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  1. YEAH TROOPERS! I myself have already directed a few future TK hopefuls here with some good results. Thz and Congrats to everyone. TK's: first Imps seen.
  2. I might not say much, but I'm here for ya'll. Another Titanium donation sent.
  3. This trooper gives it two blasters up and on target.
  4. I agree, that one gets my vote
  5. IMHO a full TK's pic should have an E-11 in any logo, shirt or patch.
  6. All Dirt-Free Detachment LOL, Thats awesome!!!
  7. Quoting TK-1927 Clean, Mean and .... ...Ready. ...Blaster Accurate. ...Ewok Friendly. ... Vader's troopers, Mean and Clean. (VTMC) Vader's Finest, Clean and Mean. (VFCM) Tantive IV Assault Detachment (TFAD) - Given it up to the first appearence. Cell Block 1138 Detachment
  8. I now have 501st member status, but I'm unable to post that info. It gives me a error msg when I try to update. Any help, thz.
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