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  1. Cool, good ideas thank you! I have some left over bits of vinyl, so I’ll play around with a hairdryer first, before I move to a heat gun... Don’t want to use the knife trick unless I have to. Any advice on keeping the decal sticky while using the heat gun?
  2. Helmet is nearly done now. Got some clean up and still need to paint the ear screws. Want to do a little tidy up of the ears too - hands were not super steady painting them! Also got all of the decals placed aside from the tube stripes, but I’m a little confused as to why the decal for the left tear is too large for the hole... it’s difficult to make it fit without it creasing or bubbling. Still working on it though. Had anyone else encountered this?
  3. Cool, thank you! I can go a bit longer on both sides then.
  4. After a bit of fiddling, got the right ear fixed up using ABS paste, and lots of sanding/polishing! It’s not perfect - did several passes and still couldn’t completely get rid of all air bubbles, but there are few enough that I’m happy with it now. Sits well enough on there too I think! Also, got the chin straps and s-trim in there: It’s crazy how once you get the ears on and the s-trim on, it goes from being a plastic thing to a fairly solid feeling helmet! Despite my lack of painting expertise, I’ve been feeling encouraged, s
  5. Haven’t touched the armor in a while... Decided to try ABS paste to fix the bits I overtrimmed before I go paint matching or ABS matching (although older Anovos armor seems to be very close interestingly. Anyone have a spare Anovos knee ammo belt?). Unfortunately, due to health issues haven’t spent much time in the garage the past few months. Already being exhausted all of the time from my condition, plus IBS keeping me up most nights this year has been killer. Hoping to have the energy and time to get back into it soon, fingers crossed, but I’ve become a little discouraged to be h
  6. Oh man, I'll pretty much only use Rustoleum for primer now hahaha. Color matching will require me talking to people face to face which is discouraged here in the USA right now (I really miss living in New Zealand)... but I'll see what I can sort out
  7. Interesting see how cream colored your RS armor is. I guess it's not just a fluke thing then! I've been thinking on it a bit, and I've decided to paint my helmet, so I may try the automotive option. Unless you have any suggestions for a good spray color for buckets. I've heard Krylon gloss white, but also had mixed results with getting a really nice finish with Kryon in the past... ... or I may see if @CableGuy wants to finish the bucket for me at this point hahaha. For the ammo pack, I've sent a message out to Trooper Bay and WTF to see if I can get samples of their ABS. If
  8. Here's what the ammo pack would look like on the thigh (in my crappy garage lighting):
  9. Well, I sent the pictures to RS and the response was simply: “Unfortunately we don't have any control over the ABS we receive what our suppliers send, this is from 3 years ago. The batches can change.” Which I understand, and yes, my kit is from 2017, but this still seems like a pretty darn big change in color. I had ordered some spare hand guards from them back in September (so I could do both glove options - poly and rubber), so I pulled those out and while closer, they are also lighter coloured than the plastic used for the ammo belt and ears. I sent this pic
  10. I didn’t even think about it being PVC... that would explain the slight difference in translucence and thickness too. We’ll see I guess!
  11. Get the replacement bits from RS about a month ago, but ended up just slowly addressing the notes on my armor to-do list, and just opened up the package from RS to start on replacing the thigh ammo pack and work on the right ear on my bucket, and to my surprise, the plastic on the replacement bit is a noticeably different shade of white to the rest of my armor I had a mini freak out... and then wrote RS to see what they say, so fingers crossed they’ll have an answer. Otherwise, what... will I need to paint the armor/bucket to make everything match
  12. It’s looking pretty darn sweet! This will be such a good looking build when it’s completed. Where did you get your snaps from? I think I need to order a bunch for my TK.
  13. If you ever need something from the US, PM me. Provided it’s not too large and you’re paying for shipping, I’m happy to see about getting it here and shipping it to you mate.
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