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  1. @TheCreativeBird has there been any update on your build, this kinda just fell off back in April. Would be excited to see where your at now. and some photos. Maybe some updates on what you have learned for us new guys trying to make some bangin armor
  2. Its really funny to see all of these actual screen used "Screw ups" that when duplicated on our armor, I am hearing wont pass approval. Wonder if this is personal preference of the GML or if its a Standard of the 501st. You would think it would be built into the approval that "issues" could be acceptable. I am currently sourcing armor and stuff to do my first build and am scared like crazy to make mistakes, luckily for me, today I met some of my local troopers and they all seem ready to help get me approved!
  3. HAHA, face to palm on that one. completely missed the contact info in your response. I have actually already ordered my TK boots from TK Boots.com but will keep the Imperialboots in mind because I am sure I will need others. Also I have PMed you. THANKS!
  4. Hmmmm. Interesting. I might abandon the TK Boots maker then in hopes that Rob is still in production. I will also go back to the info thread and see if the AM has an email and contact them to find out for myself. I really appreciate the help, on a side note, im gonna message you here in a minute about the hardware your selling. Wanted to make sure I get something right before screwing something up.
  5. Is he the maker to the TK Boots? also known as TK armor? I have been in contact with the TK boots people because I ordered boots from them, They said they are about 4 weeks out on armor kits and have added me to the backorder list. but the email is troopersupplies@hotmail.com I keep seeing AM, and in the TK armor (boots) facebook page is says AM Armor. Is that the same? I just am worried because a lot of people compare their armor to FX and I WANT to be 501st approved and don't want to run the risk of buying a set of armor and then not getting approved, it would be such a waste of money and time
  6. I just emailed Rob, GOD I hope the force is with me on this one and he responds that he will be in production. For some reason this just screams "RIGHT" to me and I hope it can happen sooner (3 to 4 months) than later (12 months). If its the Latter I may have to go somewhere else...
  7. Removed because I found what I was looking for
  8. Any idea how to get ahold of him? like I said the email I got was sent back so I may have the wrong one, any help would be awesome. I am also looking at ATA for a full kit. Nevermind I found a better email on the main "types of armor and where to get them" thread. So sorry for not looking there again.
  9. I am seeing all these different gloves, but what is required for 501st approval, I feel like only one type would be approved, The under Armor once on here have printing on the palm, that cant be approval worthy, is it?
  10. How are you securing the armor to the back of the glove? also how do you hid the yellow?
  11. Hey guys and gals, hope this is the right place to ask, but does anyone know if Rob from RT MOD Armor is still producing armor? got word from a higher up that his armor is awesome and wanted to contact him, but email was sent and failed. any help at all would be great. Also if you have an opinion on TK armor that is for "Larger" troops, I am 6 ft 1in (2in) and about 225 lbs (Hoping to work down to 210). Picks with your opinion would help as well. Already ordered my boots from TK Boots but on the fence about a few armors....Now open the blast doors and let me have it!!!
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