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  1. Or you can go here. 501'st Master list of Units
  2. The NMCI Version of IE that was installed at your sites is the same as any other IE install.
  3. Cool what did you use for Padding in the Helm
  4. We all had a Blast last year for this the Highlight for me was a Lady Wearing a Wonder Women Outfit who was confined to a WheelChair who had to stand up to get a Pic of her self with Vader and Freinds (even thou we said she did not have to)
  5. on Sunday the April 13th Garrison Titan Will be participating in the Multiple Sclerosis LifeLines walk If you have Signed up to Participate I thank you for your support if you are unable to participate in the event then I would like to invite you to make a Donation to the National MS Society, by going to this Website http://main.nationalmssociety.org/site/TR?...;team_id=101119 the Reason Why I support this Group is do to both Of my Sisters Having MS and I see what Happens to them on a Daily Basis there are also Members of the 501st who I know who Have MS as well only where they are from it is a unheard of condition forcing them to go to other Countries for treatment. Thank you for taking the time to Read this
  6. It seems like yesterday ( oh it was Yesterday) that I was holding this helm. and Wyatt is slowly Taking the Helm apart and then there is a large Cracking Sound ANd Wyatt is smiling after taking the mouth Off.
  7. Wyatt the discord came from Outside of Garrison Titan, a different Garrison brought forward the charges. and both Paul and I supported you on this. Personaly I think you should post how to do this since it is using RS products and there is no copyright on basic Electronics
  8. Does anyone know of a More Accurate TD then the one in the FX kit?
  9. if you got any reference shots, that would be great
  10. Sorry it is not possible from my Experence in dealing with Carbon Fiber to Vacumeform it. you can use the molds and lay the carbon fiber on them to make the armor but you will still need Resin to harden the fiber after that you can use a vaccume to compress the CArbon fiber to the the shape.
  11. How far below the belt should the Drop Boxes be off the belt
  12. Your Cards "Security Number" is acually called a Card Code Value and is used by merchants to verify that the Card is not stolen, When combined with the Address it makes the credit card transactions more secure
  13. Having started building my own I would like to see the arms and calves made just a we bit bigger like the thighs so i could trim them on my own rather then Shim them.
  14. I got the FX lite version, so I dont think I need a new Flower pot Yes Wyatt I see a Armor coming up soon for the Garrison
  15. Ok what is the Elastic for in between the canvas is it to provide additional support?
  16. Thanks for all the advice and tips, I dont figure it taking to long to complete once I get going on it
  17. Is there any Place online that has better instructions on assembling a FX Armor rather then the Instructions included with the kit
  18. I think That one of the Problems with Fiberglass Armor is that it is more Fragile then normal I have heard of some made that chip at the Edges
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