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  1. Yeah also was looking into the backplate as well. I've got velcro going around the sides and around the back that will keep it in place. But I'm not sure how the backplate will play into all of this. For some reason the belt seems to be much more tedious than I imagined.
  2. This looks great Ben. I've basically finished the front part of my belt and I'm looking for some guidance on the back part and how it attaches to the front part.....or if it attaches at all. Does the back overlap the front on the sides? Is there velcro there or what is the back part of the belt attached to? Something else that I'm also wondering about; on just about every photo from R1, it looks like the back part of the belt is kind of hanging down probably because of the thermal detonator. I'm curious if there is a way to fix that.
  3. Did you ever figure out a solution to this? I am trying to do the exact same thing.
  4. Really nice additions. Sheev's was working on an undersuit as well. Not sure if they ever finished it. Looking into Crowprops now. That's a great tip. Agree that 3d-props has a great E-11 model. There are a few others floating around. Oxprops has one that prints really well. Need to get him to including spacing for electronics.
  5. This is also my plan. And from what I was just told elsewhere, everything else is R1TK armor except for the helmet being ANH. That's very odd to me since there is 9 years between ANH and Mando and there are several iterations of helmets between the two. Really seems like literally any helmet should be considered here only because Remnants are using anything they can get their hands on. The fall of an Empire is not the time to get picky. LOL
  6. Hi there. Nice progress on your build. I'm almost at the exact same place it looks like. Not sure if it helps at all, but I made this for 3d printing: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4875306 It's a CRL correct thermal detonator with a screw top and the correct mount. What I discovered after looking at many photos of other builds and screen grabs from Rogue One and Mando, the control panel actually goes mostly around the thermal detonator. One kit I have has it a separate mount bracket and a separate control panel bracket. After working on it a bit, that 3d model is what I came up with. I just used the grebs from another model as a remix. I've also added several mount options to allow for magnets or how ever you want to mount it. Literally just got my neodymium magnets today. Good luck with everything and keep it up!
  7. My apologies. I've removed your one photo. I don't even think I realized it was there and didn't really add anything by being there. Again, my apologies. By showing the real thing, I'm trying to show what I modeled it after, not what they actually are. That's why I said in the description "The attached photos are reference photos from screen used E11 in Rogue One". I was never trying to deceive anyone. I actually mentioned reference photos several times. Also, people in this community use the resources that they have at their disposal. In many cases, 3d printing is cheaper for people and easier to do especially if you have a 3d printer and know how to model things. I'm not trying for 100% accurate to the screen used props. I am trying to model things that look as close as possible. In some cases, items are just very expensive and if people want to save money and have a 3d printer, what's the problem with that??? In other cases, items are just extremely hard to find or were fabricated for the props. It makes perfect sense to me to print a piece of plastic that looks exactly like the screen used prop for cents rather than spending a hefty sum on trying to replicate a part on a prop. I've done a few other models and print files for other parts that people may have a hard time locating or just would rather print depending on their build: Thermal Detonator with Screw off Cap - https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4875306 Elements Flashlight - https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4840809 E11 PowerCells - https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4834175 Hengstler Counter Small Eagle Plate - https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4829947 E11 T Tracks - https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4826975 The 3d Props website is using the T-Track measurement photo from the original https://www.tubewaysales.com/ website, by the way. You can say that 3d printing is not accurate at all, but then people are printing entire suits of armor for some CRLs because the only way they can do it. Many MANY people have 3d printed their Rogue One TK helmets. So none of them are accurate? Again, my apologies.
  8. Thanks for taking care of this. It is a real shame. I had ordered a helmet from them and, fortunately, was able to get my money back. Apparently quite a few people have lost money on purchases because they were pushed over the 180 days limit to file complaints through Paypal. I really hope they get things figured out. We need more New Anthology TK vendors.
  9. Ah yeah..... I see what you mean. When I taped my ab part around me and walked up the stairs in my house, it definitely seems like pieces would be hitting each other if I had my thigh parts on. From the pictures it looks like there would be some stress on that lower part if it's too rigid. That's helpful. I looked through some of the build threads but no one really mentioned them. I saw one other person asking what that area was for but then ended up leaving most of it. I think I have a good idea of what I want to do then. Thank you so much everyone for the input and help.
  10. Yeah it does look more like this part is missing on the back more so on the front. And I guess it would only be for keeping the belt in place on the front. My armor has a tall 3 inch lip on the bottom of the ab piece almost as tall as a belt. I'd like to take that down some to maybe an inch. Are people gluing their belt there or velcro or snaps? Or does it just stay in place because of the teeth on the top of the belt? I had planned on getting to my belt later this week, so I gotta figure this part out. Thanks for the additional info and screenshots.
  11. Ah OK. Still, though, it's missing on the other armor. I can post screenshots from The Mandolorian, Solo, and displays of the armor with it also missing. I guess the point is its missing and I'd like to figure out why and if even need that part. You're attaching your belt to that part? Like.....gluing it or something?
