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Star Wars Battlefront: Phase 0 Darktrooper

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Hey all I am working on a phase 0 darktrooper suit from Battlefront 1 and 2. I really like this design been wanting to make one for ages. I've got a build thread on the rpf that I will be updating regularly. Anyone interested please have a look here:



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This brings back memories!

If you offered this as a kit sometime in the future, you could consider me a buyer.

Hey Solids cool man I'm going to be vac forming everything so e I'd bhappy to sort out a kit for you. Yeah I thought it was one of the more successful stormtrooper variants out there. I think the captured a good look; still stormtroopery enough to look like a stormtrooper but something new. Ok mate be in touch when I've got a prototype out



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Ok I jumped on this and  ordered a kit from Oota Goota,  I will use my videogame style boots with this armor,  I am ready to help to make the CRL with my local GML,  I think we have enough references in the videogame,  what is the exactly process to make the CRL for new characters? 


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1 hour ago, crow62 said:

what is the exactly process to make the CRL for new characters? 

New to the Legion Costumes

This page describes how a "New to the Legion" costume is added to the membership database.

  1. The applicant submits a costume to his/her GML that does not currently exist in the Legion Membership Database.
  2. The GML posts the costume to the GML forum, in the New to the Legion / No CRL topic.
  3. LMO, DL and GML review the costume and determine whether it is eligible for inclusion. This review includes:
    • Validity of the costume (i.e. Does it meet the character approval guidelines)
    • Is the execution of the costume of sufficient quality for inclusion in the Legion
  4. Once the costume is deemed acceptable, the member will be instructed to work with the detachment to create the CRL
  5. When the detachment is satisfied with the CRL, it will go to the LMO for review.
  6. When the LMO approves the CRL, the new costume will be added to the membership database




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