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  1. Jdg

    Neck seal

    I see you are located in Australia as I am can you recommend anywhere locally to get neckseal , e-11 holster and belt
  2. Jdg

    Neck seal

    Thanks for all the input much appreciated I meet be needing your helpful info when I start building cheers
  3. Jdg

    Neck seal

    Are these passable for centurion as that’s what I will be trying to achieve in my build
  4. Jdg

    Neck seal

    Hi was just wondering what neck seal would be recommended a soft shell fabric ribbing or the one with plastic Moulder ribbing
  5. Jdg

    ANH Stunt First Build Ever

    Where is a good place to buy gloves in australia
  6. Jdg

    Zip kicker

    I was told it was good to have some ca glue and zip kicker for minor repairs like for small cracks I will be building 2 kits shortly and am just getting my supplies together for glue I will be using e-6000
  7. Hi I’m down in Australia and was just wondering if there is a big difference between the aerosol zip kicker and the pump bottle I see on most of the tutorials that everyone uses the aerosol is there a main reason for this my local hobby store only has the pump bottle and not sure to purchase aerosol one online instead, cheers
  8. Hi all may sound a bit of a ridiculous question but can a stormtrooper carry a e-11 in a holster but also carry a dlt -19 at same time or does it have to be one or the other
  9. Just wondering if the mic picks up the fans in the helmet
  10. Are they hard to make I think I will be struggling just with making the kit unfortunately I’m in Australia and there doesn’t seem to be as many resources locally to help b could you please provide me some places where to buy the clip thanks
  11. I know I will need to purchase a belt but what about the clip that holds the thermal TD does the kit come with that or will I need to get one and where do you get them from I have seen some tutorials on how to make them
  12. I was extremely lucky and won one of the kits he raffled off I was planning on getting my boots and a TK strapping kit for the Armor from imperial boots I have most of the tools any suggestions for gloves thanks
  13. Hi thanks for all the helpful information I’m still trying to work out what stormtrooper I’m going to do ANH stunt or Hero or maybe a ESB I wasn’t really planning on doing a stormtrooper at all but I won the kit in a raffle so I thought what the hell I’ll go with it while I’m waiting on my patrol trooper kit to arrive those links are great thanks again
  14. Hi thanks for all the information I will check it out no doubt I you will be hearing more from me as this is my first build thanks again
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