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  1. You can find a kit at doopydoos.com same as i use and its fun to build. Price is realy good to, http://www.doopydoos.com/stormtrooper-e-11-complete-anh-e-11-blaster-kit-offer-2685-p.asp
  2. Dont forget that the hero has 4 buttons holding the holster and stunt only got two that with the teeth is the biggest differens of this two classes.
  3. Welcome aboard If ya like to join us in white and be a part of the 501 you came to the right place..... Take my word when i say read, read and read some more hope you find the armor you like.. PS clowns and funny people wear costumes, we were a armor
  4. First one was bad, second one was worse and third one was horrible Try this one http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/11538-the-various-types-of-armor-and-where-to-find-them/
  5. As captsafe66 say, try lose the rivet on the inside, the sniper plate are mounted without any rivets.
  6. I use velcro as well in my bucket... Got me a set of fans from EvilBoy and they are placed with velcro, the good thing about velcro is that if you find the fans not doing there jobs you just simple adjust them to better position, with glue they stay on target all the time. so if ya ask me, try get a better velcro and stay with it
  7. I use Autosol. dont know if thats just something you can get in sweden... but its good stuff
  8. My fellow bother in arm got a band called The Killer Sluggz and are doing some remakes of old songs and ad the Star Wars feeling to it..... Was helping him with the musicvideo for his latest project and this is how it went hehe http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5aL7xtOV4A (im the one in glasses and a Hero helmet hehe)
  9. I started with using E6000 glue, if it goes FUBAR you just simply rip it all up and start all over again My first thing i did was the lower arms and upper arms, they are smaller and easy to handle with. after that i found the skills growing and from there i just started to build like crazy Its very easy if ya use the inside off the head and take it slowly and if something gets stuck you ask cos you will be heard.
  10. A lighter will do, i just burned the two end of it.
  11. I use a hard hat, first reason is that i use glasses. but the Steadiness in a hardhat is just awesome
  12. I go a TM armor so its not the same but that one got 14,76 inch from outside to outside on the boxes.
  13. Hero only got 3 bumps on the ears. got one ANH hero from TM and love it
  14. Nice build m8. As the other said, its a nice and clean build, i can only say one thing and it might just be me but on first pic you left bell is lower then the other, just a simple thing but the hole build looks realy good, Im ANH hero my self so i just love it hehe
  15. Your box was better then my box: i was laughing when i came to the post office but when the box was brought to me i was quite shocked
  16. Your sniper plate and knee ammo pack are not correct. The sniperplate should be placed without the rivets (same misstake i did) The ammo pack is to high.. this is the first thred i found when i searched the forum for ammo pack http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/23443-tk-11382-requesting-anh-stunt-eib-status-307rs/?hl=%2Bknee+%2Bammo#entry295213 Look how that ammo is attatched to the lower leg.
  17. First pic handguard are placed upside down haha
  18. ty for all feedback i can get This not my gear but my looks just like this: will look into the backthing to adjust it better. about the gaps on the shins, that was only made smal for testing, i have opend them up better now so it looks right and make me walk alot easier.
  19. Ty Ravenwood. was a great jorney that started, now i got all the trooping ahead. 2 troops done, and 3 to come in the next 3 month, i just cant stop it now i like to move forward by geting better rank
  20. Ty for the reply. My bad when it comes to the rivets. I made the armor with only two on, but my GML told me to correct it so i did put in two more to make it HERO type. here is a pic from the front:
  21. Name: Fredrik Johansson ID: TK-10455 Forum Name: Blandsaft Garrison: Nordic Garrison Mandatory Information Armor Maker = TM Helmet Maker = TM (inkl build and paint) Blaster Type = Doopydoo Optional Height = 176cm Weight = ca 80 Kg Boots Maker = TK boots Canvas belt = TKittell Hand Plates Type = TM Electronics = Evil boy fankit Neck Seal Type = trooperbay Holster Maker = TM
  22. I dont se any problems with this but why two vendors? when we got the best here
  23. What i have in my bucket. they do the jobb just fine http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/20455-fs-evilboys-dual-fan-helmet-kit/page__fromsearch__1
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