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Giving a Jedi Robe Kit What It Deserves...Death Trooper!

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Found this earlier in the thread.


It's a recast of an FX. FX recasted the GF1. Sp it's pretty much a recast of a recast loll.


As for the helmet, it's a SDS recast.



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Yeah, it is crazy how far some of them take these things... This armor, although it is pretty thick abs, that feels nice to work with, we will see how it holds up over time.


Recasted, meh, this will be fun to do to this kit. Lol.

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No turning back now, bashing out the face plate.IMAG3409_zpsd0ab8779.jpg




Bashed out the eye, and part of the lens. that should be the only area you see the Zombie in, i will use a contact lens and a little Black make up.


The hose with the wires hanging with mic tip is just taped in to mock up the details. Thinking of adding some type of outer hose as well as some foam insulation. 


Any Feedback?


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Thanks Matt , I am going to be putting in another hose around the one I have in here, to cover up a bit more of the opening. Add a few more wires hanging. The paint is really going to set this kit off.

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Ok, so here are a few pictures of the armor coming back together. I must say this has been a fun and rewarding experience. slow going, but still fun.











making drop box covers, and adding circuit board




some texture and detail prior to base coloring. 









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Excellent! Always great to see more dead troopers walking. Hmm... that would be a fun name for a sub-unit or something. Or a patch. Someone make a patch of that ;)


"The Trooping Dead"? :). Build is looking great.

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Ok, Finally at a point where we can see where this thing is going. here are some progress photos. still need to upgrade the boots, neck seal, and add some more layers of filth. 





Forgot to paint one boot... Always something... 
























Long way from this...




So, Any Suggestions? :0Lighten:

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The CRL's do say "Should be aged white with some areas having a drab olive greenish and yellowed tint."  I can see where the problem may be. I think it looks cool but definitely get some green on there.

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Have you done an acrylic ink wash on it yet? A black wash should mute the colors more.

Hopefully this week, I did sand away some of the blues, and am just looking for the time to knock it out.

Thanks guys for the feed back and support.

Maybe I can still redeem this bastard creation.


We really get great feed back in town, and at conventions. Just want this thing to be radical in everyone's eyes.


Thanks again, Joseph , Brian , and Morten....

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