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  1. Hey Guys, Im looking for a friend, he is looking for an under suit for his TK build. everything we find on line either has a weird texture or some funky stripe of color on it somewhere. So Im asking you as a fellow white armor, does anyone have a link to some where we can find one? I did use the all mighty search tool also....I wasn't getting the answer I was looking for. Thank you in advance.
  2. Never mind, I did more researching & came to the conclusion that they arnt sappose to be symmetrical
  3. Just finished my AM 2.0 shins & is it me or does it look like whey sent 2 right shins with the kit. I followed the inside & out side curve, but some how dident take notice to the top edge until I was done. is it me, or are they suppose to look like this. This is my first time with the AM 2.0 kit. Any help would be awesome.
  4. I got my AM 2.0 kit in the other day & noticed that it came with 2 ammo belts. One has dimples & the other has squares punched in it. What one should I use for my TD
  5. Thank you very much jents! Message sent!
  6. Where can I get Latex hand guards? I see so many troopers with them.<br> But I can't find where they got them or who to go to.<br> Any help is appreciated, Thank you
  7. Is the leather sealer you speek of.....is that the same as there leather finisher?
  8. I use cold weather under Armor & they actually do work....well they work better than the regular thin under suit.
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