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CTID's RWA-ANH Stunt WIP...... 501st Here we go!

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Keep it up brother - almost there!!!

That reminds me that I have to redo my TD - cheers!



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Yeah, just waiting on my holster and then I can put in for clearance! Been a long journey since my FX rebuild. Which, my son has inherited and loves. His new lid kit arrived today (which means losing that oversized fx bucket) so he will be embarking on his first building experience in a couple of weeks!

Ignore the wire from my mic as I have fixed my wireless system since!





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This how I do mine, I found it a hell of a lot easier than using an hammer :)







You are a wizard. Is there a Billhag illustration thread somewhere that I missed? This one is new to me. If not it would be amazing to have.


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Ok, so the TK is all done. Time to move onto the trunk. Thanks to Kev, for letting me know about this 145 litre storage trunk. A bargain at £16!




As most, I wanted to customise it and improve upon the boring black.

I've heard a lot of stories about paint not quite bonding to the plastic and chipping. So, I decided that paint would not be best for me. I have gone with self adhesive PVC. Not sure if anyone else has used this method before.

Anyway, I am starting with the lid




I placed the PVC over the top, then with the help of a hairdryer, began forming the softened PVC around the detail. A soft cloth helps to get those bubbles out. There were still some bubbles which came back, but I will attend to them once the detail is trimmed out.






Once I was happy enough with the fitting I began to trim. Here's where I'm upto. I'm really happy with how its going, and any imperfections can be dealt with once fully trimmed.







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