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  1. I checked spam and tried two different email addresses. I must have asked to resend the confirmation about five times yesterday and twice today. Coincidentally, I just received two emails about it now, lol. Maybe an admin had to manually send it.
  2. I tried creating an account for their forums but there is no validation email, no matter what I try. It's been over 24 hours, am I being impatient? I would love to start looking into a clone trooper armor kit
  3. I really don't think any of them are going to be comfortable. It also depends how you build it. I spent months after I built my suit tweaking it to fit me better. Small things like trimming a tiny bit more return edge. Or installing foam in a specific place. I had to open my thighs up at one point because I realized I lined the angle up in a weird way causing it to be smaller at the top then it should have been. In the long run though I can now sit down, kneel (Never on the sniper knee plate, don't want that popping off) run, take stairs with ease, etc. The only thing I don't really like is the limited vision. I can't look down, the chest armor stops the helmet from making this movement. The lowest I can look is about five feet from my own feet. I have two fans in my helmet and honestly, I can wear this thing all day. I've walked around cons for four or five hours at a time and it felt like nothing.
  4. During my build, I found myself in joannes fabric more than any other store. Between elastics, webbing, glue, velcro and the foam they tended to have everything. The coupons they have are really nice too. The walmart near me was hit or miss on what they stocked, unfortunately.
  5. http://store.voicebooster.com/steren-voicebooster-wireless-headset-tie-clip-microphone-kit/ This is what I use and it's been working great for me. I had to disassemble the casing over the transmitter so it could fit better in the helmet though. I have it wrapped in a plastic bag to protect it.
  6. I second the idea that the holes look too big (And also using a heat source to melt the edges). I made mine just small enough to force the snap stem through, then pounded the hell out of it to close it tight. Since the elastic stretches, if the hole is too big, it stretches over the snap and it pops out. The only problem I ever had was my right side shoulder that popped out mid troop. Doubling up the elastic or sewing webbing on will re-enforce the snap plate. Also, don't pull on the elastic to pop the snap off, try to dig your fingernail or thumb into the snap to disconnect it.
  7. I have had this problem too and it's extremely frustrating. One workaround I have used: google. If you type in what you're searching for then end it with site:whitearmor.net, it will do a search but only on whitearmor.net. The same goes for any website you type in, it only searches the specified website. For instance: ATA armor site:whitearmor.net I had to use it to research ab buttons, AM 2.0 builds, looking for ear information, etc, etc.
  8. Very cool, thanks guys. The knee pack slips all the time, I was thinking of using a magnet or velcro to hold it up but I guess E6000 is the simpler fix, lol. I'll shave down the cover strips too, shouldn't be a big deal to do.
  9. Since I'm still waiting to hear back from my garrison to be approved for 501st status, I figured I'd show what I have and see what I might need to fix for EIB and Centurion. Armor - AM 2.0 Helmet - AM 2.0 Blaster - E-11 - Hyperfirm DLT-19 - Diamond State Props Height - 6'2" Weight 215 Lbs. Boots - TK Boots size 13 Canvas Belt - TKittell Hand Plates - justjoseph63 Neck Seal - Darman Holster - Darman
  10. Good deal, thanks for the help. When making my armor I wanted a lot of mobility too, especially being able to kneel down to take pictures with the kids or people in wheel chairs, etc. I get pretty bad rashes and scrapes behind the knee, but I tweak the suit after every con. Here's hoping I'll get my TK number soon!
  11. Alright, thanks guys! If the strapping layout/looks hardly matter (Outside of obvious mistakes, like using white elastic!) why show off the pictures? Just so you guys can get an overall look at the armor? I installed an elastic stirrup to the shins with velcro so I can adjust the height. I might have made the bottom of the shins too narrow/tight so they ride up real easy and scratch the boots. Hopefully the stirrup will help. But overall I'm happy with the armor. I can walk up and down stairs with ease and didn't really cut away the back of the thighs and I can even sit. I go down and get up like a pregnant woman but still, I can do it!
  12. I see for Centurion you need to submit an interior strapping picture. Can anything be messed up with someones strapping that it causes someones eligibility to be held back? I was pretty messy on the inside when building my armor and it really looks like crap, especially the arms and thighs. The glue has turned a translucent black from sweating through my undersuit, I have sharpie and pencil writings all over from when I was measuring. It really looks bad. The torso is fairly clean, just some of the strapping is a bit frayed. I still haven't even sent pictures in for 501st approval yet, heh, but if there's something I can fix now, I'd rather do it now.
  13. I have a finished costume, have not sent pictures to anyone. I tried to build it to centurion standards but I'm sure it needs a few tweaks here and there. I picked my five numbers but forgot what they were, heh. When I sent the application in it said I would be contacted for a picture request, I wasn't aware I needed to send them on my own.
  14. I put in a 501st application months ago but have not heard anything back, how long does it usually take and how do I see the status of my application?
  15. I had the same thing. Looking at screencaps though, it seems some costumes had both arms with a bend on the inside, some, only one. I ended up cutting a U shape into the straight forearm piece, for asymmetry and moveability. I did a ton of research before my build and it seems most of it was useless when I actually got my kit. I had to do things I saw no one else do, or what someone else did, did not work for me at all. My biggest help was using actual screen caps from the movie. I found there's actually a lot of contradictory "evidence" on these forums (such as the button count on the forearms). Although, I didn't make a build thread, so I'm sure your experience will be a lot different.
  16. Still no box yet? I remember when I ordered my AM 2.0 kit last year, there were two or three delays. It was worth the wait though. Nice E-11. Is that what you plan on trooping with?
  17. This forum doesn't seem set up to upload pictures properly, the maximum file size allowed is too small for even one picture basically. It's best if you use a dedicated picture host and link the pictures to here. Sites such as photobucket or, what I prefer to use, imgbox are pretty good.
  18. I have an ATA helmet and an AM 2.0. The ATA is really tight, I can barely put it on or take it off. The AM 2.0 is better, I have some fans, batteries and an amp in it and it is still more roomy than the empty ATA. I'm looking to start a sandtrooper and as I already completed an AM 2.0 kit, I would like to see how other kits differ. Between the armor I'm looking at, how does the RT and TM helmet compare to the AM 2.0 helmet?
  19. For anyone else wondering, I got in contact with him a couple days ago. Sounds like his next batch is in two months time, got myself on the waiting list.
  20. Does the plastic have ridges from the printing or did he do that acetone vapor thing to smooth it all out? I'd be interested but I wouldn't want the ridges to be showing and certainly don't intend to sand all those parts.
  21. Did you glue the pipes on, or let them stay there by friction? Wondering how you would tighten the screws if they became loose from moving the limbs around.
  22. For the teeth, I used the small sanding drum bits for the dremel and sanded the spaces down from the inside. Then I finished the edges with small files and sand paper. Looking good so far though!
  23. I don't know I'd call it a killing. According to paypal 1 USD = 0.73 GBP. I don't remember what it was before the crash though, so maybe it's more in my favor than it was.
  24. Thanks for the heads up, the shipping is a killer to the states. As much as my base order itself, ouch.
  25. Oh, I definitely could have taken her. It took all my self control to not raise her above my head, screaming like a tusken raider in front of everyone. Just to show dominance, you know. And I did narrowly miss someone as I was un-holstering my E-11 for a picture.
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