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  1. love the spidy pics, i'm glad your TD turned out so well and get to troop so much! not much going on around NC atm
  2. Going to attempt to still use this thread before opening a new thread, i'm preparing to move on to my next 501st costume, probably a Biker Scout. Yet i cant help but feel the need to refine and perfect my TK before moving on. one of my biggest issues with my own armor i see is everything seems very jagged due to my poor cutting skills. i'm also debating cutting a half inch or inch off the wrist guards and might want to look into ordereing another chest plate to see if i could salvage the return edge, think i rushed to fast on that cut. besides the side split rivets(anyone selling those yet!?) any other big issues anyone see i can work on to eventually reach Centurion if possible?
  3. er i meant i just want to try a rubber trim on the chest piece since i had to cut the return edge for my height but might have cut it a little to close and now the ab plate overlaps sometimes depending on positioning
  4. feel free to move this if i'm posting in the wrong area but i figure since RotJ troopers deal with trimming the most but where can i get a cheap trim for the bottom of my torso? i orginally went for a ANH stunt but due to my height i had to trim the return edge of the chest and its dont cut well so i'm thinking maybe a trim will help it look better and stop overlapping the ab plate. heres a pic to show the bad cut any other criticism welcome and again sorry
  5. Hey i loved my orginal ATA helmet build but not knowing what i know now i've make some serious mistakes that has had this helmet reduced to just a display item and not even as good as most. the simple question is what cover type is this? i remember switching the lens from this helmet with my main TK helmet but somehow i lost it in the process and has left the ear lose and droopy looking. the biggest reason i cant troop with this helmet was for some reason i thought super glue was a good way to add decals to my helmet. they all turned out mostly unnoticeable but my finger got burned on this one and it just went everywhere on the back. any idea if possible to salvage this? heavy sandpaper? lastly my frown and the area around it i've never really hand painted anything before so my frown paint is really thick and lumpy looking, aswell as when i painted the inside black some leaked outside and i was stupid and was told nail polish would clean it and naturally that scarred the left upper limp above the frown. i can understand if these issues are to far to fix but maybe advice i could adjust it to a TD or Battle-Worn helm?
  6. Finally got 501st approved! sorry for putting up with my drama while i made this! i'll start working on what i've got to work on for EIB or Centurion now, still need to find a person/place to get those side rivets.
  7. Requesting access, dont know if its to early, just got my confirm email last night! http://501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=20310
  8. if you dont mind could you post how you have yours connected? it would help me get a idea, also would you do a strap on the front and back of the thighs or just the front?
  9. Ok so i've taken some more pictures and the Carolina CO said he'd he'll work on the approval process so hopfully i'm in but after looking back on my pics it feels like a pity pass. i'm hoping to do some quality and comfort improvements in the following weeks. probly not Centurion as much i wanted to see but maybe after. heres one of the pics i took while taking i'm looking at considering a few ideas to improve the insides, as of now my thigh armor is entirely held up of a belt holding the straps up/embarrassingly with some tape and that shows in the pic, i'm open to ideas to switch it out but i'm thinking of just gluing/snapping the thigh straps to the inside of the kidney plates. i've a also heard alot of people dont like it but i've seen some people cut the cod off of the kindey around under the belt and revelcro it to give it more articulation as right now it bites into me.
  10. tried shortening the side straps, it helped a little but made it so tight i can just slide the thing on anymore so i might go back. how does one install shims then? i honestly dont think its a big deal but apparently its holding me back.
  11. i did manage to shorten the shoulder bells up like he asked. just took a extra inch of the straps. no problems there. I feel like a idiot but i'd thought i'd ask the experts on how i should handle the gaps in my side armor. i fully admit i'm scared just shortening the sides will just make it tighter and more uncomfortable. plus lately i can never seem to grow anyway but sideways lol. Also apparently my right lower front snap broke off. doesnt seem to effect much but i'll glue it back on. Here is my left side, i dont know why the edges point outward but i'm thinking i can just take a head gun and move them back. probably didn't trim them off the intial box from ATA And my Right: Any ideas that will close them enough to finally get me 501st approved?
  12. Sorry for being away so long. believe it or not i didn't just give up on this. but was just hit by life, was unemployed for a bit but got myself back on track. and was distracted by my other favorite hobby, Gundam models. Heres what i'm armors looking like while at a event last month. Anyway i'm hoping to try and work on the side gaps within the week. i also finally bought a Husky storage container since admittedly my armor has been sitting in some boxes for months. hoping to clean them all with magic eraser once its complete. Last my Anovos set arrived. while sitting in the basement right now. i'm planning on either turning it into the Shock Trooper from Battlefront EA or just try selling it.
  13. hes saying the shoulder bells are to far from the chest and he wants the side gaps fixed, and mentioned the split rivets. i told him i was just shooting for basic approval right now but he hasnt responded yet. i give its the holidays and everything is slow right now but still bummer. was hoping to get approved before the new years
  14. Any advice on the fusing of kidney and butt? i was thinking the GOOP of acetoned plastic, might leave a mark even after sanded but the area is covered by the belt anyway
  15. wow, i was thinking i'd get one after my TK, Shock and TIE were finished but i think maybe i'll draw the line there...
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