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  1. Did some trimmiing of the thighs and shins was just wondering how much of a return edge or lip you leave on these parts also spent some time to finish the. DLT-19 I was working on before my kit arrived .know I have no excuses to put off the kit building
  2. So while I’m trying to work out what to do with the helmet I started trimming the forearms I am not feeling so confident on this build
  3. Here are some pics of the side
  4. Have come to a stand still with the helmet can’t work out why the head hole is so small
  5. BBB arrived and started on the helmet
  6. So started my build but while I was waiting for BBB day I built my e-11 this is the finished produCt
  7. So fineally BBB arrived on Tuesday after a 4 month wait was worth it though Walt’s kits look great , opened the box and I felt anxiety kick in when I saw all those white plastic pieces in the box. I decided I would start with the helmet so through the week I have painted the inside of the helmet and last night worked on the eyes and the teeth on the frown .in the 4 month wait I had ordered a e-11 and am just do the finishing touches on putting together after a lot of sanding and glueing looks pretty good can’t wait to do some weathering on it . If you are in Australia as I am and you are looking for a e-11 and worried about trying to get them through customs , I got mine from TDK Props .Tom does exceptional work I will add some photos to this thread of the e-11 and my kit progress
  8. Jdg

    Neck seal

    I see you are located in Australia as I am can you recommend anywhere locally to get neckseal , e-11 holster and belt
  9. Jdg

    Neck seal

    Thanks for all the input much appreciated I meet be needing your helpful info when I start building cheers
  10. Jdg

    Neck seal

    Are these passable for centurion as that’s what I will be trying to achieve in my build
  11. Hi was just wondering what neck seal would be recommended a soft shell fabric ribbing or the one with plastic Moulder ribbing
  12. Where is a good place to buy gloves in australia
  13. I was told it was good to have some ca glue and zip kicker for minor repairs like for small cracks I will be building 2 kits shortly and am just getting my supplies together for glue I will be using e-6000
  14. Hi I’m down in Australia and was just wondering if there is a big difference between the aerosol zip kicker and the pump bottle I see on most of the tutorials that everyone uses the aerosol is there a main reason for this my local hobby store only has the pump bottle and not sure to purchase aerosol one online instead, cheers
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