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FOUND: Awesome Wall-Mount Hooks for Your Blaster of Choice!


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Hey all:


I'm still waiting for armor to arrive, and while I do, I've tried to hone my assembly skills by working on a few different blasters. Between a Rubie's E-11 Conversion, a Disney E-11 conversion, a DoopyDoos/T-Jay build, a poor-man DLT-19 (from the 2008 Clone "Build a Blaster"), and a Disney DL-44 conversion (just for fun), I'm coming to realize that I have several blasters I'm going to want to display.


Bookshelf space isn't gonna cut it, so I did some research, trying to figure out a good way to wall-mount all my blasters. But I have several requirements of a wall-mounting solution:


- It must not scratch the blaster

- It must allow the blaster sufficient space away from the wall to fit

- It must not be ugly/overly obvious

- It must not be overly expensive

- It must be easy for me to take the blaster down or put it back up


And while perusing Amazon, I found these:




These are guitar hooks, designed to mount a guitar on the wall without damaging it. Each mount has two foam-padded prongs that extend about 5" from the wall and can be rotated into any position. And they hold that position, unless your blaster is excessively heavy. They're not flexible, they just rotate 360 degrees. Because of this, they are very forgiving about positioning for odd-shaped items. You can also squish the two prongs together so that they are like a single large prong.


They do come with standard screws and weak drywall anchors, but I decided to go out and get better anchors and black screws, so that the mounting hardware would be less visible. I made sure to get screws that are a little bit longer than the anchor's screws, because of the thickness of the hook mount (1-1/4" was enough):




I mounted them 10" apart and leveled them vertically to each other, not caring about the shape of the blaster. Just to see how they would handle it.








Surprisingly well! Yes, I know that an E-11 wants to "roll over", but these hooks allow me to compensate for that.


I then tried an alternate configuration that I like better. Now the blaster doesn't want to roll at all:






Much more stable and attractive, in my opinion. I just ordered a bunch more for the rest of my blaster projects.


They come in single packs at $3 each:



They come in 2-packs at around $5.35 ($2.68/ea):



They come in 3-packs for around $6.50 ($2.17/ea):



They come in 4-packs for around $7.65 ($1.91/ea!!!!):



I really recommend these hooks, they allow the blaster to "float" off the wall. The shadow effect can be quite striking:




Will repost here when I've finished all my blasters. :)





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Yeah, exactly, me too. I was thinking of some sort of shelf with a stand. This is kind of the stand without the shelf. :)


It's not perfect, you still see non-blaster structures, but it's close. And in real life, it's a lot more clear where the blaster is separate from the mounts. I recommend a trial at least. That's what I did, and it's why I'm buying more. Lots more. 



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I ordered several of these and in my haste to get my blasters off the table and onto the wall, I didn't line up the mounts very well and the blasters are farther apart than I wanted. But at least they are displayed and out of the way now. Just need to finish up my Doopydoo's build and add it to the wall.



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Nice. They look good to me. The placement of the pauldron rocks.


I also couldn't wait, so I mounted what I had:




Don't judge me; I'm from San Diego. The frame is rich mahogany.  ;)


My plans are also for a poor man DLT-19 to go across the top and a converted Disney DL-44 to be opposite the top E-11 (posting that build soon).



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Yes, definitely. The prongs are stiff and hold their position. You can use them either to "grip" your gun, or to support them underneath. There is a small chance an unbalanced gun might want to tip over to the side, but even my heavy, lopsided, weighted Rubie's E-11 can easily be made not to tip over if I position the hooks just right.


I tried a bunch of my kids' toy guns just to see how versatile they really are:




They're even good for holding lightsabers in a vertical configuration:




I'm still very impressed and highly recommend these hooks.



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This awesome thread needed a 7 year bump! I was trying to find something good to get my blasters off of tables with and google provided me with this thread. Thanks @Astyanax !!!


The amazon product link still works. Prices have gone up a bit, but mine came out to about $3 each. A bargain IMO.



Rock solid. No tipping, rolling, or wobbling.  That Jawa blaster is just shy of 7 lbs. These hooks have no problems supporting that kind of weight.



My stairway landing nook is cozy AND well armed. :D

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Thanks - that's a really nice display and I may get one too soon.

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