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  1. Search the boards here and you will find a thread by the maker of Disney's armor looking for input on how to improve it. It's not bad, but not great either. Far, far better than Rubies or the old FX. Up close you can see definite mods for the sake of mobility and durability. To the average tourist it is spot on.
  2. Makaze territory (Central FLA) is where it's at, Paul. Unless you want to drive a couple hours for all the fun troops. Just kidding TBS, ES, S7 and PS friends!
  3. Great fun today! I'd like to thank Disney for introducing the phrase "Trooper Jog". Just for clarification, the TKs in the front and second row (notice loops going from shin armor around boots) were Disney's. The rest are ours.
  4. Hey, that's my thread! :-) I've been MIA for a little while here but am gearing up to start trooping and binder building again. I will post details soon. Thank you to everybody that has expressed interest. I appreciate your patience.
  5. Great job Olga & Luis! Do we have a Centurion couple in the near future?
  6. That puts you in Squad 7 territory. They're like the 2 best squad in Florida. Or is it 3rd or 4th... I forget. Seriously though, great bunch of guys n gals up there. Welcome aboard!
  7. $20,000? Really? That sounds way too cheap. I have machinery at work that cost 2-3 times that and all they do is cut wood. I'm going to start saving my pennies. Imagine the possibilities!
  8. ajax407


    My cousin sent me an invite but I haven't seen anything yet. My understanding was Google put a freeze on new sign ups for now. If you have a spare one I could always try again My email is ajax407 (at) gmail.com
  9. Well that goes without saying! (That's why I didn't say it ) Would this be something you can ship across the pond or do I have more work to do?
  10. Well, we'll never know if it will work unless someone tries. I'd be willing to test drive one in the "wretched hive of heat and humidity" we call Florida.
  11. Seems like it would not breath, and therefor be really hot and sweaty. No?
  12. Happy Birthday Your Highness!
  13. Word is we have some in the works here in Makaze territory. ;-)
  14. Def. a question for the FLG boards. Not many troopers here can help you with that one. :-)
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