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  1. Hey all more updates on the rpf if you're over here and not there http://www.therpf.com/showthread.php?t=263170&page=4
  2. made a fair bit of progress with this. Just the faceplate to go and I should have a prototype done. all my progress pics are on the rpf if you want to see more shots of bogging and sanding
  3. Hey Solids cool man I'm going to be vac forming everything so e I'd bhappy to sort out a kit for you. Yeah I thought it was one of the more successful stormtrooper variants out there. I think the captured a good look; still stormtroopery enough to look like a stormtrooper but something new. Ok mate be in touch when I've got a prototype out Cheers oota
  4. Hey all I am working on a phase 0 darktrooper suit from Battlefront 1 and 2. I really like this design been wanting to make one for ages. I've got a build thread on the rpf that I will be updating regularly. Anyone interested please have a look here: http://www.therpf.com/showthread.php?t=263170&p=4016541#post4016541
  5. Hey there thanks! No it's based off the Jes statute and to a smaller degree the action figure. But it's basically my take on what female stormtrooper armour might look like in the OT era. There are a few kits out there now but I don't think it'll ever get approval cheers!
  6. gah sorry missed this post. Yup it's tamsyn who's making the bucket
  7. Thanks Neoakaj I think it's still Tk enough to look like a stormtrooper. My mates making a black one soon so we'll see how it looks complete
  8. Helmet! Here's a first go at the helmet. There's no real template to follow here other than "make it look like a tk" So I'm pretty happy with the results. This one was a bit franken-bucket at the back but I have fixed that. Also I think the face plate could be a bit lower and flatter to the bucket. I really like the scoops they do what I wanted them to: help keep the side tubes big enough and provide a more pinched look to the face. The hardest part I found now is getting a decent picture of what I'm looking at! C and C welcome as always
  9. subscribed! How's this going Hell worker? It's a beautiful build!
  10. yeah it's a tricky one. The boots add a lot of height which helps elongate the figure but yeah if you were running around shooting at rebels you'd probably want something flatter!
  11. She sure did the armour seems to be fitting a few different body types so far woot!
  12. Hey all a few more pics over on the rpf http://www.therpf.com/showthread.php?t=206571&page=3
  13. thanks very much everyone for the replies. The t track pieces are surprisingly short, about 150mm on one side of the strap ring and 200mm (ish) on the other. I'll follow up any and all leads and post pics as I go cheers!
  14. hi all apologies if this has been covered before. I have search the forum I promise Can anyone please tell me the best t track for a dlt? Is it the same as the e11? Cheers and thanks oota
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