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  1. Is that...a double chestplate? Among many other issues
  2. Good to see you’re getting back into it! I always it’s time well spent!
  3. For mine I glued them together first and then glued some elastic to the belt and the back of the packs to get the distance right. Not sure if that’s how others did it.
  4. As @gmrhodes13 said, it’s always safe to double snap everything, especially those parts that you want to stay together for a long time. (Chest, back, abs, etc.) Here’s a useful topic if you’re unsure how to set snaps properly:
  5. You may be trying to use the link to the album/folder instead of the individual picture. You’d click “Insert other media” then “Insert image from URL.” Now make sure you either right click if on PC, or hold down on the photo and hit “copy link” if on phone. Hope this helps!
  6. Welcome! I’m also in the Carolina Garrison, Charlotte area. Hope to see you on a troop sometime
  7. Nothing beats BBB day! I may be a bit biased, but I’d say this is probably one of the best investments you’ll ever make in your life!
  8. I also got mine in a May 4th sale! What a coincidence seems like around the release of new movies or especially May 4th would be the best time to buy.
  9. All good! I’m actually noticing that the straight connectors aren’t having issues, it’s only the 90 degree one that swings back and forth. I’ll just purchase a straight splitter and see if that helps it.
  10. I have TrooperTalk with an Aker 1506 amp and the accompanying mic. I’m very pleased with the way it sounds, except that whenever I move in my armor it makes little pops and cracks. I think this is due to the headphone jack moving around in the socket. Anyone have any ideas on how to keep it secured in place?
  11. Hey cadet! Unfortunately armor doesn’t come cheap in most cases. Depending on who you buy from and what materials you already own (snaps, tools etc.) you may spend anywhere from $600 to over a thousand. It’s a big investment but well worth it, probably the best purchase I’ve ever made in my life Do some forum trawling to get started, find who you can trust and who you can’t. Look at supply lists people have put together and check how much you own versus what you need. Ask lots of questions and finally, order the kit! We’ll be here to help the whole way!
  12. As if! We could maybe do The Robot and that’s about it for movement
  13. A little extra support never hurt anybody, as long as you’ve got a little extra to use. Looking good so far!
  14. Welcome to the FISD, the best place to get started on your 501st journey!
  15. After being introduced to the 501st at a comic-con last summer, it’s taken me just over a year to get everything in order and finally be a part of this legion; and I am so proud to be here! Can’t wait to start trooping and work towards EIB!
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