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  1. I'll have a look. I built it with the guy that made the actual RT-Mod kit so would presume he put them on correctly. haha. That would be a bummer but fixable I guess. thanks again for the tips.
  2. that's a great idea. was looking for something like that for the exact reason. thx
  3. Any tips for spacing between the chest plate and ab section? have the middle built and was going to tape the front and back together while wearing to see where I should attach the snaps. Just trying to ensure spacing over the middlen section is correct. I looked at photos so have a rough idea but thought I'd ask anyhow. Thanks
  4. thanks and yes... they need to be cleaned up a bit.
  5. Been a while since I've had to hand paint anything... How did I do?
  6. I guess you dont really see the back right. I figured the snap wouldhe good in case I need to replace something or make the snap itself longer. But just to confirm the smaller sections go inside the larger ones correct? there isn't one large and one small one? would look a bit weird but rather check before gluing.
  7. Quick pic of my ear progress... waiting for paint to dry so make the last black stripe
  8. For the ammo packs that hang from the belt do put ial snap on it and then glue it together? small piece into the larger one for both sides?
  9. not too bad... well not great but that's to he expected. Haha
  10. what do you guys think of the distance between bicep and forearm??
  11. Looking for some help on attaching the sniper knee plate and the small ammo belt. Looks like I'll need rivets for the ammo belt. Is there a certain way to cut it and attach it? same question for the sniper plate. will double check whitearmor threads as well but haven't found one yet. thx
  12. That's super helpful. Thanks for the image. I used blue tape earlier to set the biceps onto the shoulder bell. That part. should be good. Seemed to fit well. How did you attach the front waist plate to the bottom part? Snaps? cheers
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