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  1. What color does the TD need to be painted? Same gray as the helmet traps?
  2. Thank you very much! That’s exactly what I needed to know!
  3. So I had a question about the thermal detonator. There’s plenty of talk about the clips for it, but what is the cylinder actually made of and where do I get it?
  4. I’m working on getting rubber gloves, hopefully will have those soon!
  5. Elastic loop sounds like the way to go for plastic hand guards, I’ll do that until I get some rubber ones!
  6. Those thighs were the biggest issues, sizing them down should help a good bit. The problem with the shins not resting on my boots is that my boots are too large, I’ll have to make some kind of modification in order to have the shins cover them entirely. And I’ll look into that build thread! I’m sure it’s very useful! Thanks!
  7. I’ll work on those thighs more, they’re difficult. The knee plate was a bit of a challenge to get on but I could tell it needed a bit of a fix. The backs of my shins do not have any cover strips, just Velcro holding them together, where would I put the cover strip there? My biceps are halfway done, one side still needs to be cover stripped, the other is good. Thanks for this!
  8. Right! I’ll try that. My armor builder is actually Matt Gauthier, who I didn’t realize until after I’d made my purchase was on the “Individuals to avoid” list. I was pretty worried I’d been scammed for a while but the armor came with everything as listed, helmet assembled, ab buttons on, even a week earlier than expected. It’s just a sizing issue really.
  9. Oh, it’s just the ones posted on my very first post. Sorry should have clarified. Here: http://imgur.com/a/n36IFZH
  10. I finished a rough draft of the armor...a very rough draft... the thighs, kidney, and posterior seem to give me the most issues. Any suggestions based on my photos?
  11. Very handy! (Ha get it?) One thing I can't seem to figure out is how to attach the hand plates to the gloves. Glue? Velcro? Sew them on somehow?
  12. Ohhh...okay! I thought that was required but that would explain why it bites so much, it isn't meant to be there.
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