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  1. Welcome to a great World. We are here to help:-)
  2. Hi and welcome! Look forward to see you trooping!:-) Best regards from Martin
  3. Hi and welcome! Good idea with af TK, they are awesome:-) We are here to help, so just ask. Best regards from Martin
  4. Hi and welcome! You have ended up the right place to start your journey to 501st, stormtroopers are awesome costumes:-) You can find a lot of help here in the community to get your very own stormtrooper. Bets regards from Martin
  5. Hi Morten, Welcome, im in DG too and have a good knowledge of electronics to your bucket, so just ask:-) Best regards from Martin
  6. Hi Jenny, Welcome! I have a TK from troopermaster too so Feel free to ask any question:-) Sendt fra min SM-G930F med Tapatalk
  7. Hi, im Looking for spare parts for the E-11 Doopydoo blaster. At the moment I need a new front sight guard in aluminium since it is very exposed. Im located in Denmark so would like to know if there are anyone Selling Them in Europe? Can Only Seem to find it in US. best regards from Martin
  8. ANH Stunt EIB #771


    ANH Stunt Centurion #389

  9. Awesome! Congrats on the approval and your first troop. Seems like it went well:-) and a good day to have your first troop:-)
  10. Welcome in the ranks, trooper! For The Empire!
  11. Requesting Centurion Certificate Martin Philipsen Mølgaard TK 92527 A4 Tony Best regards http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/92527-centurion.png
  12. Wow!!!! Thanks a Lot!! This means a lot to me:-) Tomorrow I will open a special whisky that I have saved for the day when I made centurion! Thanks for all the Help and advice in the proces to all who gave advice:-)
  13. Thanks a lot and thanks for the suggested changes. Looking forward to hear from you:-)
  14. Here are the images showing the reqested changes. The shoulder bells have been drawn closer to the chest and back plate. The distance between the forearms and the biceps have been increased with 1/4 inch.
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