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  1. Pretty astute observations. I took note as well. From what I saw, I might upgrade my entire armor from FX, but being a poor artist the FX will have to do for now until I win the lottery. To me the FX Helmet still is attractive, but like you have said, on smaller Troopers it really stands out. Alpha Company 1st Platoon, 2nd Squad Leader
  2. Heh. Gonna have to remember that one.
  3. I have two major points that sold me on Troopers. In Star Wars when they blast through Tantive IV and step over the fallen opponents and comrades and stand attention as Vader walked in. The other was the marching through the Death star in precise rythmn. I always wanted to be a trooper. Before the FX Suits were out I nearly bought a studio creation which would have cost me an arm and a leg. After a while I gave up thinking they'd never make a suit like it. Wasn't until Revenge of the Sith I started hearing about the 501st here in Vegas. I did some investigating and I realized I could fullfill my dream. Got my suit and has trooped as much as possible since. Scott
  4. Yeah. I got my hyperfirm not to long ago. I love it. I had a real Sterling once. My arms were wasted by the end of the day.
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