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  1. He was shot by a security officer, and finished himself off with a bullet to the head. I can hardly see how more people carrying guns solves problems like this.
  2. Thanks guys, here's some photos of the holsters looped on the belts: I'll get some better photos soon, and I'll have to rebuild my gun once it arrives, along with the proper greeblies.
  3. I still need to take some photos from all angles, and some with my HDPE helmet. Hopefully this is enough to grant me status...? On top of the base standards, I have the following: - TE armour + helmet, -Snowtrooper hand plates sewn onto glove - Blue ESB helmet decals - Black helmet frown - Flat green lenses - Leather holster attached with loops on right side - Resin cast E-11, no Hengstler counter - mine was stolen on Halloween ( ), so I'm using my brother's in some of these photos...I'll have a new one soon though If you need to wait until I get some more photos that's no problem, just let me know.
  4. I'm pretty sure they're just made from latex. You can see then chipping with a greenish-grey material under the paint, which looks a lot like latex. I was planning on making my own sculpts and making a plaster negative mould and just pouring the latex in. As far as attaching I'd probably contact-cement them to the rubber chemical gloves.
  5. I'll see you there man, what a guest list they managed this year! Our garrison CO has always worked closely with the organizers of the convention, and there was no doubt that this would be the Star Wars year, no more blowing the budget on Star Trek guests as they do every year. I can't wait!
  6. Hey man, do it accurately. Wear it backwards! It may look silly, but its how they did it in ESB.
  7. Wouldn't fibreglass be actually heavier than ABS? That, and you d be clack-clack-clacking all over the place!
  8. From Troopermaster's research, it looks like the back and chest were connected by a strip of canvas with adjustable snaps, and the ABS strip is simply held onto the backplate with an elastic band. I don't know if this is true for all versions though...?
  9. I have an ESB Boba Fett suit and a Tusken. Boba has and always will be my favourite costume, but I've always wanted a Stormtrooper suit. The costume is just so iconic and recognizable, I fell in love with them when I first saw ANH all those years ago. Seeing a group of 501st members at a convention in 1999 didn't help either I've toyed around between doing a regular TK or a TD, but since ESB is my favourite movie and not as many people do that costume, I plan on doing an ESB Stormtrooper. Hopefully I'll have an update soon with the beginnings of my project!
  10. I'm BH/DZ 8311 of the Canadian Garrison, I'd like a status change if I haven't got it already
  11. Holster is on the wearer's right side rather than the left. Depending on how picky we're being, the trapezoid and teardrops are decals, and the tube stripes are printed on a white background.
  12. I'll be starting my own ESB Stormtrooper soon, and I was wondering if anyone knows what they used for the gloves. It wasn't the black chemical gloves from ANH and I'm not looking for those Nomex flight gloves or anything of that sort, just if anyone knows what they actually used in the movie
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