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Brian Matyas Concept Remnant TK Build

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Well, I get bored, sometimes right in the middle of a project… and that can be a dangerous thing. I was watching video of the RS Propmasters guys who built Brian Matyas’ Remnant TK concept troopers from the Mandalorian, and started thinking it’d be fun to put one together myself.




I settled on this dude because I like the combo of TK and Scoutie bits, and it looks like the most comfortable to wear. Since I’m already building a Remnant scout trooper, that will give me the cummerbund and chest/back armor. For the rest I’ll try to keep true to the found part nature of this costume and reuse or scratch build as much of it as I can, and get most of the rest second hand off of people. 


Here’s my plan for the rest of the bits:


Helmet - Purchased from a garrison mate who had it sitting in storage mostly built… Can’t figure out the maker, but it has most of the details of an RS Propmasters helmet, with just a few slight differences and a slightly softer pull than RS does.








Undersuit - Originally was going to go for a dark grey flight suit or grey shirt and bdu style pants, but for now going to use my TIE pilot flight suit from my Remnant Scout. I think that’s more in keeping with the Imperial-army-surplus-scavenged idea. Easy enough to change in the future too. 




Pauldron - Since it’s a different shaped pauldron, and worn on the wrong side, this is one of the few bits that’ll have to be bespoke. I’m going for it and have ordered the marine vinyl to make this myself. 


Shoulder armor - I already have a spare TK shoulder bell lying around for the right side, and I can easily enough scratch build a bicep piece for the right arm and the left bell.


Gloves - Took a liberty here and went for fingerless leather motorcycle gloves that I bought new. 




MP40 sandtrooper ammo pouches - Purchased from Trooperbay.


Belt/holster - This will be scratch built from leather and metal I have laying around, including the codpiece which I’ll build from some scrap plastic. I’m a little unsure what the blaster is supposed to be, but I happen to have a MerrSonn Power5 and holster for my imperial officer, so I figure that makes sense for this guy to have picked up an officer’s pistol somewhere. I just need to figure out the thigh strap.




Right and left belt pouches - I have a cellphone holster I’ve used with my imperial officer uniform that will work for the left hand one, and I’ll sew the right hand one myself using duck cloth. It appears to just be a third biker scout pouch with a belt attachment.


Thigh pouches - hand sewn using black twill from an old pair of pants to match the flight suit. 


Left thigh armor - scratch built using my TK armor as a guide.


Shin pouches - hand sewn from twill to match thigh pouches


Boots - I debated this a lot, and ended up buying surplus jackboots from Hessen Antique. I’ll be making leather cuffs to go over the tops, and possibly gluing some leftover white vinyl from my Scout boots to make the white stripe on the soles.




Here goes!

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Looking forward to seeing the progress of your build 

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Wow this is going to be way cool.

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I *love* the remnant artwork and have considered doing one myself. I'll be following along on this one eagerly.

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Thanks everyone!


Templates for biceps and thigh made up using my TK kit as a guide:




Cut the pieces out of 1.5mm abs and started hot water treatment to form the biceps using a paint can as a rough guide:



Thigh shaping comes next:


Weather hasn’t been ideal for painting, but I’m trying to get all of the armor bits prepped and ready asap so as soon as we get a good day I can paint everything at once.

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