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  1. After being introduced to the 501st at a comic-con last summer, it’s taken me just over a year to get everything in order and finally be a part of this legion; and I am so proud to be here! Can’t wait to start trooping and work towards EIB!
  2. Thank you! That makes sense, I should have guessed that in order to be a “Newly admitted member” I’d have to request member status first
  3. Hello, I was just a day or two ago admitted into the 501st, but I can't create a topic in the Newly Approved Members section, am I doing something wrong? Thanks
  4. Update: I was just approved for basic membership! Waiting on my TKID now! Thank you all for your tips, pointers, and overall help, I owe you one!
  5. "These blaster marks are too accurate for Sand People...but FAR too accurate for Imperial Stormtroopers!" ~Ben Kenobi, A New Hope
  6. That’s very useful, thank you! The thighs have been the biggest pain in the neck since the start. One more downsize should hopefully set them right.
  7. Could I get some advice on this? Thanks!
  8. Welcome, Scott! I just joined up about a month ago, going with the ANH Stunt version. The differences, from what I can tell, are pretty minor, but in all my research there's been ample amounts of material for ANH TKs specifically; they seem to be the more popular option. Obviously, I haven't submitted anything for approval just yet but I'm almost there! Hope to see a build thread coming up soon!
  9. Another update on my armor! Don’t mind the tape or belt, that’s already going to be addressed. I also plan to tighten up my right thigh and add some extra straps to my kidney-ab attachment to push it in farther.
  10. You make some good points... my straps may be falling off because I had some elastic between the two female parts and that was it. The snap was the only thing glued to the armor. I also use E-6000, I think using ABS like you suggested will fix it.
  11. The only reason I’d go with Velcro is because my snap attachments are so hard to get apart that the female side glued to the armor comes off. Plus with Velcro I can adjust the gap if need be much quicker than with snaps.
  12. Is there some sort of requirement that the strapping be done using snaps? Most of my armor is snaps but I find industrial strength Velcro works just as well. Can I use that for attaching the arms and such?
  13. What color does the TD need to be painted? Same gray as the helmet traps?
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