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  1. i see some rubies buckets on amazon, i do have tfa stormtrooper,which is not bad. how is the captain phasma and the tie pilot just for display pieces. cheers troopers
  2. i just looked and they sell an accesorie kit but i did not see just s-trim. sorry
  3. when i did my build, i took a little off then test fit, then again because you cant put it back on if you cut to much. take your time its not a race...good choice on the bucket walt makes great stuff.
  4. yes,definately needs to be cleaned up. look at referance photos.
  5. I collect buckets on a budget and i was wondering if the rubies captain phasma makes a good display piece.
  6. do a lot of research before you do anything and good luck
  7. just google shadowtrooper black series by hasbro, not sure how to post pics.
  8. I recently aquired a shadowtrooper black series, its not a bad helmet for a display piece. just wondering what other members think. take care troopers
  9. very cool, where is the ape mask from
  10. looks good so far..and cutting yourself is part of the initiation..welcome.
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