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  1. Oh man, I'll pretty much only use Rustoleum for primer now hahaha. Color matching will require me talking to people face to face which is discouraged here in the USA right now (I really miss living in New Zealand)... but I'll see what I can sort out
  2. Interesting see how cream colored your RS armor is. I guess it's not just a fluke thing then! I've been thinking on it a bit, and I've decided to paint my helmet, so I may try the automotive option. Unless you have any suggestions for a good spray color for buckets. I've heard Krylon gloss white, but also had mixed results with getting a really nice finish with Kryon in the past... ... or I may see if @CableGuy wants to finish the bucket for me at this point hahaha. For the ammo pack, I've sent a message out to Trooper Bay and WTF to see if I can get samples of their ABS. If
  3. Here's what the ammo pack would look like on the thigh (in my crappy garage lighting):
  4. Well, I sent the pictures to RS and the response was simply: “Unfortunately we don't have any control over the ABS we receive what our suppliers send, this is from 3 years ago. The batches can change.” Which I understand, and yes, my kit is from 2017, but this still seems like a pretty darn big change in color. I had ordered some spare hand guards from them back in September (so I could do both glove options - poly and rubber), so I pulled those out and while closer, they are also lighter coloured than the plastic used for the ammo belt and ears. I sent this pic
  5. I didn’t even think about it being PVC... that would explain the slight difference in translucence and thickness too. We’ll see I guess!
  6. Get the replacement bits from RS about a month ago, but ended up just slowly addressing the notes on my armor to-do list, and just opened up the package from RS to start on replacing the thigh ammo pack and work on the right ear on my bucket, and to my surprise, the plastic on the replacement bit is a noticeably different shade of white to the rest of my armor I had a mini freak out... and then wrote RS to see what they say, so fingers crossed they’ll have an answer. Otherwise, what... will I need to paint the armor/bucket to make everything match
  7. It’s looking pretty darn sweet! This will be such a good looking build when it’s completed. Where did you get your snaps from? I think I need to order a bunch for my TK.
  8. If you ever need something from the US, PM me. Provided it’s not too large and you’re paying for shipping, I’m happy to see about getting it here and shipping it to you mate.
  9. Roger that. Updated my todo list to reflect this. Thanks!
  10. Not much to update yet. Waiting on an order of spare parts from RS so fingers crossed it'll get here soonish. Here's the list of everything left to do on my armor as I see it now (not including helmet): To do now: - Adjust padding that I added in shins (it was pushing the shin into the back of my calf) - Trim back tops of thighs to match the shape of butt plate better - Add little bits of padding to fronts of thighs to make them sit nicer - Replace thigh ammo belt with new ammo belt with corrected corners, paint new rivets - Add padding to abdominal plate to make it sit nicer
  11. Cool! I'll put it on my "stuff to do once I get approved" list.
  12. I may get some of this as well for my bucket seeing how well it worked for you. Also seriously considering doing the snap thing for my belt now too so I can go between ESB and ANH stunt belts. You're giving me some good ideas, thanks!!
  13. It’s definitely slow and you’ll make a bunch of mistakes. All part of learning though! Your build is looking great so far, and I’m getting some ideas for stuff to change on my armor too!
  14. Cool, glad to hear it! Good luck with your build
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