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  1. Thanks all! Slow going here getting everything ready, but I did have a question about gloves. I have these black nomex/leather Blackhawk flight gloves. Will they be admissible with the leather patches or does this count as " visible straps or logos/designs." as per the CRL (assuming that the Blackhawk logo on the back will be covered by the hand plates)?
  2. Thanks guys! @daryldoak I sent my registration to the Cloud City forums, hope to join you guys soon! BTW, badass Dengar there sir. I might need to sort out a Bossk build at some point to complement it.
  3. Hi there TKs! My name is Garrett Winters, and I've wanted to join the 501st with a TK build since I was 15 years old trying to cobble together a Jedi costume for Halloween, and stumbled on this amazing thing called the 501st, opening up a whole new world for me. After 16 years of research, procrastination, other costume builds (including nearly finished Imperial Officer and Royal Guard costumes), and chronic health problems, I finally purchased some ESB armor from RS last year, and I'm posting here as my promise that I'll actually start on the build (trust me, I really, really want this, but it's been hard for me to set aside the time)! I'd be eternally grateful for your help, support, love, and advice as I tackle this!