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Giving a Jedi Robe Kit What It Deserves...Death Trooper!

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Overall I think this suit looks pretty good.  You've done a nice job beating the heck out of it, and the weathering is nicely-done as well.  It could use a bit more of a greenish tint to everything.  Other than that, the only thing I really see is perhaps the thighs could be brought-in a bit to better fit.  I really dig the exposed drop box innards.

Thanks Todd, that means a lot coming from you bud! Yes, I am color deficient ( color blind ) not horrible, but red and green are the two hardest for me to see. Earlier in the thread you'll see that I had it green, way too green, but it was cool. Then I toned it back and used the colors suggested by my GML. I know it's far from perfect, but, not bad for the JR kit.


It was fun. The holster on the right side is one of the things my GML picked out. One other thing. Any guesses ?

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The only other things that really stand out is the size of the ab buttons and the round (rivet?) markings on the chest and abdomen that seem oversized.

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He mentioned the Ab buttons earlier in the build, but they are right at 1/2" almost 15/32" lol. Remember the is the Jefi Robe kit.


The spots on the ides is wher I sanded the other colors off and over the process they became very visible. It doesn't bother me, and just adds to the texture and detail.


Good guess though.lol

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Oh man, well it's been a crazy year, but low and behold I have brought this Bastard kit back from the dead to be now APPROVED into the 501st Legion. Yes sir we brought this originally unapprovable costume up to standards and I have to say.... That was a lot of work. I would not recommend Jedi Robe to anyone for anything.... Well except a real Jedi robe, they make those ok for about 35£...


So, in the process of bringing the kit up for approval, I also brought in a new recruit, my son , James Hill, DTK 92193 , very proud and happy to have spent the last year working together. Thanks to all you other troopers who have helped knowingly and unknowingly. Thanks to the staff of this detachment and of course to the 501st legion staff as well. Troopers helping troopers, very cool thing to be a part of. I would also like to thank my Garrison, the Carolina Garrison , and especially my GML , Thomas Gardner, for all the frantic emails and questions late into the night. You really helped me stay on this project until it was complete, and I appreciate all your inspiration.


Thanks guys, this was a great Christmas present for me and my boy !

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