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  1. hay David Prinz from German Garrison I´m requesting 501st acess http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=17393
  2. So aplication is out yesterday now wait^^ A little list from my parts: Helmet : Troopermaster Armor : AM 2014 Boots : TK Boots Pauldron: Trooper1 MEPD Handguards: Sonnenschein Neckseal : TK/SL/BH/DZ-2647 German Garrison Member Undersuite: Louis Flamethrower selfmade with effects Mp40 Pouches.
  3. Yesterday all times attracted. a few things I still need to touch up. on my list : Shoulder Bells near to body Boots more dirt and a few little things
  4. i come to the finishline. today i make the armor dirty. the half is done. it´s done, next day i make the mat clearcoat.
  5. happy update time, a lot of new pictures. red is coming^^ battledamage weapon rdy for burn rebelscum Belt on abdomen first test with strapping. and with helmet. the armor need dirt^^ my neckseal is arrived.thx to TK/SL/BH/DZ-2647 and more work i repair this helmets fpr a friend next week more, and i hope i can make my application for the German Garrison
  6. so today comes more^^ but and kitneyplate now are one part. painting the little items white. finish and dropboxes grey. Cutting Forarms. today i make a brake. 2 days with 14 hours work on my armor and other projects.
  7. so and know gives more pictures.^^ so my AM Armor is arrived like this is oversize (the only armor thats fit)^^ now my first steps to modding this armor to a incinerator^^ return the return edge^^ make the base for the 5 button on abdome. a inner dropbox. cut the corners. the buttons 11mm. so today or morning i make the first items white and trim shoulder and other items.
  8. so after long time and search i have found a armor. the only armor what me fit is a AM. now i must paint it, i have take a black one. why i take a black one, i colred this white and my painting and weathering looks better with a black base^^ yes i´m insane. now i search a build tutorial to build this for centurion status. but i dont find a right WIP for my requirements. photos come later.
  9. so small update. have the greatest part of flammer finished, and I now installed the entire electrics and made ​​a test today. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6FX3KFuRTas&feature=youtu.be
  10. at the moment i have the helmet, flamethrower and the tank. the pauldron is on the way.and the other stuff i have here with tk boots^^ know i safe money for the amour.
  11. So there is a small update to the flamethrower. Are installed and wired switches, sound module, speakers, and battery pack. 3 buttons for music effects. 2 buttons for the flamesound and 0 sound. and a movie from the soundeffect. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MO2aD9wQ0BY&feature=youtu.be so light is rdy to.but only in the pipe later come more light^^ and my next step is new color.and finished
  12. hay brother of fire^^, looks great yor incinerator. i build right now a flamtrhower. i can help you. pm me.
  13. Longer nothing happens here, but there are now a lot. The helmet is finally finished. When flamethrower also a lot has happened. So now I'll let the pictures speak. visor V.1 V.2 with 3 Led´s And Finisht The silver looks on the photo pretty much as before but in a situation is not so extreme but rather metallic. So now for Flammer, trial fitted. Transportstatus The Tank Space for the electronics of the LED's in the barrel and for private So and now the Helmet it´s Finished. Next Month comes new items.
  14. So update time. Friday i was shopping^^ Stuff for my Weapon and a Box with 160 L. The O2 tank is now dirty. And Status from the Flamethrower, i have this make today.
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