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  1. 1/17/20: Carolina Hurricanes Hockey Game No pictures from this one, but we came, we saw, we trooped. We were getting ready to pack up and head home at halftime when they told us they wanted us to go out on the ice and shoot a hockey puck at the goal. Every single one of us looked at each other thinking “That’s gonna be an expensive fall...” but we did it and nobody fell thank goodness!
  2. 12/31/19: Charlotte Hornet’s Game My very first LFL approved event! Probably the nicest dressing room amenities I’ve ever seen. We had trays of sandwiches, water, multiple dressing rooms, a bathroom, chips, if every event was like that I could just live off trooping! Went on the court at halftime, some of my friends were there and they didn’t even know they saw me. They also needed one person to go on TV with the hosts and stand menacingly, so of course I volunteered! It was great, 10/10 would recommend.
  3. 12/30/19: Shriner’s Children’s Hospital Visit This right here, this day and these children are the entire reason I joined the 501st, and it was more fulfilling than I could have ever imagined. I showed up (after some difficulty finding the right entrance) and we went room-to-room handing out toys from a large Santa Claus sack. Very exciting, can’t wait to do again!
  4. 12/19/19: Rise of Skywalker Movie Premiere On the first day, I was the only one trooping this event, which gave me the perfect opportunity to pretend to be a statue and scare unsuspecting moviegoers, never gets old. Second day we had a few more and it was a great time had by all!
  5. 11/28/19: Charlotte Thanksgiving Day Parade Got a good workout from walking through the whole parade, we were #13 and got lots of smiles and waves (and just a few hugs!)
  6. Yes, you’ll find there are CRLs for all three of the original trilogy Stormtroopers, they have their differences though, so keep that in mind when picking one.
  7. I remember seeing a thread about this, Dave is the new vendor for AM armor, vetted and reliable.
  8. Is that...a double chestplate? Among many other issues
  9. Good to see you’re getting back into it! I always it’s time well spent!
  10. For mine I glued them together first and then glued some elastic to the belt and the back of the packs to get the distance right. Not sure if that’s how others did it.
  11. As @gmrhodes13 said, it’s always safe to double snap everything, especially those parts that you want to stay together for a long time. (Chest, back, abs, etc.) Here’s a useful topic if you’re unsure how to set snaps properly:
  12. You may be trying to use the link to the album/folder instead of the individual picture. You’d click “Insert other media” then “Insert image from URL.” Now make sure you either right click if on PC, or hold down on the photo and hit “copy link” if on phone. Hope this helps!
  13. Welcome! I’m also in the Carolina Garrison, Charlotte area. Hope to see you on a troop sometime
  14. Nothing beats BBB day! I may be a bit biased, but I’d say this is probably one of the best investments you’ll ever make in your life!
  15. I also got mine in a May 4th sale! What a coincidence seems like around the release of new movies or especially May 4th would be the best time to buy.
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