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  1. If you ever need something from the US, PM me. Provided it’s not too large and you’re paying for shipping, I’m happy to see about getting it here and shipping it to you mate.
  2. Roger that. Updated my todo list to reflect this. Thanks!
  3. Not much to update yet. Waiting on an order of spare parts from RS so fingers crossed it'll get here soonish. Here's the list of everything left to do on my armor as I see it now (not including helmet): To do now: - Adjust padding that I added in shins (it was pushing the shin into the back of my calf) - Trim back tops of thighs to match the shape of butt plate better - Add little bits of padding to fronts of thighs to make them sit nicer - Replace thigh ammo belt with new ammo belt with corrected corners, paint new rivets - Add padding to abdominal plate to make it sit nicer - Loosen strapping holding butt plate to kidney - Glue pouch for phone and cable management system to chest plate (or maybe abdominal plate) for sound system - Shorten shoulder bell to shoulder bridge strapping To do after basic approval: - Remove top two rivets on ab and kidney plates, patch hole with ABS paste, sand and polish, correctly place rivets ~20mm from top, and midway between bottom and top rivetsas per reference, and paint rivets (most urgent) - Replace current left abdominal strapping with less screen accurate but more handy webbing and velcro - Remove ammo belt rivets and replace with snaps - Add snap to left shoulder bridge strapping to make it removable Not a ton to do, but I definitely want to do it right! I'm going to step back for a week or two and finish up some other projects first and then get back to it and get this thing done!
  4. Cool! I'll put it on my "stuff to do once I get approved" list.
  5. I may get some of this as well for my bucket seeing how well it worked for you. Also seriously considering doing the snap thing for my belt now too so I can go between ESB and ANH stunt belts. You're giving me some good ideas, thanks!!
  6. It’s definitely slow and you’ll make a bunch of mistakes. All part of learning though! Your build is looking great so far, and I’m getting some ideas for stuff to change on my armor too!
  7. Cool, glad to hear it! Good luck with your build
  8. Thank you Glen! My main takeaway from this is that I have too much return edge on my abdominal plate. Once I get basic approval, I’ll plan on cutting the sides and top here, filling the holes and redoing my riveting/strapping.
  9. Anything I should change @justjoseph63, or does it look ok to you? Hoping to order my replacement ammo belt and ear bits on Monday so I can get this build approved and trooping!
  10. 1nfern0

    What do you have?

    Man, there are some impressive lists on here! Currently only have an approved ANH ID. I have way too many in progress though: Star Wars: ESB TK -85% done ROTJ TR - 90% done Muftak - 90% done ESB IN Generic Jedi Other: Whiterun guard from Skyrim Mugen from Samurai Champloo - was complete, but needs fixing. ...and then there are a whole bunch on my wishlist that I have to actively work to stop myself from buying bits for. I might need help
  11. Thank you so much @justjoseph63! I’ll get the bells closer in to my shoulder bridges. Any tips for getting a nice snug fit? The Han rivet is unpainted but it’s hidden under my chest plate in these photos. I’ll have a play with it today to see if I can fix the massive overlap though... maybe I need to trim down the edges of the abdominal plate more? Thanks again sir!
  12. So, I've come to a bit of a standstill with my bucket. The right ear ended up giving me a lot of grief over several days, and even though I was careful - so I thought - and read the excellent posts that @gmrhodes13 shared with me, as well as watched the RS youtube tutorial a bunch of times, I still ended up cutting it enough that it's too small now... The rest of the bucket has come together pretty well though! After drilling holes for the ears, I took the screws out holding the two halves together, and glued some scrap abs into where the gap above the left ear was: I know it looks a bit dodgy, but it'll barely be seen and is more there to hold the ear screws and patch up the swiss cheese drill holes. Next, I gave the helmet pieces a nice bath with dish detergent and water, and started on the eyes. I decided to go for something more sturdy than the screen accurate thin film that RS provides in the kit, so I purchased a thicker lens material from Trooperbay. First I traced the eyes onto some paper, and then cut out the lenses with an extra 1cm or so allowance around the edges. I opted to use Joseph's method of attaching the lenses with Sugru, which I bought from the man himself, and following his excellent tutorial it should have been pretty simple and straightforward - and with the left eye it was - but for some reason it wouldn't stick to the right lens and I had to redo it several times. In the end it came out pretty well, although didn't stick quite as well as I had hoped it would have. Finally, I riveted the two halves together and screwed in the left ear and hovi tips that I'd finished a few days prior. At this point, I'll have to do an order for another right ear and another ammo belt before I can do much more, so I tried on the rest of my armor to see if there was anythong else I'd need to fix that I could order at the same time. @Rat, @justjoseph63, @gmrhodes13, Please ignore: - The ANH bucket - Lack of holster - Loose right shoulder bridge But, do you see any other issues with the armor that might require replacement, or might get in the way of me getting Centurion at this point? Thanks! Thanks guys!
  13. Nice to meet you Jeff! Hope to meet in person at a troop someday As Jim said, there are a bunch of PNW TKs, just haven't been many trooping most of this year. We can change that though
  14. Thanks guys! Haven't gotten back to it yet. Ended up being a busy weekend and now the garage is under renovation so my workbench has been stuffed into the corner for the moment
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