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  1. Hi Michael, What we do is to use and external Photo Host like IMGUR (most used here) to post photos . Take a look to this 2 Links about posting photos with Imgur Hope this can Help
  2. Hi Austin, welcome to FISD. Hope to see you soon as a ShockTrooper bringing smiles to the little and no so little ones around.
  3. Welcome to FISD Brandon, glad to read you're a few steps to make a dream come true and join us in the Legion. Looking forward for your BBB Day photos !!
  4. Hi Scott , good luck with your project and looking forward for your build.
  5. Indeed and you read it early in the morning with no coffee.
  6. Hi Colin. I'll be the DO making your review. You have done a great work with your build mate, mine is a RWA armor too , great kit . In order to continue with your EIB app , I will need you to do me a favor Trooper, just a simple paint fix to your helmet frown. CRL: Frown is painted gray and does not leave the teeth area It looks like yours has some areas that will need a little paint removing to get a better look and accuracy. Just 15 minutes painting session with a non acetone paint remover, a few toothpicks and cotton swabs and you will be golden! Reference Images. Thank you
  7. Hi Gentlemen , would like to point the word "Ideally" we usually see in several CRLs . When making a review (not only FO TK) it looks like the ideally word feels like a "you can meet the requirement if you want , nothing happens" . L2 and L3 requirements, IMO, should be a must. Thoughs?
  8. Anovos Back plate has this issue , I have built a couple of Anovos kits and always had to bend the shoulder section by hot gun or stove disc. (Ninja style)
  9. Hi Cordell, welcome to FISD , glad to know you're on your way to become an Imperial Stormtrooper of the 501st Legion. Perhaps you may want to check our pre approval program to recieve some feedback before your submission to your GML. Looking forward for some photos.
  10. Hi, I think this thread about the same issue could be helpful
  11. Lord Vader is driving safe. great shot !
  12. Looking great Brett. You have made an outstanding job with the fixes and ready for a fast approval. If I can make a note, something simple but that can help to keep the great accuracy of your armor is the TD control panel location. It looks like the round washer style detail is facing upwards more than the seen in screen. This can be fixed just opening the clips a little (if they allow it) and rotating the TD backwards, plan B would be to trim the control panel lower section a little to relocate it in the correct facing position. Reference Images Keep up the great work !
  13. Hi Colin ! Great to see your EIB application so soon. One of us will be with you shortly. Added to the processing line.
  14. AB BELT , BOXES AND POUCHES ASSEMBLY 3 Layers : Ribbed Rubber ,Closed Cell Sponge and Polyester Webbing Leave aprox 2 inches free of the Ribbed Rubber layer to attach the buckle and glued the 2 layers (I used the Sponge adhesive and add a bit of AC Gel Glue. Found a round container form the laundry room to keep the belt in the correct shape . Be sure to measure the circumference of your AB armor section not your body. Used some magnets, (you never have enough of them) to help the 2 layers to keep in place while gluing them. Buckle Install adding the 3rd Layer. Used magnets again to keep the pieces steady to make the holes for the screws. Used Chicago Screws to affix the layers. BOXES AND POUCHES INSTALL I Started with the center Boxes. I gave a Black paint cape to the inner halves Added the Snap to the webbing layer that will attach the belt to the armor. The two horizontal boxes go aligned with the center of the armor , not the center of the belt. Again, used the chicago screws method to attach the inner boxes. And E6000 to glue the Covers For the two vertical boxes I used black elastic to attach them in a flexible connection. NOTE the vertical boxes go aligned a little lower in the belt than the horizontal ones. Reference Image FINISHED.
  15. Hi Colin, Welcome to the Legion and FISD !! Enjoy being a Bad Guy Doing Good !! You can now ask for 501st Trooper access here so you can have access to more sections and exclusive merch. looking forward for some photos of your armor
  16. Welcome to FISD Michael, looking forward for your BBB day and build thread !!
  17. Hi, In the case of Anovos Helmets , it goes into the S trim almost covering the screws..
  18. Hi Erick, Any update on the requested fixes ? If there is something we can help you , just let us know. Thank you
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