Hasbro blasters, there'd be that "pew pew" and lights! Whilst the Rubies, and even the Doopydoo one would just be a static prop. My friend suggested putting in a sound board and such, but oh BOY do I suck at electronics!!! I mean HORRIBLY!
Money is a bit of a stickler, as I only have 100.00 to devote to this project. I can afford any one of these things, but no more than that. If money was no option, I'd get a Hasbro, or Disney, and toss in the electronics into a Doopydoo kit.
So I am stuck on the fence, trying to decide which one I'd want to get. I don't mind, and to tell the truth, would probably enjoy modding a Hasbro or Disney, even perhaps a Rubies, but that would be severe!
So lemme ask you... Which of the two, the Disney, or the Hasbro, in your honest opinion, would be the better? Sound, lights, accuracy?
Like I said, I could afford the entire kit from Doopydoo, or I could afford a parts kit from him, and either a Disney or Hasbro (and have the pew pew!!!). I welcome any and all opinions!

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With your pricing I would either do a pipe build from scratch or get a Hasbro and a doopy doo's add on kit.


Really depends on how accurate you want it to look, I went the extra yards with my Hasbro build, I cut off the barrel and replaced with the right length pipe, drilled out all the holes and added T track, a high bright led really shines well through those holes in the barrel and easy to connect to most blaster electronics.


It's nice to have Hasbro electronics but you can also tear some out of a cheap $5 toy blaster found at most cheap shops or ebay.


Adding an amp jack which can run to an aker amp helps them to be heard at large conventions nicely.


Lots of build threads and templates can be found in the blaster build sections.

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The Doopydoos resin kit makes for a really nice end product, especially if you go the extra mile and do some cheap, simple mods, like adding steel hex bolts, make a spring, inner barrel, etc. That would be my choice if it was for a display ;)

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Hello Mark, welcome to FISD. I have Disney Park E-11.  I spray painted it black and use it for trooping. It comes with light and sound. The kids will love it when you handed it to them. For size, it is about 90% smaller than resin Doopy Doos. Looks good on a kid, but look out of scale with full grown stormtrooper.  I'll see if I can find a comparison photo. It is definitely lighter than a resin doopy doos. In term of accuracy, it does not have the charging capacitor. Also the folding stock is fully molded to the plastic.


Also as alternative, you can also look into Hyperfirm E-11. They made from hard rubber.

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For can certainly go with the Doopydoos, but be prepared to "hurry up and wait".  Shipping for these can take up to 7 weeks, but you will receive it.  If you have a little extra, I would definitely go for T-jay's E-11 finishing kit which will take it to crazy accuracy:  http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/28444-fs-completion-sets-for-e-11-resin-kits-with-worldwide-insured-shipping-and-paypal/

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Thanks for the input guys! I really appreciate it!
So chances are, I am going to go with the full resin kit. I'm always the type of guy who can't leave well enough alone, so I will go the extra mile to add things that will make this as accurate as possible! Granted, the average joe off the street sees this, and they won't know one thing from another, but I will, and that's what counts!

Thanks again all!

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