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501st Trooper Status Requests (Include link to your 501st profile in your request!)

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Request 501st status changes here.

NOTE: we (the site admins) will periodically check the list of people in this forums database against the list of 501st members as kept by the Legion COG. People will be added or dropped automatically, so it's a good idea to ensure that the email address you use for this board is the same you use in the Legion records. If you need your status adjusted in between database checks, please post here.

NOTE: You must include a link to your 501st record as per below, else your request will be ignored:

**Please test your link when you post your request to make sure it goes to your legion profile page.  We cannot use links for the Legion forum or Garrison pages.**


Using the link below, replace 12345 with your TKID:



Paste that link with your status request post to have your FISD profile updated.


Thanks to @revlimiter for pointing this out.

1.  Go to https://www.501st.com/members/searchform.php

2.  Input your TK number and "Search"

5.  On the "Results" page click "More" to the right of your name

6.  On this page that lists all of your costumes, copy the URL and paste it into this thread with your request.

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Done! Also notice that there are some 501st specific fields you can fill out on your profile if you'd like.

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Done! Don't forget to fill out your 501st specific info on your profile and intoroduce yourself on a new topic in the newbie forum.

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