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HOW TO - Make Shins NOT Shift or Move to the Side

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Hi everyone, with so many great HOW TO'S that helped me along my build and more importantly NODONER from the SEPC OPS forum for taking his time to help. He really is a great artist in anything he does, and has helped me keep my build as good as can be. With that, he had shown me a few tricks and I thought I should share and give back to the community since the parts I did do on my own, I used the HOW TO SECTION. (Especially here in the Whitearmor forums). Althogh I am a TX, the TD is the same but black (correct me if I am wrong Admins and apologies in advance if I am), but based and all the research and pics they do look the same.


So first thing I noticed after I got shins in place, Foam in place to keep a good fit, and my Bass Amersterdams all on for the first time and I started walking around the house, I noticed that my shins kept shift bad and next thing you know my cover strips were on the SIDE of my legs. So here is what nodoner showed me. I am sure this can be used for the TK crew as well.


Things you will need.

1. Industrial Strength Velcro

2. Some left over ABS from your build

3. Dermal or Cutting tool

4. Boots

5. Shins from your TX or TK armor.


I did not take pictures of the build process from the start, so apologies in advance.



First step

Grab a piece of left over ABS and Cut it to about a tab length. Almost like a rectangle. This may differ depending on what types of boots you have, but most boots are the same.


Second Step (a few)

Once you have cut a rectangular strip, you will want get your industrial strength Velcro loop and stick it to one side of the tab. The Other side can also be loop but it will be longer than the actual tab; this is the part that will hold on to the inside of your boot. Make sure to use loop and NOT hook here.


Your finished product should look like this.


Close up of the Tab



Tab stuck on to the inside of the boot.



Make sure to stick it on to the front part of the shoe.



Third Step

The Bass Amsterdam’s that I bought have tabs on the back of the shoe. We will use this tab to add a strip of our Velcro (Loop) to it, plus a little more so it goes a down a bit. It should look some thing like this.


Here is a close up of the tab with loop stuck on.



Here is a side view to give better viewing perspective



Fourth Step

Now get your shins! We will be adding the HOOK portion of the VELCRO to the BACK side of the INSIDE part of the shines. I added a lot of HOOK and I used the wider stuff to give myself more room to adjust. If you want to be more precise about it, just put on your shoes and shin and mark were you need to apply the hook once you have them on.


Here is a pic of the inside back part of the shin



You will need to do the same to the FRONT portion of the shin as well

Here is a pic of that. I used the overlap method, but I am sure strip cover backings will have no issue here either.



Fifth Step

Now that you have all your Velcro in place, you can try them on. You can even connect the shoe to the Shin and the shin will stay in place.

Like this!



Here I am trying them on and running around my condo like a madman. (I was making sure that they don’t move around of course). And they didn’t.

(I have not completed my suit as of this build so excuse the missing under suit and AM helmet etc .)



Again I hope this helps, and this will be the first of a few more How Tos I will be posting. Just my way of trying to give back to a cimmunity that has been very cool. My Wife is loving it. Lea for her (but thats another story)

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Still a nifty tip - I tried something similar once to no avail - I think I didn't have a long enough piece though. In the end I just used RT shins which fit me better.

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I just put neoprene foam around the ankle of my shins and they never move.

Much simpler. :P Sure, it leaves small black marks on the top of my boots, but no-one ever sees that part. :lol:

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