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  1. Sanded most of the armor going to put another coat of primer then ready for paint need to reinforce the thighs a bit on the weak spots just need the chest and back besides the shins that i will do when i glue them together still debating what adhesive to use for the shins other than that good days work
  2. what type of 3d printer do you have ever since i saw ppl printing the nico R1 helmet ived been interested in doing the same look forward to your build
  3. i had the same issue just fill it not all the way and use a file
  4. just a pic of how the suspenders support the ab/kidney armor put everything on and since my shins arent closed to ready yet i used my ANH STUNT TK shins just to see how everything looks the blue around my thighs is what i plan to cut since they are too long and wide need to cut the bottom of the crotch plate too side view (not wearing my R1 pants) the top of the under-suit sticks out the back a bit will prob have to be taken in a bit more my butt plate looks uneven still cut an inch off the top of the legs but the first thigh (on left) was rough cut compare to the other one the red mars is where i need to add more material to make it look (eyeball even) put Velcro on the thighs to close and added the snaps yesterday so i can wear the thighs with the armor and see how they fit
  5. Decided to start my build thread im part of the socal garrison build group got a Jimmy flexible fiberglass kit got the under suit taken in by a lot might need a bit more ended up cutting the top of the ab armor since it was way above my chest and dint allow for much movement might of gone too much but the chest and back covers everything so it will never be seen started doing the strapping used a pair of suspenders to hold the ab armor from falling the belt is temporary attached with Velcro but will use snaps later on i like how it turned out i just slip the chest and back on attached the forearms with Velcro they fit ok i sanded off the back of the cover strip so the Velcro wont stick out so much thats it for now hopefully i get to work on it some more this weekend
  6. No dremel cutoff wheel messed up the BS helmet that way drill bit works better just need smaller files
  7. I made my frown holes a tad bigger hopefully I got them right have you done the tears and back vents and if so what did you use
  8. Great build going to have to change mine up a lot more especially like the extended jaw line great job
  9. did more sanding still needs a lil more for those lil spots so far im happy
  10. used a thick gauge wire for the vocoder to simulate the gap
  11. next i assembled everything together ans used abs paste to seal also used a bonding epoxy to make sure everything would be solid used primer to detect where i needed to sand i removed a lot of the interlocks that kept the helmet together by mistake
  12. filled the battery pack with plastic wood filler and covered up the speakers and battery cover ans sanded
  13. next i started cutting the vents messed them up so i had to fill and try again did it a few times used abs paste to fill
  14. step 2 cut the brow off to make it lower used a dremel <blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="a/ULWsnVp"><a href="//imgur.com/a/ULWsnVp"></a></blockquote><script async src="//s.imgur.com/min/embed.js" charset="utf-8"></script>
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