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  1. Thank you Glen! -- Btw how do I get that cool EIB badge to my profile?
  2. Tuomas Kiiveri 20037 EIB A4 Daniel http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/20037-eib.png
  3. Wow! Thank you Daniel!! Here is my action shot. It's same what I used to my building thread but I hope it doesn't matter.
  4. Name: Tuomas Kiiveri Forum name: Wyrkk 501st TK ID: 20037 Armor = RS Propmaster Helmet= RS Propmaster Blaster= RS Propmaster E-11 ANH Height = 178cm Weight = 77kg Boots = Imperial Boots Canvas belt = RS Propmaster Hand Plates = RS Propmasters latex Neck Seal = Trooperbay Holster = RS Propmasters Thank you.
  5. Thank you Sven, Caleb and Daniel!
  6. TK20037 requesting 501st legion TK status, thank you! https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=30824
  7. Approved! Now part of Nordic Garrison! I´m so happy now! This has been long and wonderful journey! Thanks to everyone who helped me! TK-20037 ready to serve the Empire!
  8. Yeah, I totally understand this and I'll reduce the biceps! I already put the application in and I use these pictures if Garrison contact me before I made the adjustments. At the latest EIB pictures I'll take until the biceps are resized!
  9. Thank you Daniel Yeah I agree, biceps are slightly "big". What do you think is this problem when I want to achieve EIB and Centurion? I'm a very active in the gym so sizing was difficult. I think that I try to fill them inside.
  10. Wow guys, I might be ready! I need to do small adjustments but overall I am happy for this! :)
  11. Thank you Q Still thinking should I cut off that edge for better mobility. I'll make the final decision as strapping is done.
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