  12. Hi folks, Worked on my armor a little this weekend and noticed something about the lower ab part on several screenshots from Rogue one and from some of the armor displayed at Rogue One Celebration Europe. For reference, this is the part I'm talking about: I was trimming my ab parts and needed a guide or a reference to look at. So this is the photo I looked at: This extension piece seems to be missing all together on this armor simply because you can see the undersuit behind the belt. Also looks like it's missing here: But here.....it looks like it is present: There are actually very few photos of this part clearly visible because of the belt. I've also seen this part missing on at least a few stills from the Mandolorian. So my question is, what is this for, is it needed at all, and does anyone recommend keeping it or not? I taped the back and front ab parts together and it jabbed me a little when I tried to sit (not that you should be sitting in armor anyway, right?) Honestly, I'd prefer to trim it off unless its something that is absolutely needed. If it's there to make the belt sit more inline with the ribs on the ab part, I might make a smaller lip to help with that. Seems like you'd also have a little more freedom and not such a problem with the cod part drooping and saggy trooper butt if that part. I don't see this area specifically called out in the CRL, unless I'm just not understanding the part they are talking about. Any thoughts or advice is welcome. Thanks!
  13. Well.... After speaking with several others and having to file a grievence against them myself via paypal, I think Head Shot Props needs to be removed from this list of vendors. Or at least a warning needs to be posted. I haven't spoken to anyone that has gotten an order from them in a while. One person told me they were purposely strung along in order to miss the 180 day time frame to file a complaint through PayPal. Thankfully, I kept messaging them nearly daily until I simply asked for an answer: will you be shipping out my helmet, yes or no. A week went by with no answer and so I escalated it. They eventually gave me my money back with no explanation. I was lucky. Some people have been waiting months and have gotten nothing and heard nothing. The first excuse was something to the effect of "Well.... the pandemic hit us hard. But I'll get a really nice helmet cast for you." Anyway..... it's unfortunate because there are so few vendors for R1TK armor. I'd avoid this one at all cost if I were you.
  14. Ah. Just read everyone's comments. The "approved" bit threw me for a loop so I quit working on it. My fault for not checking earlier. Can't wait to see what wins though. There are some good ones!
  15. I was working on one version, but was reading the requirements again and it's for approved 501st members. I'm not an approved member yet. Bummer.
  16. So what I've decided to do is use the bicep from the Mudtroopers design and make a jig or guide for those J hooks. It will be something you can print out and use to draw your template. I'm also going to make a backing that can be glued in place to provide a little more support around the hooks. Just in looking at my biceps, it feels like the cord running through the J hooks might rip through or crack the ABS and I'd expect the fiberglass might feel the same. I really don't see any other alternative than to reinforce this area from the inside.
  17. I might take you up on that. I got a replacement forearm piece and was considering another way to attach these from our last conversation about using the elastic to keep them closed. Can I use your visual example above as a guide?
  18. If you want the sourced T Tracks for a Rogue One style E-11, they supposedly came form here: https://www.tubewaysales.com/cat/plastic-trims-and-miscellaneous-items/plastic-insert-and-t-track/ If you have a 3D printer, you can print your own. I have posted my designs for these based on the sourced T Tracks: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4826975 I also have some other 3D parts specifically for the R1 E-11.
  19. Following. I think the fact they are wearing a mixture of armor or buckets both OT and R1 is interesting. You basically can't take a straight R1 and make a remnant kit with it. Great discussion!
  20. Sorry to revive and old thread, but I just thought I would mention that I've posted 3D STL files for R1 style T-Tracks here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4826975 They are as close as I can get based on photos and measurements. I've included varying lengths and a small stub part that you can size to your needs. Hope that helps someone.
  21. Just curious what you think about Nico's helmet. I bought the STLs for OxProp's helmet and have compared it to Jimi's helmet and they are very close, but the printed one I have is taller just like Nico's. I really like how the OxProps helmet has all the parts in pieces. He also has the eye bump. Not sure if Nico's has all the pieces and the bump. https://www.etsy.com/listing/828817069/star-wars-stormtrooper-tk-helmet-rogue?ref=shop_home_active_28 I may get Nico's as well and print his to give it a try. By the time my build is over, my entire family will have buckets. LOL
  22. Wow Jason. Really great work on this. I may have to look into the J hook. What kind of cord is that going through the J hook? Looks like you're using a tab with a hole through it to hold the cord in the shoulder bell. Great work on this! I watched these episodes of the Mandalorian last night with my kids and kept pausing it and they got really annoyed by it. "Daddy why do you keep pausing it!?!?!" "I'm doing research!" Ha ha
  23. Thanks but that's the same link that I have in my comment. I'm looking for much closer photos than that. Showing more of the detail. Really interested to see if there are photos of individual pieces not on a display. The reason I am asking is because I've just trimmed a forearm piece incorrectly that will now have to be replaced. I really don't want to keep repeating that mistake, but I've noticed several other places where the armor isn't trimmed clean cut some of the lip (or return) was actually kept on the armor. Mainly the forearm and the shoulder bell. Are their photos of parts individually anywhere?
  24. Hi there, Working on my ROTK build and looking for more reference photos. I've looked through a lot of the builds and there are some good photos there as well. I've also found this: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/gallery/category/28-r1-tk-reference/ Are there other photos somewhere else that I'm missing? It looks like the reference gallery is down or gone. Working on the forearm, biceps, and shoulder bell right now but I'd love to see some closer up photos of all of the parts if they exist. Anyone know where these might be?
  25. Thank you so much everyone! I can honestly say that I already feel at home and encouraged to really get down to business on my armor and weaponry. Take care and stay safe all!
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