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  1. We are going the last weekend. June 12-14. Unsure if I will go in costume or not. Depends on how well my husband can manage a 3 month old and 2 year old at Disney, by himself haha or at least the 2 year old. I couldn't imagine going to Disney without her.
  2. Ha! I was going to comment on the steps as well... I cant imagine the effort it took to get to those locations for pictures. Youre awesome!
  3. Aw c'mon, let me have a guess. I have a good mommy intuition.
  4. Aahhhhh. HAHAHAHA that's hilarious. I won last time when he had the twins. I was off by a couple hours lol
  5. Well thanks. There are several pages of awesome nickname stories!
  6. It's my first name spelled backwards... Ericia -> Aicire I am too lame to come up with something creative lol
  7. Ha! I actually own two set's of his kid TK's.............. I am just super lame and I have not built them yet. YET! Now that I have a nice start to my own little clone army (two kids) and I can focus on getting back into my TK, and work on building those kid kits and my biker scout.
  8. Decided to have a baby instead of going to C7. This is Charley Ann in my AP lid. Eternal Armory custom made the Imperial cog for the headband. Rees Photography to thank for the newborn session.
  9. Or perhaps we will only have to have visable areas ribbed. Easier to create ribbed sleeves for the knees, elbows, shoulders, etc... Than an entire suit......
  10. I really favored the washed out color of the xwing pilots. Def gave it an OT feel.
  11. Ribbed underarmor/under suit. Oh boy lol
  12. I dont think the helmet looks bad................... but really. Bubble lenses? Really?!!?!? lol
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