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I'm 5'4 help?

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she had the exact same issue as you. Made proper modification for her height and one of the best finished trooper armor i have seen. She used Luke Skywalker as the trooper look since he was depicted as a "short trooper" in the films as well.


hope this helps.

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Greetings Wendy, and welcome!!


I see both threads that I was going to link you to have already been shared with you here, so yeah... Diana and Ericia. Follow those two, do your research, ask questions as you go. You'll be alright.


That's the best advice I can give you, as I'm not a little short for a Stormtrooper myself. :D

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G'day Wendy, welcome aboard.

You are in good hands here, plenty of support when you need it and as everyone has stated, ask lots of questions.

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Hi Wendy, both myself and my wife Kathy (Ciderqueen) are also 5ft 4in and chose AP armour which we found to be very good quality and relatively easy to build.  It is also comfortable to wear. :)

I have put links to our Expert Infantry threads for you in case you find it useful. :)





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