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  1. Hey guys, just received my pre-order soft goods from the Classic trooper pre-order back at Star Wars celebration and all I got was the gloves and body suit. Was there not a neck seal, holster and belt to come with it? I checked my order status on the site and it state my order was full filed. Anyone else have this issue with their pre-order? Pete
  2. I just realized that I do no have 501st status here anymore. I have updated my status with the legion and back to active status. Pleas enable me for 501st status here - TX - 71379 http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=15439 Thanks team!
  3. this makes me want to repaint mine! Nice work!
  4. I bought this Case as well from Home Depot.. Never thought of this, but this is a great idea. At some point I will do this, I may go with Grey though... But we will see.
  5. I think it was that Chewy Rug for my sons room! Also got all 3 Christopher Lee Movie posters at 30 a pop... I really wanted the Falcon Garage Shirt that was at the store.
  6. Well I pulled the trigger yesterday and pre-orders the kit. For the price its just hard not to take it up. I have already made and have an approved Shadow Trooper Armor (FX) with Akryl Lid from the Spec Ops forums, and if I can get that kit approvable, I am sure this will be on the same level if not better. Also have experience already on the FX Shadow Trooper, the build kit is a perfect heaven sent option for me. I already have Icomm, Speaker, nice Leather holster, and E-11 blaster from my shadow trooper that this will be an easy and cheap TK to make. So excited!
  7. This is a great thread, love hearing all the info. Thanks for all this info, you really are providing R&D info and I am sure Anovos is reading this thread. Can no wait till these issues are worked out, and ready for the masses.
  8. where can you download or find the chatter.. I finally was able to remember my 501st forums password so i am there digging around. pops nevermind I found it. I have the link. Not sure if i am allowed to post it. If I am let me know, and I will add here. Thanks
  9. Wow I totally thought this would be lame... Boy was I wrong.. totally geeking out for a set up like this.
  10. I agree on that. Thought it would work form some white TKs. Just in case you need another for next Month or any other. Yeah Tray thats how I learned about it. Changed the color on the Dash of my Mitsu EVO 8. Then I was looking at the pauldron wishiing it was black and then realized, this is the same stuff (the Spary Paint) to paint the seats on cars, it has to work on this and it turned out ok.. Thanks again everyone. Just trying to give back to a group that has given so much to me.
  11. OMG those KID Troopers and Officers are too cute.. Love it man..
  12. Hi everyone its me again. I posted this on the Spec Ops Board, but thought it could be usefull here. I know that many TKs don not wear Pauldron's but if you do, or wanted a differnt color from the on you have try this. Things you will need 1. 1 Pleather / Vinyl Pauldron 2. Painters Tape 3. Old News Paper or Paper Towels 4. Dupli Color Vinyl and Fabric Spray Paint - Gloss Black 5. Black Elmer’s Painters Pen Step 1. So you have a Pauldron that is the wrong color and need to change it up. For a TX you will need to have it black. I was fortunate enough to get a free pauldron with my AM order. It was grey and would not go with my black TX, but it was free. So first thing to do is to mask of all the parts you do not want painted. Using your painters tape and news papers/paper towels mask it off like so. Step 2. Now that it’s all taped off, we can’t start to paint. Finding an open area and using Dupli-Color Vinyl & Fabric Paint (note use this type of paint as it’s meant for this type of material and should not crack like normal spray paints will do.) I used Gloss Black, but you can use whatever color you want, but make sure it’s for Vinyl and Fabric. Lets start with a our first Coat. Don’t go to crazy just a quick spray. (note I wiped the pauldron down before painting) A few minutes later the next coat. (Don’t forget to get under the leather tabs with rivets) the 3rd and Finally the 4th coat and set to dry Step 3. Now that it’s all dried we can remove the tape and paper off and check it out. First thing that I noticed that even after taping that there was some grey showing through the edges like so. So get out your Elmer’s Paint Pen and run it down the entire seems. Press down hard so the paint can seep into the crevasses of the stitching like so. Repeat to both sides if needed. Step 4 - You’re all done - Let it dry for a day. This paint is pretty strong so let it air out if you can. Here it is on my TX Armor. Enjoy!
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