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  1. Thanks Daryl! Health hasn't been too good the past couple of months, so haven't left the house much (ongoing thing, just got a little worse with holiday stress ), but I'll be coming out to meet everyone as soon as I can
  2. This is fantastic!! I feel like I have a whole squad behind me to help with this Yes, definitely going for Centurion for several reasons, but mostly because I am a compulsive perfectionist. (I have an Imperial Officer uniform that I've been sitting on for over two years because it just wasn't right and needed tweaking, and while it's still not done, I finally managed to force myself to submit for approval) I'll be taking my time and triple checking everything with you guys before doing anything rash. As I think most newbs are, I am slightly terrified of cutting/breaking/trimming anything to the point of ruining it - I can always get replacement parts from RS if I need to (I'd rather not though) - so I'll be VERY careful. Next stop will be pouring over ukswraith's and Wooks' threads, thanks again everyone!
  3. You all are so kind! Gloves are sorted out now. I finally had a free bit of time today to unpack my BBB sans helmet and even had enough time to get started on trimming the thermal detonator pieces, so not a bad Christmas eve at all!
  4. Roger that, I'll get my hands on some long cuff satin ones!
  5. Thanks Matt! I know the feeling of hitting snags in builds and getting discouraged. I'm relying on this thread and an overwhelming desire to wear some white armor and do some good to keep me going
  6. Thanks all! Slow going here getting everything ready, but I did have a question about gloves. I have these black nomex/leather Blackhawk flight gloves. Will they be admissible with the leather patches or does this count as " visible straps or logos/designs." as per the CRL (assuming that the Blackhawk logo on the back will be covered by the hand plates)?
  7. Thanks guys! @daryldoak I sent my registration to the Cloud City forums, hope to join you guys soon! BTW, badass Dengar there sir. I might need to sort out a Bossk build at some point to complement it.
  8. Hi there TKs! My name is Garrett Winters, and I've wanted to join the 501st with a TK build since I was 15 years old trying to cobble together a Jedi costume for Halloween, and stumbled on this amazing thing called the 501st, opening up a whole new world for me. After 16 years of research, procrastination, other costume builds (including nearly finished Imperial Officer and Royal Guard costumes), and chronic health problems, I finally purchased some ESB armor from RS last year, and I'm posting here as my promise that I'll actually start on the build (trust me, I really, really want this, but it's been hard for me to set aside the time)! I'd be eternally grateful for your help, support, love, and advice as I tackle this!
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