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  1. Wow you did awesomely with yours! I’ll definitely copy what you did. I also found that a toothpick was the best sized applicator. thanks!!
  2. I’ve been pretty busy with house projects this summer, but trying to get the hang of patching up the holes in my abdominal and kidney plates with ABS paste in my spare time. Its definitely not as easy as I though it would be, but I’m guessing I’m doing something wrong too, so I’m hoping to get some advice! I tried using a thicker paste, but after sanding it down, I found that there were lots of little holes in and around where I’d put the paste - it had nearly turned into a honeycomb! Now I’m trying with a thinner paste and just filling slowly layer by layer, but still getting the honeycomb effect… also looks like even though I’ve been careful about cleaning it, some dirt go into the abs, darkening it a little, so I’m concerned that it won’t really blend that well (maybe from sanding?). Any thoughts on what I could be doing better to avoid the holes and the discoloration? Thanks! Worst case I’ll clean it up as best as I can and then just put rivets back intro the original holes… might not get Centurion, but at least it’ll be wearable! Update to my TK to-do list: - Glue pouch for phone and cable management system to chest plate (or maybe abdominal plate) for sound system - Remove top two rivets on ab and kidney plates, patch hole with ABS paste, sand and polish, correctly place rivets ~20mm from top, and midway between bottom and top as per reference, and paint rivets. - Replace thigh ammo belt with new ammo belt with corrected corners, paint new rivets - Replace current left abdominal strapping with less screen accurate but more handy webbing and velcro
  3. Hey Tim, good luck on the build dude! I look forward to following!! Yes, RS used to use a whiter plastic - their current stock doesn’t match my armor from 2017. I’ve yet to find an exact match for it, but older Anovos armor seems to be pretty close if you can get your hands on some. I’m not really sure if/how having a few slightly yellower bits will effect approval though (it bothers my inner perfectionist ). @justjoseph63 can advise I’m sure!
  4. Thanks for the update! That’s awesome that it worked so well.
  5. Darn… have you glued some scrap ABS to the back to reenforce it?
  6. Welcome!! Definitely take your time! Triple check each bit you trim off and every hole you cut. I’ve gotten too eager a few times in my build and am still fixing stuff on my RS ESB build because of that! If you get stuck anywhere on the build, feel free to give me a shout - I’ve been immersed in the world of RS ESB for a while now.
  7. Thanks @justjoseph63! Definitely don’t want to cut the trim too much, but I’ll give it a little paring down. Maybe a little bit idealized?
  8. Thank you!! I’m so stoked. Keep catching myself just staring at it
  9. Keep meaning to ask this and keep forgetting: I should change the title of the build thread to something more descriptive and helpful to other prospective TKs. @gmrhodes13 @justjoseph63 who would I contact to change it?
  10. The hair dryer worked great! As per a bunch of suggestions on Facebook and a video from Trooperbay, I sprayed the decal (which I’d removed) and the bucket with a solution of water and a squirt of dish detergent, and floated it into position, then gently rubbed/dabbed it with tissue until while holding it in place until the water was gone. Once the water/soap was gone it stuck pretty well, but still had bubbles, and wasn’t sitting great, so I used the hair dryer and gently worked it to fit. I did rub a little too vigorously trying to remove the air bubbles and rubbed a little of the ink off, but it’s barely noticeable, and my fault for using a tissue instead of a soft cloth, and it looks pretty darn good if I say so myself. After some cleanup on the paint, and adding the tube stripes with the soap and water trick as well, I’d say it’s done. There are some scratches on the right lens which I need to buff out, but I’m pretty stoked with how it turned out! It’s been a long time in progress! Next up: helmet padding, and fixing holes in the abdominal and kidney plates.
  11. Cool, good ideas thank you! I have some left over bits of vinyl, so I’ll play around with a hairdryer first, before I move to a heat gun... Don’t want to use the knife trick unless I have to. Any advice on keeping the decal sticky while using the heat gun?
  12. Helmet is nearly done now. Got some clean up and still need to paint the ear screws. Want to do a little tidy up of the ears too - hands were not super steady painting them! Also got all of the decals placed aside from the tube stripes, but I’m a little confused as to why the decal for the left tear is too large for the hole... it’s difficult to make it fit without it creasing or bubbling. Still working on it though. Had anyone else encountered this?
  13. Cool, thank you! I can go a bit longer on both sides then.
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