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Trooper from Hell or Germany [*TM]

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My Incinerator Trooper!


Sry for my bad english, i use a Translator.



That although only the helmet, but I'm starting to ever.
In April I ordered the helmet with Paul because he had injured his wrist but I got the kit only last Friday.


The box looks pretty bad, but when I come back later on.



On Friday I got everything unpacked and took a photo to show paul this is the packet there. the postman came when my family and I go away for a day.
So I've not looked at things after unpacking.
was pretty nervous when I finally did get the package.


On Saturday evening we arrived back home.

I then started with the helmet, because I then noticed a ridge and the helmet is pretty bulky.




I talked directly with Paul about it and showed him that.
On monday so i will go to the postoffice and make a complaint.
And apply for compensation for damage.
The only thing I could do up to now is the mask.
Now he can already see and breathe





'll Soon tell from my construction of the flame pitcher.
but I will tell you about the status of helmes if I have a new one.






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You may want to post here about your work ?We have a german section where you can ask for help and infos.

I'm sure Paul will help you out with your problem at the helmet.






du kannst auch hier in dem Bereich posten.Das ist ein deutscher Bereich hier im Forum.

Wenn du Hilfe brauchst, kannst du da auch um Rat fragen.

Das mit dem Helm hinten ist schade, aber ich bin sicher Paul wird dir da weiterhelfen und gegenbenfalls Ersatz schicken.

Edited by Turrican

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Your box was better then my box: 



i was laughing when i came to the post office but when the box was brought to me i was quite shocked :)

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Whoa heck! Did the box fall off the back of the plane?

I look forward to reading how the rest of your German build goes :]

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wow this is a big crash in your box.


it must go on even without helmet first.
mask now with tips and color first.





today came the basis for the flamethrower.




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so back to the topic.
last week has finally arrived, the new helmet.
and once the box is damaged.
well noted and taken photos.
after unpacking the first helmet checks
thankfully no damage inside
but to find something wrong, but can also be an extra way.
but there is definitely better than the first.
but paul sayed it´s ok.







the first left and right of the new one.






so after a nice day in the garden and pool, then I've even started properly. ^ ^
the degree of cut and polished edges
times together with tape ever think it looks good.






now with ears.





taped so today and the first two layers of primer sprayed.
tomorrow comes first gray on it.
hope to get in front of the holiday weekend sprayed red.




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as the last day against what has happened.
finally he is painted.
ears decreased again slightly. (pics of that later)
like crazy masked, primer and applied the color mask.





the basic gray paint




Then again color mask on it and painted red.






as tape removed and then the mask color in the least-smooth away ..
Pull the color me then departed with.
let it though, so I can then represent fire damage.
and it still has its own note and is then not a direct copy of the original.






to attach so right about the green foil mass model I made ​​the eyes.




tomorrow will still continue to work on harm. foil mounted and secured against ears.





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I love your attention to detail. The Incinerator is IMHO the best EU TK of them all and a well done one really stands out as exceptional. I can't wait to see how this ends up. You German Garrison folk have outstanding costumes!

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Good paintjob!

It catches the look if you ask me:



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so after long break there is a new update from my helmet. this time with a little helper.


so after much hesitation I started with the weathering.
first step


second step


Looks like a heavy battle. I see myself not seen what I can improve.
've used this hair spray and charcoal dust. when he is finally ready to come then matt varnish over it.
Please your opinions.

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So here is the third step of weathering.
I ask a few reworked because it partially inappropriate looked me in terms of pages.
the reason why it looks different now I explain the connection.

again a few provide smeared with coal grin.gif


after drying, grinding and with a slightly wet brush I first finished.


so now the statement.
I imagined how it is when I used a flammer.
I then saw a demonstration of a Flammer when i was at the Bundeswehr, and how much it smokes.
the side that is closer to the flammer is holding more affected.
because later shows my left side of the body when attacked forward, left more content is loaded.
have with the moistened brush then shown running from smoking.
hope you could shed some light and make it understandable.
in question, ask me.

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So update time.

Friday i was shopping^^

Stuff for my Weapon and a Box with 160 L.




The O2 tank is now dirty.



And Status from the Flamethrower, i have this make today.






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Longer nothing happens here, but there are now a lot.
The helmet is finally finished.
When flamethrower also a lot has happened.
So now I'll let the pictures speak.
visor V.1
V.2  with 3 Led´s
And Finisht

The silver looks on the photo pretty much as before but in a situation is not so extreme but rather metallic.
So now for Flammer, trial fitted.








The Tank




Space for the electronics of the LED's in the barrel and for private




So and now the Helmet it´s Finished.







Next Month comes new items.



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So there is a small update to the flamethrower.

Are installed and wired switches, sound module, speakers, and battery pack.



3 buttons for music effects.



2 buttons for the flamesound and 0 sound.



and a movie from the soundeffect.



so light is rdy to.but only in the pipe later come more light^^







and my next step is new color.and finished

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Not a fan of the EU troopers but your helmet looks fantastic. Nice paint job and weathering, looking forward to seeing the entire armor on you. Have you already started working on the armor parts or is it just helmet, flamethrower and detonator for now ?


Keep up the good work !

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at the moment i have the helmet, flamethrower and the tank. the pauldron is on the way.and the other stuff i have here with tk boots^^

know i safe money for the amour.

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so after long time and search i have found a armor.

the only armor what me fit is a AM.

now i must paint it, i have take a black one.

why i  take a black one, i colred this white and my painting and weathering looks better with a black base^^

yes i´m insane.


now i search a build tutorial to build this for centurion status.

but i dont find a right WIP for my requirements.


photos come later.

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