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  1. nicos has the parts in pieces just like the oxprops jims hlemet is based of a the black series sculp a bucket for everyone in the family
  2. also started working on nico henderson helmet here are some pics on how it compares to jims helmet even though nicos helmet is bigger jims helmet has a bigger hole for your head with nicos you have to do the side twist to put it on (nicos on the left jims on the right) put some white primer on nicos (left)
  3. 3d printed the shins these are easier to join together than the fiberglass ones
  4. added bondo to make the eye notch need to do the outlines on the vents and probably repaint them since the black marker i used was too thick i order a ultra fine point side profile before i used the black marker on the details ukswraths hovi mike speakers arrived getting closer on the bucket
  5. lost a lot of details on the abbs so i sanded them off and 3d printed some to glue on still a lot of work to be done on the abb piece but i like the sharper look just incase it doesnt work out i 3d printed a new abb barrel
  6. in the beginning I cut the all the vents for air flow and thinking the helmets where like that in RO and plan on using a black mesh well the vents looks pretty bad so I cut the whole thing out and just glued in the nico vents this is the jimmi helmet in the future i plan on printing the nico helmet i actually sanded off the top of the abb greeblies details and cut the greeblie on meshmixer very thin an plan on just gluing it on top havent been working on this project lately i got side swept with my other projects too many prints not enough time to finish them all
  7. finally glued in the vents need to touch up the vents a bit
  8. armor looks great great job with what you have done mine already has a few scratches most of them can be cleaned off and it gives it a natural battle worn look to it even my abs anovos kit has those scratches from armor rubbing
  9. did you scale up your abb armor curious before i start printing it
  10. I hate when the flies think landing on fresh paint is a good idea good progress so far
  11. i say chop the butt plate it will look a lot better everything looks great so far
  12. ived had the same issue going on with my scout trooper build only way around it is sanding it off and doing light coats and make sure you give it enough time to cure before the other coats are added
  13. @BigJasoni i wish i had just printed this armor would of probably been done by now fiber glass sucks to work with but it is what it is i noticed the cod and the butt plates need reworking
  14. a lot more ventilation and work now besides the vent breaking on that spot i need to sand it a bit more for it to go in better then fill in the sides with some jb weld and back it with some styrene like @11b30b4 suggested
  15. thinking about replacing the main abb greeblie however im close to being done and dont want to mess it up my removing the original i downloaded the stls that @BigJasoni has been working on to replace my abb armor and some other pieces in the future much more detail with the 3d printed piece
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