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  1. We are going the last weekend. June 12-14. Unsure if I will go in costume or not. Depends on how well my husband can manage a 3 month old and 2 year old at Disney, by himself haha or at least the 2 year old. I couldn't imagine going to Disney without her.
  2. Aw c'mon, let me have a guess. I have a good mommy intuition.
  3. Well thanks. There are several pages of awesome nickname stories!
  4. It's my first name spelled backwards... Ericia -> Aicire I am too lame to come up with something creative lol
  5. Or perhaps we will only have to have visable areas ribbed. Easier to create ribbed sleeves for the knees, elbows, shoulders, etc... Than an entire suit......
  6. I really favored the washed out color of the xwing pilots. Def gave it an OT feel.
  7. Ribbed underarmor/under suit. Oh boy lol
  8. I dont think the helmet looks bad................... but really. Bubble lenses? Really?!!?!? lol
  9. ^^^^^ I am 5'2'' and I also have AP.
  10. Hi Wendy. Just wanted to follow up here after speaking with you earlier. We will get you into the perfect set of armor and help guild you to an outstanding build
  11. I am 5'2''. I always respond with "I am Luke Skywalker, and I am here to save you Princess" as I point to them. Once they realize I am a girl, they start laughing and apologize. As far as those comments go on pictures... I always say that whoever is pictures with me is abnormally tall and I am of average height.... Yeah, that Jawa, shes actually 6ft, so of course we look the same size ;-)
  12. ^ Aaron is right. I am a similar size I am 5'2'' and I most def have a feminine figure lol so much that my rear plate cannot contain my bottom..... seriously, I just split my thigh last weekend LOL but its repaired. Always double up reinforcement on your shims. All in all... here are a list of my modifications to make this AP armor fit my 5'2'' frame Trimmed a small amount off the bottom of the shins. Removed two or three inches off the top of the thighs while following the curvature of the armor. Add tapered cover strips to the back of my thighs since I have a wider bottom than most men lol Trimmed an inch off the kidney Trimmed two inches (one inch on both sides) length wise from the biceps and still had to overlap them significantly Trimmed an inch and half from the end of the forearm and added foam inserts. Trimmed the hand plates to fit my hands exactly Separated the cod from the abs, removed an inch and put it back together with abs paste and epoxy Add shims to the abs to meet the kidney flush.
  13. ^ Theyre a really easy build! I have two sets myselft that I am working on. One TK and one TD. Good luck!
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