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  1. Eric, the chunky boots that I make must to be changed the sole, the injected soles are not more in the market, I am making the soles handcraft, I am using rubber sole antislip,here some pics, is possible eliminate the term rugged for the soles? Here the pics of the new chunky boot, more job, more beatiful:
  2. Ok I jumped on this and ordered a kit from Oota Goota, I will use my videogame style boots with this armor, I am ready to help to make the CRL with my local GML, I think we have enough references in the videogame, what is the exactly process to make the CRL for new characters? Gio
  3. Thanks, Boots test pair sent to a fellow TK in my Garrison for feedback, if is needed I will make more taller
  4. I remake the design and now the boot looks correct, what do you think? FINAL RESULT: Only left clean, give shin, pics session and will up to my website crowprops
  5. After some suggestions of you guys I made some changes, the elastic section is more up now, check how you can put a feet with big instep due the elastic. I know is not so tall but that is the reason will be more cheaper cause the saving on leather, the leather still being thick and soft, look the other angles:
  6. Thanks so much the sizes, I will make the changes today, I hope to show the new pair tonight Gio
  7. Thanks, about the Vs, avoid the wrinkles in the instep, this make more cheaper the manufacturing YES, I can redesign the elastic position to a more up position, no problem
  8. UPDATE: work in progress is finished and this is the result, I think you will like them: Hello, I am making shoes under request for hard to find sizes over 6 years, I think I am ready to jump to the TK boots stage, I wanted to make a soft, genuine leather and cheap option, I readed the CRL and I think my design complies with the requeriments. I am sure will work with the basic level and may be to the other levels, thats why I am posting here to hear the authorized opinions about. In the specs we have: - Rubber Soles - Genuine Leather - White elastic
  9. Sly11 or other bro, I need to change or make this fixing i my iCOMM, I have a camera rechargeable lithium battery 3.7v 900mAh, the original battery is 3.6v, could be burned the iCOMM board using the 3.7V batt? Thanks in advance Gio
  10. Eric, thanks for your efforts, please check the CRL, the statue boots version is the low heel (Version A) Boot pics and description are in wrong order. Girls are ordering statue version to Kevin to use with chunky boots, thats wrong, statue version use low heels
  11. More news, past week I was looking for a shinny fabric to make the undersuit, I found this fabric layered with chromed finishing and I decide to make a Phasma boot too and here the boot finished: I am retaking the undersuit project, I will up more pics soonely Cheers
  12. Captain Phasma will have a CRL like an stormtooper too?
  13. The low heel boots looks a low quality, may be work this removing the background:
  14. There is a propmaker in TRPF forum making a good blaster replica
  15. OK, I respect your criterion but is not the only, this is a group and the CRL will be made by a group not by a single person. If you think my boots dont fill your expectatives, with all respect I am sorry
  16. Are you going to make this question in all my posts? I answered in my sales thread that I don´t not use injected soles for this model, I use rubber sole and eva for cushion, the accurate term is relative, by example in the TCW boot, I made 100% accurate in the beginning, this is 9 strips horizontally in the sole, in ergonomy mostly of the weight in the human body is in the talon, so the back 2 strips tear easily in the trooping work, so I decided to redesign and make a heel instead the strips in the talon section, about my artisan sole instead the used by the movie makers or anovos is just c
  17. This boots pic close up is from the Armors used in the movie TK Flametrooper and Finn uses the same boot (Finn added a leather portion in the instep) Gio
  18. I saw someone in FB making his blaster design, I am going to recheck Now about the Ep7 boots, just to let you know the sales thread is ready: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/31184-ep7-stormtrooper-flametrooper-boots-for-sale-under-your-own-sizes/
  19. OK Jason and fellows, please go here to order your boots: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/31184-ep7-stormtrooper-flametrooper-boots-for-sale-under-your-own-sizes/ I can keep going with the undersuit design now Cheers Gio
  20. Boots Ep7 made!! please check my WIP thread http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/29296-stormtrooper-ep-vii-undersuit-neck-seal-and-boots-wip/ Same boot for flametrooper. Cheers Gio
  21. Just to let you know, boots are done (pics were taked just out of the lasts, need to clean, paint and more) Gio
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