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  1. Congratulations Trooper !! Welcome to the ranks. Enjoy being a Bad Guy Doing Good
  2. Hi Richard. 1-Pauldron. Does it matter what colour the poppers are at the neck? CRL pic shows them as dark finish rather than silver. As Glen pointed , I don't see any issue either, my preference would be darker since in the reference images from the video game they're not visible at all. 2- Also, seen a thread from last year by Nada where there were issues with a visible rivet near the neck, which burkbench pauldrons also have(?) Looking at the Nada's Pauldron, it looks like it is located too low in the front and this make it visible, You may want to check if th the location of the one you ordered could make it hidden or not. 3- Ammo Pouches: There's 2 different patterns. Does it matter which one is used? And should the shoulder pouch have the small tool pouch attached? As Glen already pointed too, both have been approved for centurion. To my eyes the more accurate is the first of your photos but you can use the other type too. NOTE: What I would not recommend is to mix them (use one type on shoulder and the other type on the hips ) . Reference Images Hope this can help.
  3. Hi Colin, Great to see your Centurion submission so soon !! I'll be with you shortly sir.
  4. We have been mentioning the correct TLJ forearms shape and recently Glen has pointed another detail for the Executioner FOREARMS OPTIONAL Level two certification (if applicable): Correct TLJ Forearm must be present. (Must replace image with correct forearm) On the ridged rail the third retaining button head closest to elbow is to be painted grey or is a grey decal. · The boxes should sit against the forearm with minimal to no gap. TLJ-E have another piece/detail/strip/raised area on the inner top of the forearm
  5. Welcome back Jason, good luck with your projects. looking forward for some photos soon
  6. Interesting and it makes sense cause It looks like there were, as you can read in starwarshelmets.com two versions of the ROTJ Helmets and the most of them had bubble lenses and a few reconditioned ESB that probably kept the flat lenses. http://www.starwarshelmets.com/Original-ROTJ-stormtrooper-armor-helmets.htm
  7. Congratulations Trooper! Welcome to the Legion !! Enjoy being a Bad Guy Doing Good! You can now request Stormtrooper Access HERE so you can browse more sections into the forum and other TK benefices . You may want to consider go above a beyond with your armor and apply for Higher Levels Expert Infantry and Centurion
  8. Real life first Steven, take your time and hoping to see your BBB day photos when your commission arrives !!
  9. Thank you for the updates Ardeshir ! I'm working on you application right now.
  10. Hi Carter, I my case, I have sanded with super fine sanding paper and finally applied polishing wax . Hope this can help.
  11. Congratulations Trooper !! Glad to read you're going for higher levels.
  12. Great to know. Hope to see you joining us soon!!
  13. Please take a look to this section. https://databank.501st.com/databank/Join_Us
  14. may be something like this.
  15. Hi Haroon. Welcome to FISD. A TK number is assigned to you when you submit and approved to join the Legion. To browse this forum as a guest you don't need to have any TK number. You may want to check the 501st FAQ Here. Let's us know if you need further assistance.
  16. it's interesting that if you go to the Anovos web page, all Starwars items are in "Interest List " label https://www.anovos.com/collections/star-wars-1
  17. Here is another new. https://www.iconvsicon.com/2021/08/18/neca-and-rubies-join-forces-to-launch-denuo-novo-high-end-star-wars-collectible-online-store/
  18. Hi Rick, welcome to FISD. Definitely No. The Empire Does Not have height restrictions - we have here all sizes and shapes Troopers. You may want to check this forum section about armors and as a personal suggestion I would like to recommend to check with RWA creations . Ross makes armor pieces for bigger Troopers. Also you can access this useful compilations of forum topics . HERE Good luck and let us know for further assistance. We are here to help.
  19. Some interesting episodes. !!
  20. Hi Jarocho, welcome to FISD. Glad you're on the path to become the first 501st Legion TK in Panamá!! We have tons of info and very experienced troopers here, just let us know for further assistance. Hola Jarocho, bienvenido al FISD. Qué bueno saber que planeas ser el primer Stormtrooper 501 de Panamá!! Aquí podrás encontrar toneladas de info y muchos troopers con experiencia y personalmente si te puedo ayudar o guiar en algo estoy a la orden.
  21. Excelente, qué bueno que les permitieron visitar a los pequeños!!
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